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Ruizhi Sourcing

Experts for China Supply Chain

Ruizhi Sourcing is a top China sourcing agent (headquartered in Shenzhen, China) that specializes in sourcing products and product engineering services. We serve clients all over the world, including E-commerce sellers, brand owners, industrial design firms, and crowdfunding entrepreneurs.

Our sourcing team is made up of over 40 professionals, they are sales, product experts, designers, customer managers, after-sale managers, and so on. Our team members perform their duties responsibly, take your demand seriously, stranded to source the products that match your requirements mostly with the warmest service.

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Whether you want to source or produce, we can provide you with a one-stop service. our mission is “serve”, serving you through the whole sourcing process, serving you from the beginning to the end.

To become one of the top China sourcing agents, we understand how important your satisfaction and company reputation is. So, not only for you but also for our development, we will never let you down.

Generally speaking, factories are deeply engaged in vertical products, and orginal sourcing companies are familiar with one or several types of products. However, Ruizhi Sourcing is a professional China sourcing agent transformed from a factory with more than decades of production experience.

That means that we are not only particularly familiar with products but also have high-quality sourcing resources that have been accumulated since our factory period. With the support of our resources, our services range from daily necessities goods to industrial equipment.

In the meantime, factory experience also allows us to understand your requirements uniquely and deeply. There is another advantage: product engineering service (we have rich experience in the production process such as die casting, metal stamping, injection molding and surface treatment). Indiegogo and Kickstarter help you achieve your dreams with investment, We can make all your dreams come true with the ability to produce.

In addition to the accumulation of sourcing knowledge and experience, our sales and service team is specialized in import and export trade. While understanding how to source products from China, we are also familiar with the working habits and mindset of overseas customers. That allows us to meet your requirements regarding communication and coordination.

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Why We Are Here?

Our founder Mr.Ross Wu established an electronic product OEM factory in 2005 and has been engaged in the manufacturing industry for 5 years. He is very familiar with the supply chain of both the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta in China.

The co-founder, Mr.Joey Gan used to work as an interpreter. He found that many clients encountered various problems when sourcing products from china: low product quality, defective craftsmanship, inflated prices, mistrust, and lack of product inspection on-site.

Therefore, the two founders established Ruizhi sourcing as a China sourcing agent together in 2010 to help global clients source the most suitable products from China and accompany them through the entire process from the production cycle to quality control, logistics, and customs declaration. In the meantime, provide product engineering services to them.

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