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After-sales & Warranty Policy for RuiZhi Sourcing

Warranty Policy

The following standard warranty rules apply to products purchased from RUIZHI Sourcing officials.

Receipt of Goods

The party receiving the shipment should conduct an inspection to verify the following conditions:


For significant damage to the product received, please take photos/ record videos and contact us within 7 days of the receipt. RUIZHI Sourcing will offer a solution after negotiation with the logistics company.

The product conforms to the purchase order requirements and other relevant documents (for example, correct model number, description, size, type, color, quantity, etc.). If you have any questions, please contact us within 7 days of the receipt.

Warranty Period:

It depended on the products customers order because different category products whose warranty period is different.

For example:

Case 1: Electronic Products > Bluetooth Speaker

1 year for physical products (Already sold).

What is covered by this Warranty:

This Warranty covers functional problems not caused by man-made damage during the warranty period. For example, No voice, no display, malfunctioning backlight, etc.

Case 2: Daily Commodity > Slippers

The warranty period is 3 months. If it is due to product quality (such as natural breakage/fading/degumming/cracking of the shoe sole) during the warranty period, RUIZHI Sourcing, validating the issues according to the picture or video provided by the customer, will compensate the new products by express directly or compensate the products on customer’s next order. However, if the product is damaged due to human reasons, such as self-repair / cutting/wear and tear, RUIZHI Sourcing will not be responsible for the warranty service.

According to the specific product ordered by the customer, our terms of warranty service will be made based on the warranty policy of the specific product in the industry globally. The warranty policy will be determined after communication with the customer, when the two parties have reached an agreement and the upcoming stuff will be implemented in accordance with this agreement.

What Is Not Covered by This Warranty?

1. Defects caused by the transportation or storage of the Product (the delivery from the purchaser to RUIZHI Sourcing).

2. Damage caused by the disassembling, repair, or modification by anyone without RUIZHI Sourcing’s authorization.

3. Product damage due to unexpected or human factors. Such as liquid damage, drop damage, unreasonable compression, etc..

4. Out of warranty.

5. Damage caused by force majeure factors, such as floods, fire disasters, earthquakes, etc.

Warranty Policy:

1. Exchange

Within warranty time from the date of purchase, if the product has a functional problem caused by non-human damage, you may choose to replace the malfunctioned product with a new or we return the amount of the Problematic goods (only for physical products).

2. Replenishment & Repair

When we received the customer’s feedback, RUIZHI Sourcing will issue an inspection report at the beginning. The solution will then be presented based on the inspection report (product in-warranty or out-of-warranty) in the next 15 days. We will make sure there will be no issues of this kind during the replenishment; For products in warranty, we will repair them or negotiate with the customer for a satisfactory solution as soon as possible.


1. Warranty Return Shipment Charges

The customer will bear the shipping fee for the products to be returned.

2. Warranty Return Procedure

Take a photo/record a video of the defective product and contact RUIZHI Sourcing.

If the online support can not solve the problem and the defective product can meet our warranty return requirements.

RUIZHI Sourcing After-sales Staff tracks the package and arranges the transfer in time.

RUIZHI Sourcing After-sales Staff arranges product testing and issues an after-sales inspection report.

Within 15 days of receiving the after-sales inspection report, the customer negotiates with RUIZHI Sourcing sales staff to confirm the after-sales solution.

1) For product in-warranty: replenishment or exchange

2) For product out-of-warranty: return the defective product to the customer or leave it to RUIZHI Sourcing for the scrapping process.

Warranty Return Packaging

1. Recommended Packaging

Electronic devices such as BT Speakers and accessories are fragile and must be protected from transport damage. Since separate retail packaging is often not sufficient for adequate protection during transport, RUIZHI suggests that customers package the returned products in the original package.

2. How to Repackage The Product

If the original package is lost or damaged, please repackage the product with layers of foam.

3. Boxed Packaging Technology

We recommend a double-walled box here. Place the filling material on the base of the outer box before placing the inner box into the outer box. Make sure there is a gap for each side before using more filling material to surround the inner box. Fill in all available space for optimal protection.

4. Package Each Item Separately And Use Separation Materials

When shipping more than one item in a single package, please package each item separately and separate them with separate materials. This can avoid damage caused by collisions during transportation.

5. Leave No Space

Please fill in the available space in the box to avoid damage caused by shaking during transportation.

6. Seal The Outer Box

Please seal the outer box with tape to prevent the box from being damaged by moisture during transportation.

Special Statement: RUIZHI Sourcing reserves the right to the final interpretation of the Warranty Policy.

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