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Entire Process Service

Massive Production Follow Up

When Ruizhi Sourcing Serves On The Entire Process, Ruizhi sourcing takes the lead in following up product design, sample molding, process confirmation, sample confirmation, production process, sample inspection, and the entire process of customs declaration and shipment. Ruizhi sourcing will charge 3% – 10% of the total order amount according to the size and complexity of customer’s order.

Part of Process Service

If RUIZHI Sourcing Does Not Participate in The Entire Process of Order Procurement, But Only a Single Service.

1. Price Negotiation with Manufacturers

When customer has a demand that we should help on price negotiation and the purchasing price decreases with the help of our negotiation skills and industry experience with the same product specifications and material/process/packaging standards, a service fee of 30% of the cost saved from the negotiation will be charged for product negotiation.

2. Product Packaging Customization

If products packaging customization is required, we will charge it according to the product design fee. The charge ranges from $400-$2000 according to the complexity of the packaging design.

3. DTC Service

If e-commerce customers need DTC service (one-click delivery/e-commerce storage/package express delivery, etc.), they can approach to our partner NextSmartShip, who specializes in DTC services. The charges refer to NextSmartShip’s price standards. For those who are Ruizhi Sourcing’s customers, a 98% price discount will be applicable.

4. Private Label Solution

If customers need to affix SKU labels in China, they can provide the design plan and the materials required by the labels. We will arrange on labelling. The labor cost is $0.04/piece while the cost of label materials is borne by the customer.

5. Free Warehousing for 1 Month in China or Other Countries

We can provide free storage service for 1 month. If it’s more than 1 month, we will charge for storage fees. The fees are as follows:




Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam:$1/m³/month

Bangkok, Thailand:$2/m³/month

6. Quality Inspection

We will perform inspections according to the testing standards provided by the customer (testing process, sampling rate, report verification requirements), and provide the inspection report, pictures and videos. According to the inspection number and complexity of the inspection, the cost ranges from $150-$500.

7. Product Photograph

We will help with shooting products and designing product leaflets. We won’t charge if it’s less than or equal to 5 pictures. If more than 5 pictures, an extra charge of $10/pic is required. The picture reference is as follows:

8. Cost for Samples and Courier

According to cooperation with customer and the value of the sample itself, we will charge the sample fee as appropriate or provide it free of charge. The international express delivery fee of the sample is borne by customer.

9. Application of Domestic Certification Report

According to the product samples and information provided by the customer, We assist in applying for the corresponding report certification. In addition to the official fee for the report, Ruizhi Sourcing will charge a $50 per service fee for each certification report. The similar application certification report is as follows: FDA/FCC/DOT/UL/CPSC/CE/ENEC/ROHS/GS/BSI/EMC.

10. Logistics and Customs Clearance

We will recommend customers professional logistics company, and provide a list of documents and precautions required for export to different countries.

11. Escort Interpretation

Provide customers with professional interpretation services in different languages for business escort/exhibition participation/business travel accompany and equivalent activities. The fee is charged at $80/day/interpreter (not including board and lodging)

12. Tour Guide Interpretation

Customize travel routes for customers and arrange a professional accompanying interpreter to be responsible for various travel matters such as food, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping, and entertainment for the entire itinerary. Fees start at $100/day/interpreter (excluding board and lodging)

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