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Customize Real Leather "Tuesday Bag" for US Client

Exported Country: India
Customer: Wholesaler
Delivery Time: 15 days
1. The sponge color required by the customer is difficult to match and can only be as close as possible.
2. The size required by the customer is 14.5*12.5*7cm, the customer updates the size to 14*12*6cm shortly before placing the order, and the supplier needs to re-color and proof according to the required size & production.
3. Indian market is sensitive to price, and the target price of the client is $**. The price of the supplier found by us is $**, which is a bit difficult for us to find a supplier that matches the cost price.


Sep/27 2022
Client's Background and Product Requirements

Client Background: mainly engaged in wholesale trade, ultra-fine fiber skin cloth, clean sponge, body detergent cloth, ultra-fine fiber dust removal cloth, etc., customers contact us through google search.

Our sales manager Tiven contacted the client, and they gave the product demand to us:

 Product name: Bath sponge- bath sponge

 Color: Gray / brown

 Quantity: 3000pcs / color

 Product requirements:

1. Vacuum packaging, no need for printing

2. Size: 14*12*6cm

3. With lanyard

Tips: The primary color of natural sponge is brown. Many sponges on the market are yellow, and manufacturers have been decolorized in order to look beautiful. The color will look much better, but the toughness will be reduced, if you want to customize the color, in the production, add the color paste to the raw material to make a colored sponge. It is difficult to dye after the finished product.

Sep/29 2022
We Source The Right Products and Manufacturer Through Factory Inspection
  1. We find the supplier whose quality and cost are in line with the client from 3 factories by factory inspection, and arrange the sample with the size of 14*12*6CM, as shown in the following figure.

2. After we communicate the price with the client, they confirms that the target price is $**.

Oct/09 2022
India Client Confirm the Order for Us by e-mail

The customer confirm the order by email and confirm the cooperation as follows:

1. Bath Sponge & PVA Sponge is the product purchased by our customers. In addition, there are 5 products purchased from “** Import and Export Co., Ltd.”. A total of 7 products will be checked and shipped by Ruizhi sourcing after the goods are ready.

2. With regard to payment: products purchased by us shall be charged with a commission of *% of the total value; orders purchased from “** Import and Export Co., Ltd.” shall be charged with a commission of *% of the total amount. If there are other additional charges, it will be added to PI and will be charged before shipment; for the 5 products purchased by the customer from “** Import and Export Co., Ltd.” plus freight fee, the customer will pay together with the payment for the products purchased by us, and then we will transfer the payment to “** Import and Export Co., Ltd.”.

3. Our India client have their own forwarder to arrange shipments. If our forwarders have more suitable prices and services, customers can also cooperate with our forwarders.

Tips:  We can provide these services to help customers receive goods. We have our own warehouses in Guangzhou, Yiwu, Shenzhen. If you have a wide range of products and are scattered in different suppliers, we can uniformly receive the goods and arrange logistics declaration for export.

Oct/11 2022
The Client Updates the Size, and We Re-proofing.

1. We have received manufacturer sample whose quote is the highest, the picture is as follows, the size is 14*12*6cm, the customer confirms the size, the order can be arranged normally.

2. Another manufacturer whose quote is the lowest sample size is 14.5*12.5*7cm, the size does not match the latest size confirmed by the customer, and the color does not match. We requires the supplier to adjust the color according to the sample color.

Oct/29 2022
The Bath Sponge Manufacturer Finally Adjusted the Color after Proofing Twice.

The supplier makes the first sample, but the color does not match the customer’s color requirement (the finished product is our original, the bottom is the supplier’s color sample):

Pre-production sample -grey Pre-production sample -brown


After the supplier reshapes the color, the color is within an acceptable range, and the pre-delivery sample will be ready on November 2nd.

Nov/02 2022
Production of Bath Sponge Completed by Order

1. The bulk goods have been initially completed and drilling & piercing will be arranged, which can be completed on November 10th. It is confirmed that inspection can be arranged on November 11th.

2. The oringal sample VS Pre-production sample, the customer confirms that the bulk goods can be arranged to be produced:

Samples Compare-Grey Samples Compare-Brown
Nov/10 2022
We Arrange for Our QC Staff To Go To The Manufacturer for Quality Inspection.

The goods are inspected by our internal QC. The pictures of on-site inspection are as follows:

  • Verify the size: nomal
  • Water absorption effect testnomal
  • Skin wiping test: no powder / dandruff was found after wiping—nomal

The main problem found in the inspection is chip loss, which is picked out on the spot by our QC staff and requires the supplier to deal with it on site.

The packaging of the product is as follows: vacuum packing of single product, 300pcs/CTN, outer case with protective angle, total 20CTNS:

Nov/24 2022

The forwarder arranges to pick up the goods from the our warehouse and the order ends.


1. The overall order is relatively smooth, the main problem is the size & color, and we sourcing to the factory have active cooperation, and finally completed in accordance with the cost, color and quality required by customers.

2. The product is not difficult, but the process is more: first dyeing, then foaming, then beer forming, then beer hole, and finally wearing rope, so in the early three sourcing factories, we compared the process, especially the dyeing link very carefully, and finally verified that our sourcing was right.

Tips:How do we do sourcing service. Understand our service process

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