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Top 15 Alibaba Alternatives to Source Products and Suppliers


Running an ecommerce store calls for an excellent supplier. It’s because continuous sourcing of high-quality products from a reliable supplier is necessary for a successful business. Alibaba is considered a standard for sourcing products and suppliers. However, there are other platforms where you can look for business products.

Many Alibaba alternatives are available in the market for supplying quality products. FBA sellers, major corporations, and small retailers must explore Alibaba alternatives as they limit their options by relying on them. Let’s explore the leading alternatives to Alibaba in detail.

15 Alibaba Alternatives Sites Like Alibaba

Let’s take a deep plunge into the details of 15 Alibaba alternative sites!

1- AliExpress

Sourcing goods from Chinese suppliers and selling them worldwide is what AliExpress does. It is considered the Ebay of China since it offers various reasonably priced items.

Compared to Alibaba, the prices of the products may be a bit more.

However, the plus point is that it does not have a MOQ. This B2B marketplace makes it accessible to small-sized and medium-sized businesses. It features the personalization of certain products, allowing businesses to add logos and specific modifications.

AliExpress comes up with a strict verification process to assure credibility and reliability to the consumers. To safeguard the interest of businesses, it offers a product quality guarantee, a secure payment option, and a dispute resolution mechanism.

Country: China

Key Category: It sources products in extensive categories that include fashion, electronics, industrial equipment, home appliances, and much more.


2- DHgate

As an alternative to Alibaba, DHgate connects suppliers from China with buyers from around the globe. Since many sellers here are individual businesses, it might not be favorable to source private label suppliers. It features a low MOQ, so buyers can test the market by comparing different products.

To provide an additional layer of security to its suppliers and buyers while making transactions, it contains a feature, “DHgate Escrow.” This feature holds the payment securely until the buyer confirms that the ordered product is fine. Afterward, it releases the payment to the supplier, thus fostering trust between consumers and suppliers.

You will get competitive prices on wholesale orders. Also, buyers can negotiate lower prices when purchasing bulk quantities. It enables businesses to add specific product modifications and logos tailored to consumers’ needs.

Country: China

Key Category: It offers an extensive collection of shoes, electronics, clothing, and more.


3- Tradekey

Tradekey, an Alibaba alternative, is a B2B marketplace that offers a suite of tools and services and connects Chinese companies with buyers and suppliers worldwide. With over 9.6 million members from 225 countries, it offers value-added services like trade show promotion, market research, web development, and design.

It features “TradeKey Verified Membership” to enhance reliability and trust on the platform for buyers & suppliers. This rigorous vetting process includes verifying company profiles, business licenses, contact information, and relevant credentials. So, it displays a verified membership badge on the profiles of buyers and suppliers.

Even it shows the flexibility of sourcing products from multiple options, including manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, and individual sellers. To facilitate networking, it organizes virtual and physical tradeshows and exhibitions, thus enhancing the sourcing experience for businesses.

Country: China

Key Category: Tradekey deals in Industrial equipment, textile, medical products, agricultural products, Personal care, automobiles, home, garden, etc.


4- TradeKorea

TradeKorea, as the name suggests, is a Korean B2B marketplace. However, it is not limited to Korean suppliers; relatively also sources products from other countries. It promotes Korean products and suppliers by offering a unique feature called Korean eMarketplace.

In addition, it highlights the strengths and unique offerings of Korean manufacturers and suppliers. Another advantage of Korean eMarketplace is that businesses can tap into the reputation of South Korea for innovative, high-quality products.

To engage with Korean suppliers, it organizes exhibitions and tradeshows. Here, you will get access to market insights and business matching services. TradeKorea serves as a gateway to facilitate business collaborations between Korean manufacturers and International buyers.

Country: Korea

Key Category: It showcases a diverse selection of products, including fashion, electronics, beauty, food, automotive, etc.


5- Ruizhi Sourcing

Ruizhi sourcing  can be explored as an Alibaba alternative to connect buyers with suppliers while helping in product sourcing, quality control, negotiation, and logistics. To make sure credibility and reliability, it features a supplier verification process. Buyers can check if the suppliers are trustworthy and legitimate, mitigating the risks of dealing with low-quality suppliers.

