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Top 10 Best China Export Agent: Import from China Easily!

One major challenge often faced by individuals in the wholesale business bothers on how to get the best export agents for. It is one of the major banes of wholesalers. Although, a vast majority of individuals and firms claim the title of ‘export agent’, only very few of these set of individuals render the services of a sourcing agent impeccably, while others know next to nothing about the jobs and duties of an export agent. This is why this article is written!

This article is written to educate and inform wholesalers and dropshippers who do their wholesale and dropshipping business on Chinese online platforms such as Alibaba.com and Aliexpress.com about the top 10 best China export agents in order to avoid the problem that a bad sourcing agent can incur on wholesalers and people who engage in other e-commerce businesses.

To better understand the subject matter of this blog article, it would be pertinent to briefly discuss the meaning of export agents and have an in-depth understanding of who they are and what they do.

Who is an Export Agent?

Export agent is a person or a company who acts as a middleman between a company that has a product it wants to export and a foreign company that would like to import that product. In other words, an export agent is a firm (or individual) that undertakes most of the exporting activities on behalf of an exporter and gets paid a commission in return. He helps to set up the transaction and makes sure that everything goes smoothly, which often includes the shipment of the product. In exchange for his help with these transactions, he usually receives a commission.

 The export agent may have to do duties such as traveling abroad, doing research, preparing an export plan, advising the exporter on how to adapt their marketing mix, making contact with potential sellers, negotiating deals with buyers, taking care of all promotional activities, handling logistics and documentation, and much more. Of these tasks, the export agent will do on the importer’s behalf. The importer normally pays the agent. This can translate into a significant amount of money when a person is working with multiple companies or even a single company that has many products to export.

There are many types of products that an export agent may handle. For example, he may deal with the export of everything from light bulbs to furnishings. Some people in this field help companies export a wide range of products while others may specialize in a single type of product. The choice is usually up to the agent, with one exception. If exporting a particular product is prohibited by law, he cannot legally help to arrange its exportation.

An export agent also has some choices about how involved he is in the export process. For example, some are minimally involved. They match buyers with sellers and help to make sure the sale is complete. Then, they collect their commission. Others, on the other hand, handle not only the transaction but also the shipping of the product from one country to another. In many cases, this involves arranging freight with a company that handles overseas shipments.

What is the Advantage of Using an Export Agent?

Export agents are of enormous benefit to you since they offer many product lines and services. Choosing a China export agent is a cheaper yet reliable option allowing for better control over the sale. China export agents may operate exclusively as the sole agent of the company’s services connecting you to the demanded list of products. The following are some advantages of using an export agent:

  •  It helps you avoid the recruitment, training, and payroll costs of using your own employees to enter an overseas market.
  •  It helps you to identify and exploit opportunities with the help of your export agent.
  •  It helps you to build solid relationships with potential buyers through the services of your export agent.
  •  Using an agent allows you to maintain more control over matters such as the final price and brand image compared with the other intermediary option of using a distributor.

When Do You Need a China Export Agent?

Many buyers around the world know to drive their way to China when buying wholesale products. However, doing this for the first time requires a lot of research and equal assistance.

Otherwise, you will be drowned in loss due to your ignorance. Being a newcomer to China’s supply chain, you need help with different steps like factory audits, product quality inspection, sourcing different suppliers, etc.

What a China export agent can help you with is to find out the best match qualified suppliers coordinating your needs and requirements. An export agent will provide you with various kinds of services including,

  • Sourcing the products you require
  • Finding the reliable suppliers
  • Communicating and negotiating with the supplier
  • Providing the latest updates and happenings in the market
  • Overseeing the production process and updating you at each step
  • Performing quality inspection of products from China
  • Dealing with storage and shipment methods
  • Customs clearance (some export agents provide this service)
  • Providing after-sales services

What Type of Product Can You Import from China?

1. Make-up tools

More and more girls are focusing on make-up for beauty, and make-up tools are one of the most profitable products to import from China. It has many kinds of tools for various uses, including brushes, mirrors, eyelash tweezers, and so on.

Cost prices of makeup tools are usually low, and they are more expensive on retail websites. For example, you can choose the product makeup mirror for your business. Alibaba’s cost price is about $3, but the retail price on Amazon is $40. You don’t need to worry about sales because the mirror is a necessary tool for make-up.

2. Kitchen tools

Kitchen tools are one of the most profitable products to import from China, covering many types of products. Generally, the cost prices of these products are low provided by suppliers or manufacturers, and their retail prices are high on Amazon.

Take rubber gloves as an example. A pair of rubber gloves on Amazon is about $20, but wholesale prices on Alibaba are from $0.3 to $1.3 depending on your order numbers. You can choose different colors or patterns as well.

3. Sports products

With the improvement of people’s health awareness, sports products have become more and more popular. As sports products cover a large number of product types, many importers think these products will be the most popular items to import from China.

