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2023 Guide About Famous Production Cities for Chinese Toys


Like many other global markets, China has overtaken global toy exports by contributing a significant chunk of almost 75% to the global toy market. When you think about importing toys, there is no better choice as China toy production spots ace the industry by providing quality and versatility at minimal prices.

Their product prices are relatively lower because of their low production cost. You can import through wholesalers via sourcing agents. Also, its sourcing industry has been credible and thriving for a long time, and these agents help importers to get their desired toy collection at negotiated prices.

10 Production Places For Toys Manufacturing In China

Let’s look at the details of production places for China toys!

1. Chenghai District, Shantou City

Chenghai City is situated in Shantou City, Guangdong Province of China. It is commonly called the pioneer of this Chinese Toy making industry. Nevertheless, it is maintaining its reputation as a leading Toy producer, with over 10000 factories accounting for toy manufacturing in China.

As compared to Yiwu city, its toys are overpriced. It is because of high material and labor costs. But, they are well-reputed for introducing quality products in the markets as their quality development and high-end toys production is a standard norm in the market.

● Electrical Toys

● Plastic Toys

● Remote Control Toys

● Alloy Toys

● Intelligent Toys

2. Yiwu City

This city is well-known for supplying large toys commodities and other wholesale markets. Moreover, this huge market is the center of attention for business communities willing for cost-effective toys.

You get plenty of toys stuff, with standard quality and minimal prices. Also, you will find products well-crafted with innovation and creativity.

Yiwu city’s Toy manufacturing majorly includes

● Vinyl Toys

● PVC Inflatable Toys

● Electronic toys

● Regular toys

● Plastic Toys

3. Yangzhou City

Yangzhou Wutinglong International Toys & Gift City is not a new name for plush toy fanatics because it has 2000+ toy manufacturing factories that supply soft toys, toddler learning toys, stuffed toys, plush dolls, etc. Also, this giant market has over 4500 China Toys shops.

The City’s toy production has witnessed recorded export output value as it occupied 95% of total Chinese toys export in 2006. Furthermore, it currently has over 300 factories that earn massive annual income from plush and learning toys.

The prime toy production of Yangzhou City includes:

● Plush Toys

● Educational Toys for Toddlers

4. Qiaoxia County, Wenzhou City

Located in Yongjia District of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, this city is famous for its educational toys industry. The industry Chain was established in Qiaoxia Town and began in the 1970s.

In earlier times, their production included teaching wall charts. With time, their production scale increased with amusement and science toys. Also, they have over 500 registered toys factories—an estimated annual value of RMB 5 Billion as they are leading contributors to educational China Toys export.

Wenzhou City contributes to Toy manufacturing in China through:

● Science Toys

● Educational Toys

5. Pingxiang County, Xingtai City

Pingxiang county is situated in Xingtai City, Heibei Province. This City has added versatility to the export-level toy production. Their popular manufacturing is Bicycles which is also an in-demand product.

Baby vehicles like ride-on cars, tricycles, scooters, strollers, and bicycles are the most veritable baby products. Thus, the manufacturers have actively put in efforts to add innovative elements to their bicycle production. In return, it has added massive volume to the export industry since 2000.

According to the Chinese government, the city had almost 700 China toy manufacturing factories in the last decade. They export their innovative toys to Southeast Asia, Africa, America, Europe, etc. Its’ annual export value is about RMB 500 Billion.

Their popular production focus is:

● Ride-On Cars

● Kids Scooters

● Other Kids Vehicles

● Kids Bicycles & Tricycles

6. Yunhe County, Lishui City

While seeing the widespread production of Yunhe County, you can observe the imagination and creativity level of its locals. Located in the Lishui City of Zhejiang Province, this city also has over 1000 factories registered for making wooden toys.

These China toys are not only specified for Children, but their range considers all age groups. This City’s production is responsible for exporting 50% of Chinese wooden toy production worldwide. Also, it has an estimated annual income of over RMB 1.5 Billion, which is quite fantastic for a City of almost 2,00,000 inhabitants. The prime production of the City’s toy manufacturing chain is Wooden Toys.

7. Jieyang City

While looking at the total export volume of Jieyang’s toys export, we observe a considerable value of over $400 million. Therein, we can see a huge contribution of Barbie toys famous worldwide.

Barbie dolls are the mainstream production in Jieyang city, located in Guangdong Province. Because they are currently 500+ Barie toy manufacturing factories registered in the city, we can say a significant chunk of the City’s annual output value is because of their Barbie toy manufacturing in China.

Their primary toy production includes:

● Barbie Dolls

● Jieyang Dolls

8. Dongguan City

Dongguan city is located in Guangdong Province and is typically called “World Toys Production City.” while looking at its history, the City has contributed as a prime producer of Plush toys back in the 1990s. It has over 6000 toy factories responsible for Toys exported to Europe and the United States.

While looking at global analytics, 75% of toys production is exported globally from China. Half of them are manufactured in Dongguan City. Their annual income is over $1 Billion.

Some factors hinder its growth, like high labor intensity, least value addition, lack of quality standards, and absence of branding. Still, their productivity level is much higher than in many other Chinese toy-making cities.

Their primary toy production includes:

● Barbie Dolls

● Educational Toys

● Science Toys

● Inflatable Toys

● Alloy Toys

9. Baigou Town, Baoding City

Bayou Town has witnessed excessive financial growth over the past few years. Also, it is situated in the Baodin city of Heibei Province. People are getting richer as their local market, Baigou Plush Toys, has over 300 stores selling plush toys.