In addition, Ruizhi Sourcing negotiates on the buyer’s behalf and secures favorable deals to get the best product deal. If buyers want private labeling or customization of the products, it helps them communicate.

Country: China

Key Categories: Electronics, Fashion, textiles, toys, machinery, home, garden, etc.


6- EC21 Korean

EC21 is an Alibaba alternative to connect suppliers and buyers from around the globe, with 2.5 million users from over 190 countries. It explicitly targets Korean exporters and provides a platform for buyers who want to source products from Korea.

So, it’s perfect for businesses looking for Korean products because of its innovation, competitive pricing, and innovation. You must create a buyer request, check categories, and look at the search bar to source your desired product.

Moreover, you can find suppliers by attending their trade shows or looking into the supplier directory. These services include trade consulting, language translation services, and market intelligence reports to facilitate smooth transactions and communication.

Country: Korea

Key Category: EC21 offers a wide range of products from health, beauty, chemicals, packaging, paper, food, beverages, minerals, etc.


7- 1688.com

1688.com caters to Chinese businesses and customers and is owned by Alibaba Group. In reality, it is a clone of Alibaba with the difference that it is in Chinese; you will find most of the products and suppliers.

This online supplier directory provides a wide range of products directly from Chinese Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and suppliers, including machinery, apparel, electronics, and much more. While using 1688.com for sourcing products, you would need a translator or the help of Google Translate. It allows buyers to check detailed information about the product, like MOQs, ratings, pricing, and specifications.

Country: China

Key Category: The key category of 1688.com includes machinery, electronics, textile, household goods, furniture, etc.


8- IndiaMART

IndiaMART is among the most extensive B2B alternatives to Alibaba in India. It becomes more interesting as the market focuses on helping businesses source Indian suppliers. It is a robust platform that promotes domestic trade within India by providing access to various Indian products and services.

With a strong presence in different places in India, this platform provides deep insights into the trends and dynamics of the local industry. It is a gateway for small businesses and entrepreneurs to showcase their products and content with their prospects and expand their market research.

Country: India

Key Category: The Key Category of IndiaMART ranges from textile and electronics to manufacturing and agriculture.


9- TradeIndia

TradeIndia is another B2B Alibaba alternative marketplace to source products from India with 10 million registered users. It primarily caters to Indian manufacturers and is a central international and domestic trade platform.

It organizes various exhibitions and tradeshows to display products from different industries. Such shows provide opportunities for buyers and sellers to interact, establish business connections and explore new products.

To validate the authenticity of suppliers, it offers a “verified supplier program.” Buyers feel more confident while dealing with verified suppliers. Buyers can subscribe to “Trade Alerts.” to receive industry news and updates on product categories. This helps the buyers to stay informed about market trends. To connect buyers with potential suppliers, TradeIndia provides lead generation services.

Country: India

Key Category: Chemicals, machinery, apparel, beauty, fashion, packaging, agriculture, medical and industrial supplies, etc.


10- ECPlaza

ECPlaza is a B2B portal that primarily caters to businesses from South Korea. This Alibaba alternative focuses on sourcing products from around the world. This makes it a powerful platform facilitating international trade involving Korean suppliers.

It offers a “Trade verification” service to verify suppliers’ credibility and products’ authenticity. This is how it maintains quality control with assurance in the sourcing transactions. Also, it provides multilingual support; the available languages include Korean, Chinese, English, and Japanese.

Country: South Korea

Key categories: Key categories in which ECPlaza deals include computers, lighting, telecommunication, electric equipment, hardware, security, and protection.


11- eWorldTrade

eWorldTrade expands its horizon by developing a secure connection between buyers & suppliers. It is the most extensive B2B alternative to Alibaba in Mexico and has also been established in Canadian and US markets. It has a global influence, bringing buyers and sellers to reap the benefits of various products.

