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Your 1st captain, when you need realization
Your 1st captain, when you need realization
Your 1st captain, when you need realization
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Our Service

Cross-industry experience, efficient communication with overseas cultural understanding. That’s how the top China sourcing agent team is built.
Strategic sourcing from China, and product engineering consulting, allow you to be always ahead of the game. Focus on marketing your business, let us be your sharp eyes.

Product Sourcing

Frustrated with language barrier and mindset gap during communication?
As top China sourcing agent, We are your “man Friday” in China to think and talk locally and get the CORRECT source.

  • Factory Audit / Inspection
  • Sample Collection & Test
  • Price Negotiation
  • Production Supervising
  • Quality Control
Product Development

Be your dream maker, we always welcome new ideas.
We are your 1st guide to analyse the cost justification and process feasibility for advanced manufacturing solutions.

  • Product Idea Analysis
  • Mechanical Drawing
  • Sourcing The Best Partner
  • Prototyping
  • Pilot Run Monioring
  • Price Optimization

From Drawing to Production

No ideas about the cost difference between several similar processing? Hard to choose the best-fitting manufacturer
when sourcing products from China for OEM / ODM? With an abundant manufacturing background, our mission is to turn your product ideas into reality.
We value your new idea. We dedicate ourselves to every single procedure.

Product sourcing is our basic expertise, As the Top China sourcing agent we can help you find the right product and its source factory, and also provide all sorts of sourcing services to your needs.
Not just a good sourcing agent, but we also find the best die-casting factory that suits your product development, Fully monitors proofing, production, and ships the whole process.
Surface treatment is a very important part of product appearance, your supplier should be equally important for product understanding and process understanding. Ruizhi Sourcing will be your reliable and trusted partner.
We help you find metal stamping factory that meets your product manufacturing requirements, and monitor production, quality inspection, and shipment.
Surface treatment is a very important part of product appearance, your supplier should be equally important for product understanding and process understanding. Ruizhi Sourcing will be your reliable and trusted partner.

Why You Should Hire Us?

As a top China sourcing agent with a manufacturing management background, we provide one-stop service and cost-effective rapid manufacturing consulting to support every process of your product request, helping you get to market faster. We’re a team that values every customer’s idea and always grows with our customers.
The following videos will show you how we serve our customers with our product engineering expertise.

Who Connect Us?

  • E-commerce Seller
    Engaged in e-commerce sales of a certain category, If you want to optimize your product or have new ideas that need to be realized, we can help you optimize or customize the product to win in the market competition.
  • Brand Owner
    New product developers who have their own independent brands and product concepts, need to implement product prototypes, we can help you do a good job for ODM and OEM.
  • Industrial Design Firms
    If you are an industrial design company and your client's design needs to be implemented on the ground, as a professional sourcing agent, we can become your office in China to help you find suitable mold factories and manufacturers, to make sure your design is feasible and capable of mass production.
  • Crowdfunding Entrepreneur
    Many entrepreneurs of crowdfunding platforms have good ideas and good designs, and we can be your reliable partners in realizing their ideas. Like Kickstarter /Indiegogo/

Our Story is Going On......

1. Product sourcing knowledge sharing
2. Factory inspection
3. Product development case sharing

Updated classic cases of Ruizhi Sourcing.
Sourcing, product development, and gift set.
You will get a lot of excellent cases of customized products.

Knowledge Sharing: Product sourcing /
Import from China / Wholesale /
Product development / Surface Treatment /
Die Casting / Metal Stamping /
Injection Moulding

Comments from Our Customers

From the world's most real buyer show to give you affordable peace of mind
  • We have been working with Tiven from China Ruizhi Sourcing for years. We are more than satisfied with the products and services they provide. It has been a real pleasure to work with Tiven. I have been extremely happy with her professionalism, quality of work, and creative ideas. She is very focused on getting the job done in a timely manner and is a great communicator. She also has innovated ways to keep the development costs down, which is greatly appreciated. I highly recommend China Ruizhi Sourcing and will continue to do business with them continuously.

    Valdemar Norsker
  • We knew about China Ruizhi Sourcing by chance, and we are glad to have a partner like them for 2 years. They help us save more than 10% of the cost of long-term hot products. They give quick and professional responses to all our inquiries. We are happy to recommend them to any company needing their service.

    Peter Herring
    Purchase manager
  • China Ruizhi Sourcing has become one of the core suppliers of our watch category since 2019. It has provided us with professional product guidance and cost accounting methods in the selection and style control of smartwatches and children’s watches in large-scale factories. They’ve become our trusted strategic partner in the watch supply chain. Thanks for their hard work for these 3 years.

    Võ Nguyên Giáp from Vietnam thegioididong
    Purchase manager
  • Our company works with China Ruizhi Sourcing since 2017, and helped us cover countries from Thailand to Vietnam, Cambodia, Mexico, Colombia, and many others. They have assisted in the design of mobile phone gifts, conference gifts, and employee welfare gifts. Our overall procurement cost has dropped by 15% compared to before, and the feedback on design and quality from our sales has increased. For their excellent performance, our company awarded them 2020, as “OPPO Southeast Asia’s Best Supplier Partner in 2020”.

    Jack Chen
    Overseas Gift Purchase Manager from OPPO
  • China Ruizhi Sourcing has been serving our company since 2017 with new mobile phone protective covers and has gradually designed new mobile phone gifts, and conference gifts, including Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers, backpacks, and suitcases, as well as designing classic animation images for OnePlus. China Ruizhi Sourcing has become the regional supply chain partner of OnePlus in Southeast Asia.

    Christian An
    OnePlus Overseas Manager
  • “It truly has been a pleasure to work with Maggie from China Ruizhi Sourcing, and this experience has been extremely rewarding for me as well. Your timely and detailed responses to my questions were very helpful throughout this process. I could not have gotten this far without your hard work and guidance, and for that, I’m sincerely indebted to you. “I will be happy to serve as a reference for you should any prospective client of yours want more information about what it’s like to work for you, so please don’t hesitate to give them my information.”

    Michael Steadman
    Purchase Manager

We Are Glad to Hear from You!

Any information from you is warmly welcomed. Please do not hesitate to contact us!
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