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  • Category:

Backpacks, Handbags, Chest Bags, Travel Bags;

  • Process:

Based on the design provided by the client, reference samples of competitors, materials, and functional points, we offer improvement suggestions (materials, patterns), create handmade samples, confirm samples with the client, usually requiring 2~3 rounds. The final version is confirmed before placing the production order.

  • Challenges:

1. Material selection (environmental use/cost/manufacturing difficulty);

2. Requirement accuracy (unclear requirements/mid-process changes).

We have sourced and customized nearly 35+ bag styles, with the help of two production experts specializing in bags, to effectively address design and production issues.

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Bags Customizaiton Classic Cases


Over a span of four months, we tailored a real leather handbag for our independent US website client, achieving a cost reduction of 30% compared to her Mexican supplier.

At the client’s urgent request, we customized a women’s bag within 50 days for carrying a handgun and addressed the issue of a blurry logo on the inner pocket button.


  • Category

Bluetooth Speakers, Headphones, Tempered Glass Screen Protectors, Power Banks, Mobile Accessories, etc.

  • Process:

There are two types: Easy Customization and Complex Customization. we collect target products, conduct quality testing on samples, assess and inspect factories, deconstruct products, perform BOM analysis, and create personalized customizations based on the client’s target price and functional requirements.

  • Challenges:
  1. Achieving a distinctive appearance in a competitive market requires substantial investment in both cost and effort.
  2. Lowering the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is not straightforward.
  3. Products that combine software and hardware present increased complexities in terms of debugging.
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Electronics Customizaiton Classic Cases

Bluetooth Speaker

Assist brand clients in coordinating with suppliers to lower Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) for customized development even with low order volumes, leading to successful product launches.

Assisted the client in completing ODM orders, customized packaging, and shipping within 20 days.


  • Category

Smartwatch, mechanical watch, ladies’ watch, kids’ watch, etc.

  • Process

Client-designed ID appearance + Our provided hardware solution, leveraging China’s top-tier supply chain resources (most of which we’ve already partnered with), followed by new product development through the NPD process.

  • Challenges
  1. The casing’s craftsmanship presents challenges, including scratch resistance, oxidation prevention, and water and corrosion resistance.
  2. Creating differentiation in appearance design and functional aspects among similar product types.
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Watches Customizaiton Classic Cases

BENFIT S1 smartwatch-Ruizhisourcing

In under 2 months, we customized a smartwatch for the client with visual adjustments and added language customization and sports mode features to the software.

Assisted the client in designing four themed watches, ultimately selecting a mechanical watch with a marine theme. Managed the development, production, and shipping process.


Helped chain retail channels to customize a smartwatch, and designed a demo mode for terminal demonstration, which solved the problem of electroplating oxidation of zinc alloy case and strap.

Household Supplies

A variety of consumer daily necessities such as socks, slippers, clothing, bath products, perfumes, water bottles, and more.

  • Process

We will follow the product sourcing process to find the best value products for our customers from various supply channels.

  • Challenges
  1. Quickly obtaining quotes for various products from the customer.
  2. Sourcing information from different manufacturers.
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Household Supplies Cases


Sourcing cost-effective bath sponge for an Indian client, and customizing colors and sizes.


Effectively addressing changing demands from Amazon client, while carefully selecting product colors and material details. Meeting the customer’s order and shipping requirements quickly and with high quality.

Sourced a component called “Twist Lock” for the customer within 15 days, avoiding competitors’ patents, and successfully delivered the shipment. The customer was highly satisfied.


Sourced suitable material for socks for the customer and resolved the tricky issue of gradient pattern printing on the socks. Met the customer’s expectations and successfully delivered the order.

Sourced slippers for the customer made from EVA material that doesn’t deform in sunlight, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.

Designed and customized a notebook for internal use by OPPO in Vietnam, including company culture, corporate development timeline, and calendar.

Sourced and performed a simple ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) for a bicycle sports water bottle for a Vietnamese client, achieving production quantities below the manufacturer’s initial MOQ requirement.

Customized and developed a perfume bottle from scratch to finish for a UK client based on their initial design template. Despite a short timeline and complex craftsmanship, the end result was a flawless shipment.


Customized sports apparel, T-shirts, work uniforms, and sun protection clothing.

  • Process

When customers provide custom patterns, materials, and size requirements, we create clothing proposals according to their specifications and coordinate with suitable clothing manufacturers for customization.

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Clothing Customizaiton Classic Cases

Customized camouflage swim trunks with a zipper pocket for a UK client, meeting their requirements for water resistance and quick-drying functionality.

Corporate Gifts

Customized a variety of corporate promotional gifts, holiday gifts, business gifts, and employee welfare gifts for the company.

  • Process

You provide the gift budget, quantity, product preferences, design and customization requirements. We will help you with product selection and design a comprehensive packaging proposal for your consideration. Once the plan is confirmed, we will proceed with the regular product sourcing process.

  • Challenges
  1. Packaging design should align with your company culture and showcase creativity.
  2. When selecting products, always consider current market trends, novelty, and attractiveness.
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Corporate Gifts Customizaiton Cases

Customized a dual-function promotional package with a phone stand and fan for OPPO in Malaysia, along with door-to-door delivery and double-cleaning services.

Customized a sports waterproof wristband for OPPO in the Philippines as a popular promotional product for their customer’s new product, OPPO Reno6. It received excellent feedback from the market.

Designed a four-in-one gift package featuring OPPO and Line branding for the OnePlus N10 in Thailand. The package includes N10 phone case, N10 phone, ring holder, and VIP shopping card. It launched successfully.

Q: What Areas Does Ruizhi Sourcing Excel In?

Our expertise lies primarily in consumer products, such as Electronics, Cases & bags, Watches, Corporate Gifts, etc. You can find more details here. This is based on our operational familiarity with foundational processes like die casting, metal stamping, injection molding, and surface treatment.

Q: When Do You Need Services Like Ruizhi Sourcing?
  1. When you have a grasp of product design but lack specific knowledge about production techniques or material selection.
  2. If you’re not very familiar with finding suitable suppliers, including manufacturer sourcing, factory inspection, negotiation, quality inspection, etc.
  3. When you’re well-versed in overall international trading and your product field, but require a standalone service, like dropshipping, warehousing, or product photography.
Q: Is Ruizhi Sourcing's Service Fees Expensive?

No, because there are hundreds of product sourcing companies in China. Ruizhi Sourcing’s focus and advantage lie in product development services, leveraging China’s abundance of quality engineers and manufacturing strengths. Your product development and service costs will be much lower compared to other countries (excluding import tariffs + logistics fees).

Q: What Is The Strength Ruizhi Sourcing Have to Your Suppliers?

Our role is like a bridge between suppliers and customers, in terms of shortening the gap of distance, time difference, language barrier, and culture difference, but the key point that matters is the mindset.

There’re large-scale manufacturers with high capability to support quality and price competition, but they have a shortage to understand better the sales end and marketing aspect, as what they consider and concentrate on is from the production and technology side, consequently with our local communication it will be faster for them to get the point for “why’ and “how”.

Besides, we’re on top of different factories rather than just one, so we have some other experience as guidance sharing for the manufacturers in other ways, helping them think and act more.

Q: What Steps are Taken to Ensure Product Quality and What Happens in Cases of Poor Product Quality? Returns or Refunds, etc.

Before placing the order, a production schedule form will be provided to you once we confirm with the suppliers, based on which we’ll monitor the production time and supervise all the procedure to ensure both of you and us has a full understanding of what is going on.

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