No matter your niche as a buyer or a seller, it lets you join eWorldTrade because of its vast array of products. Also, this B2B marketplace provides dropshipping services, creating a seamless trading process without needing any inventory. To cater to new entrepreneurs and small businesses, it offers multiple packages.

Country: Mexico

Key categories: Apparel, home appliances, machinery, automobiles, security, protection, personal care, food, and beverages are vital categories.


12- Coppel

Coppel was founded in 1941 in Mexico, and at that time, it was just a physical store with no presence on the web. However, now it has an online store that competes with the leading B2B portals across the globe. Now this Alibaba alternative has become a megamarket.

Coppel facilitates its customers by allowing them to pay in installments and purchase through credit cards. This allows the consumers to purchase products they can not afford upfront. To help customers manage their financial needs, it offers remittance, insurance, and prepaid cards.

Country: Mexico

Key categories: It includes fashion, automotive, electronics, sport, travel, home, and furniture.


13. Made-in-China

Made-in-China is a Chinese B2B platform that was founded in 1998. It is one of the leading online marketplaces for Chinese manufacturers and exporters, connecting businesses from around the world with many Chinese suppliers who offer a wide range of products at competitive prices.

The platform has over 10 million registered users and offers products across a wide range of categories, including Consumer Electronics, Machinery, Apparel, and Home and Garden.

Made-in-China has become a go-to platform for businesses looking for high-quality products at competitive prices. It also offers a range of services to help buyers manage their purchases, including secure payment processing, logistics support, and dispute resolution.

Country: China

Key Categories: Electronics, Apparel, Home & Garden, Machinery, Consumer Goods, Beauty & Personal Car, Chemicals Agriculture,etc


14- Yiwugo

Yiwugo is a Chinese B2B alternative to Alibaba and is the world’s largest small commodity market. Dealing with more than 1.8 million products, Yiwugo is known for a wide variety of goods and low prices; this attracts buyers from domestic and foreign markets.

Buyers can customize their orders, including custom packaging, branding, logo, etc. It offers support for multiple languages that include English, French, Arabic, Russian, and Spanish, to make it accessible across the world. The website is user-friendly and makes navigation to explore products easy.

Country: China

Key Categories: Electronics, sports, toys, beauty, health, apparel, accessories, home, garden, etc.


15- Global Sources

Global Sources is a B2B alternative to Alibaba with an experience 45 years of in international trade. In comparison to Alibaba, its suppliers provide much better quality products. Global sources organize tradeshows to build a connection of trust and credibility between suppliers and buyers.

Moreover, businesses can effortlessly find products and suppliers via quality checks and supplier verification, respectively. It features various logistic services, including shipping and freight forwarding, customs clearance, order tracking, warehousing, storage, etc.

Country: Hong Kong

Key Category: Auto parts, electronics, household, fashion accessories, home appliances, health, outdoor, and more.


Tips for Source Products and Suppliers on These Alibaba Alternatives

Finding a product that meets your expectations can be a daunting step. Let’s discuss finding a product and supplier on the Alibaba alternatives B2B platforms!

1- High-Profit Margins

You should choose the product that gives you a high-margin profit. The term profit means the remaining sum of money after you have sold the product excluding expenses for each sale. However, it’s recommended to consider a product that offers a gross margin of at least 30 %.

2- Small and Light

The shipping cost depends upon the size and weight of the product, which means that products having a small size and light weight are generally cheaper and give the maximum profit.

3- High Demand

It is vital to choose a product with high selling value. However, it does not mean that the target audience should be vast. A product with over 350 plus monthly sales demonstrates that the product has a high demand.

4- Few Competitors

You should choose a product that only a few sellers are dealing in, and the product must have high demand in the market. If these conditions are met, then there are high chances that you will attract more customers.

5- Quality Assurance

You should choose the suppliers with good ratings and reviews because it means that this supplier has a good product. Secondly, you should test the samples of the product from the supplier. If the product meets your requirements, you can go with the suppliers.

If you find suitable products on these platforms, it is advisable to seek assistance from professionals to help you differentiate and negotiate. We believe Ruizhi Sourcing would be an excellent partner for you. Here are some recommended articles on how to quickly and accurately source your target products:

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