For example, a sports water bottle is a hot product to import from China for importers. On wholesale websites, the wholesale price is very low, approximately $3-$3.5, but on Amazon, it is much more expensive, about $15.

4. Phone accessories

Mobile phone accessories are also quite hot products to import from China. These are small objects with high demand on the market.

If you are starting out with a limited budget and lack experience, mobile phone accessories are a good choice. Take protector glass as an example. The price of phone protector glass is about $0.13-$1 on wholesale websites; the price on Amazon is about $13, so you can make significant profits by selling them on Amazon.

5. Fashion accessories

Fashion accessories include many small items, like hair bands, bags, and trinkets. They have been the most popular items to import from China. It has a large quantity demand with big market potential, especially for women.

Take a hairband as an example. The wholesale price is about $3 on Alibaba, and the sale price is $12.99 on Amazon. Undoubtedly, it has considerable profits.

Of course, the above is just a list of product categories suitable for B2C sales. There are also many products made in China with advantages in price and quality in other areas. If you want to know which areas of products are more suitable, you can find out the export data of Chinese customs and you can find out in which areas China exports more products with a high performance / price ratio. This is also a way for you to find the origin of the supply chain.

How to Find a Reliable China Export Agent

With the many export agencies in China, it requires a clever move when choosing any of the manufacturers to procure goods for you. The following tips should act as guiding tips for finding a reliable sourcing agent in China:

1. Years of experience

The number of years the export agent has been in the market determines the scope of markets and products they have helpful information and resources. A decade in the sourcing business is enough to guarantee that the firm can deliver, although the firm should indicate realistic growth throughout the years. This entails the number of frequent clients on record for the specific company.

2. Company location

Several major ports, supply chains and Industrial belt in China already are in first-and second-tier cities, such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Yiwu, Shantou, and Qingdao. You should be careful with export agent that is not headquartered in these cities.

3. Terms of payment

In case you want the agency to procure goods and ship them for you, then the payment terms are equally important. Any agency requesting over 50% advance payment may show a lack of enough capital for running the business, a worrying factor in the financial world. With a realistic advance payment of 30% of the total cost and paying the rest before the goods is shipped, is a fair deal where both parties have room for commitment and trust.

4. Market and product information

Sometimes you may want a certain product, but you do not understand its packaging or its price. In most cases, this is where the question of How can I find a reliable sourcing agent in China comes in. The sourcing agent should have the right information about the brands, their distinctive qualities, and pricing criteria for wholesale and retail. This helps you to make an informed decision between the brands, depending on your intentions and preferences.

5. Shipment procedures

Finally, a good export agent understands China’s customs and duty rules better than you, the buyer does. This means that the agency should give a clear procedure on how the goods will reach you, with the least effort. The fees should always be fair and realistic.

Top 10 China Export Agents

A lot of individuals have started exportation, but they run into trouble along the way. This means they need to hire an export agent in China to handle the protocol and the process smoothly and efficiently.

Below, we have mentioned the list of the top 10 China export agents. Additionally, we gave details about them in order to assist you in evaluating their services to enable you to make the right decision.

Ruizhi Sourcing

Ruizhi Sourcing is a top China export agent (headquartered in Shenzhen, China) that specializes in sourcing products and product engineering services. They serve clients around the world, including factory owners, retailers, wholesalers, independent stations, and e-commerce stores. With the support of a factory background, they help you to find reliable supply chains and develop products that meet your needs.

Their sourcing and product engineering team is made up of over 40 professionals. They are sales, product experts, designers, customer managers, after-sale managers, and so on. Their expertise is product engineering, die casting, surface treatment, metal stamping, and injection molding. Transformed into a top China sourcing agent for more than 10 years, Ruizhi Sourcing has provided satisfactory product solutions for various categories of products.

Below is a comprehensive list of the services they offer:

  •  Comprehensive sourcing
  •  Product engineering
  •  Supplier background verification
  •  Inspection
  •  Quality control
  •  Factory auditing


Supplyia is a company that manages the supply chain with a local team, product sourcing, factory sourcing, quoting, prototyping, negotiating up to monitoring production. For international businesses, it is not easy to monitor production, inspection, packaging, and shipping. This is where Supplyia comes Their service is to help at every step while buyers import products from China.

During the past years, the products Supplyia sourced have been distributed to over 60 countries and regions by the thousands, and they still continue to offer that same level of service today. We look forward to cooperating with you and helping your business take off.

Leeline Sourcing

Leeline Sourcing is established in 2009 in the city of Wuhan, Leeline Sourcing started its business operations with small and medium-scale sellers. In 2015, the current company was created in China, and it specializes in product sourcing. They offer professional sourcing services for small to medium business enterprises.