Moreover, this area has become popular worldwide quickly as its unique plush toys are highly in demand. Over 600 merchants from all over China have settled in this market, strengthening the production volume.

Moreover, this city is swiftly shifting its business standards with systematized management, rooting its place in the Chinese Toys export market. Their famous production includes Plush Toys.

10. Gaomi City

Gaomi City has achieved swift growth in the last two decades where its annual sales have crossed over RMB 1 Billion. Gaomi city is located in Shandong Province of China. Also, the toy-making trends have been shifted from small-scaled house workshops to individual enterprises.

Plush China toys production was started here back in the 1990s. Within the past three decades, the city has become a prime contributor to Plush toy manufacturing markets in China. Also, this exceptional growth results from their 1000+ kinds of quality plush toys.

They have quickly opted for the international toy quality standard, making them a favorite manufacturer overseas. Their popular production is Plush Toys and stuffed animals.

Three Types Of China Wholesale Toy Suppliers

Before you dive into searching China Toys vendors for stuffed, plush, or wooden toys, it is better to find out its types depending on their production volume. Basically, you will find three main types:

1. Factory Or Manufacturer

You must be aware of factory manufacturing. It can produce large-scaled productions to outsource it to other dealers. Small-sized factories and big-sized factories differ in their scalability. Factory products can be highly cost-effective only if they are approachable to you. There is no middle man involvement that cuts your total expense. Usually, they don’t sell it directly to the consumer or importer. You cost-effective deals if you can reach any local manufacturer.

2. Trading Company

Trading companies collect all kinds of toys from different locations in China. They make you available with a variety of toys under the same roof. They have direct deals with factory manufacturers.

Here is the process for dealing with a toy trading company.

  • Toys Trading Company

Toys trading companies usually sell all kinds of toys at bit higher prices. They typically have toys like stuffed, plush, wooden, educational, or other toys. They can provide large quantity orders at fair prices, which is a bit higher than factory price (as they include tax) and comparatively less than standard consumer price.

  • Sourcing Agent

Sourcing agents help in finding credible Chinese toys manufacturers in your proposed budgets. Hiring a trustworthy toy sourcing agent will connect you to multiple toy manufacturers who keep up with quality standards.

  • Stock Wholesaler

Stock wholesalers provide large-scaled production, and its price is relatively more minor than the consumer price. As, here, the consumption tax is reduced. So you get a considerable cut down on your total payment. Stock wholesalers aren’t toy manufacturers.

Instead, they purchase Chinese toys from factory production. So, if you want to achieve your anticipated toys, you can search the specific areas famous for their market production. With the help of your local toy sourcing agent, you can also make toy orders.

3. Brand Manufacturer

Branded toys have their standards, and they are more popular globally as made-in-china toys are in demand as they have the least prices because of low labor costs. But, if you compare the cost with factory manufacturing, you will observe a vast difference. But, Brand manufacturing is preferred when product standard and quality are the only priority.

How To Evaluate Reliability of  A Toy Suppliers?

Before starting your Toy importing venture, it is ideal for exploring the manufacturers’ market. In addition, you should exercise your budget evaluations, anticipated products, and quality requirements. To find credible toy manufacturers in china, read out the mentioned ways.

1. Chinese Toys Suppliers | China Toys Expo

It can undoubtedly be a great decision to visit China Toys Expo by yourself, like Hong Kong Mega Show, the Yiwu Expo, China Fairs like Canton Fair, Toy China|China Toy Fair, etc.

These Toy fairs are organized so the professional Toys manufacturers in China can meet and greet. Here you can find trustworthy suppliers of your preferred toy category.You can visit their offices to discuss your venture, price quotations, and further negotiations.

2. China Toys Suppliers | China Wholesale Websites

Visiting the Toys Wholesale websites can help you have plenty of toy suppliers. Moreover, you can watch their production list and pricing on their official site. Multiple high-volume suppliers export their products globally like Made-in-China, Alibaba, etc.

You can check online sourcing for toy factories. It can bring forth some options with cost-effective stuff while considering scalability. It can assist in thriving your Chinese import business.

3. Toy manufacturers in China | Chinese Toys Wholesale Markets

It’s an arduous task to acquire a credible China toys supplier if you aren’t a native. You won’t only face territorial or language barriers therein, but you are also unaware of their business norms and product standards.

For that, you can approach China sourcing agents. Also, they can provide you with enormous toy manufacturers and factory suppliers. They check their credentials and product quality and negotiate on your behalf. Consequently, you can avoid scams while importing through Chinese toy vendors.

4. Chinese Toy Suppliers | Google and Social Media platforms

China is a developed country where digitization has been adopted in almost every field. Also, you can find children’s toys China suppliers by searching them on social media platforms. An authentic supplier tries to move with the pace of innovation by establishing its digital media appearance on different platforms.

Moreover, they enhance their sales through marketing on social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. So, you can find wholesale suppliers of toys made in China directly on Google and other social media platforms. You can check their reviews here to know if they are credible enough to make a deal.

Final Words

China s undoubtedly the leading supplier of toys in the global market. With innovation and digitization prevailing in other industries, the toy industry is actively altering its norms.

So the volume of toy manufacturing in China is unbeatable for now. These markets offer diverse toys to young or established toy importers worldwide.

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