Their services are comprehensive and take care of every requirement to source from China. With a team of highly trained professionals, you can get the perfect items sourced in a few seconds.

Every agent here has the technical know-how of the Chinese market coupled with ways in which they can assist you. They have been in partnership with millions of sellers and carriers since its establishment, and this enables them to find the best quality products and competitive pricing for your investment. Within the last two years, they have served over 2000 satisfied clients.

JS Sourcing

JS Sourcing is a sourcing and purchasing enterprise that provides export services in China. Created in 2011, the business’s main objective is to secure orders for clients as well as enhance the general profitability of the buying process.

Their services are primarily designed for independent entrepreneurs, small and medium-scale businesses, as well as innovators who visit China to transform their ideas into products. They offer a comprehensive range of services channeled at keeping you profitable.

Imex Sourcing

For those searching for an export company that offers a wide range of services from product development to shipping and from product research to logistics, Imex is your best bet. They offer inspection, quality assurance, and end-to-end sourcing, thereby making the process hassle-free for you.

The founder and CEO of the company Ash Monga worked as an e-commerce merchant in the United Kingdom before migrating to China to start his own company. They are headquartered in Guangzhou, China. Imex Sourcing is one of the few companies that offers its clients access to a personalized online portal.

This makes it easy for clients to track their order progress and manage every business process easily. For Amazon FBA and eBay sellers who source products from China, this is a great option.

DTL Sourcing

Importers go through a lot of ordeals when it comes to sourcing from another country or region. These challenges are mostly experienced by European and African companies who try to access the wide array of products manufactured in China.

The company recognized and learned about these problems and many other issues involved, which are the basis on which DTL Sourcing operates. With them, your high-quality goods get delivered to the nearest port, factory, warehouse, as well as doorstep. They offer you a safe environment with risk-free transactions. They have 500+ suppliers in their network, and they offer you various brands of goods.

Linc Sourcing

This company is based in Europe with its headquarters in Sweden. It also has branches in Spain, the UK, Italy, and China, and the Chinese office is based in Shanghai. Since they have a strong presence in Europe, it is a good option for Europe-based businesses searching for an export agent in China.

Linc Sourcing has a network of over 100 quality suppliers spread across various industries. It was founded in Sweden in 1995 by Jenni Anderson and Lennart Rosell in a bit to offer European companies access to affordable suppliers in Asia. The company has 90% of its employees working in a China-based office, and its major focus is on sourcing products from China. The services they offer include quality control, product sourcing, negotiation, shipping, and logistics. Linc Sourcing also provides on-demand quality assurance inspections for customers.

Easy Imex

This is another international sourcing company focused on medium and large-scale businesses, and it is owned by Adam Gilbourne. He moved to China in 2004 to establish his company to aid UK, US, Australian, and other European businesses in sourcing cheaper products in China.

They offer a wide array of services, which include product sourcing, negotiation, purchasing, quality control, shipping and logistics, tax duty, factory tours, and audits. They also provide their customers with online portals for easy tracking of business processes.

Ec4u Limited

Ec4u is focused on finding the best sources for your business. In the last decade, they have built a large database of quality vendors. They ensure that their vendors offer great quality products, competitive pricing, as well as problem-solving. Their offices are located in Jiangmen City and Hong Kong. Their teams of professionals are dedicated to offering you the lowest price, fastest delivery, and highest quality.

Keen Sourcing

Keen Sourcing is among the leading sourcing agents in China dedicated to assisting Amazon sellers and small businesses to ensure the best quality, source products from China, comply with regulations, and at the least possible cost. Their sourcing services include negotiation, product sourcing, factory audit, supplier verification, production monitoring, quality control, order follow-up, lab testing, logistics support, etc.

Although these well-known Chinese sourcing agents‘ services are similar, how to distinguish, how to choose, you can according to their geographical location characteristics, good service focus (the introduction of the official website), and case sharing, choose which is suitable for you.

Take the location of the company as an example. Ruizhi Sourcing is located in Shenzhen. Shenzhen is famous for its customized and electronic products. Supplyia is located in Yiwu, Which is famous for its cost-effective department stores.

Take the service focus as an example. If you go to the official website of Ruizhi Sourcing, they highlight product engineering, while Supplyia highlights sourcing.

Take the cases as an example, Ruizhi sourcing’s outstanding e-commerce customers and customized customers are mainly.

If you still can not distinguish, you can list top 5~8 as your export agent as an alternative, through the communication process fluency, service efficiency, quotation to comprehensive evaluation.


With the guide provided above, you have found out who a China export agent is, his roles, and how he can help you make your business processes easier, and you have had access to a list of reputable China export agents. All these pieces of information, if well-utilized, can help your e-commerce business. Utilize it to up your business, if you have any doubt about export agents, please contact with us, we can solve your doubts.!

Joey Gan
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Joey Gan
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