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Top 10 China Watch Wholesale Market – Comprehensive Guide

China Watch Market Overview

The Chinese watch industry has witnessed remarkable growth over the past few decades. While Swiss watches have a long and prestigious history, the China watch wholesale market has evolved rapidly.

Today, Chinese watches are more than timekeeping devices, they represent art, culture, and identity. In this article, we will explore the Chinese watch wholesale market, especially in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Guangzhou Watch Wholesale Markets

Guangzhou, known as the center of China’s watch industry, is home to several famous watch wholesale markets. The biggest one in the country is the Guangzhou Watch Wholesale Market located on Zhanxi Road, which has gained worldwide recognition since it started in 1987.

This market caters to watch lovers and businesses from around the globe, providing a vast selection of brands, watch parts, expert watchmakers, advanced manufacturing methods, global shipping services, and a convenient transportation network. It’s the perfect place for international watches wholesale.

1. Zhanxi Watch City(广州站西钟表城)

Zhanxi Watch City in Guangzhou’s Yuexiu District is a central hub for the local watch industry. It’s home to a diverse range of watch shops, offering choices that cater to various budgets and style preferences.

Whether you’re looking for luxury brands or more affordable options, you’ll find a watch that suits your taste right here.

Product Categories: Various types of watches (luxury brands, even cheap styles)

Address: 1st Floor, Yue Ji Commerce Building, 65 Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong

Zhanxi Watch City

2. Southern Watch Trading Center(南方钟表交易中心)

The Southern Watch Trading Center is right in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou. It’s like this super cool spot for trading watches. Loads of watch dealers and peeps looking for watches come here. No matter if you’re a watch lover or someone selling watches, this spot is totally rad to check out.

Product Categories: Extensive selection of watches, ideal for both watch dealers and buyers.

Address: 59 Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong.

Southern Watch Trading Center

3. Zhanxi Kowloon Watch Store(广州站西九龙钟表城)

Zhanxi Kowloon Watch Store is all about those top-notch replica watches. They’ve got a bunch of china watch replicas for you to check out. If you’re on the hunt for some seriously good replicas or classic styles, this is the spot you want to hit up.

Product Categories: High-end replica watches.

Address: Section A, 63 Zhanxi Road.

Zhanxi Kowloon Watch Store

4. New East Watch City(新东方钟表城)

New East Watch City is a great spot for watch lovers and watch experts. It provides a wide range of watch components, ideal for assembling your own timepieces. If you have an interest in watchmaking, this place can satisfy you.

Product Categories: Watch components and assembly tools.

Address: 6 Zhan Xi Lu Bei Jie, Yue Xiu Qu, GuangZhou, Guang Dong

New East Watch City

5. Southern Watch City(南方钟表城)

Southern Watch City, another watch shopping area in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, offers a variety of watch styles and brands. Here, you can explore watches across different price ranges.

Product Categories: Various watch styles and brands.

Address: Near 86 Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong.

Southern Watch City

6. Mong Kok International Watch City(旺角钟表城)

Known for Chinese brands, trending models, and domestically made mechanical watches, Mong Kok International Watch City is a great place to purchase domestically manufactured watches and stylish timepieces. Whatever your preference, you’ll find a wide selection here.

Product Categories: Chinese brands, trending models, and domestically made mechanical watches.

Address: 59 Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong.

Mong Kok International Watch Center

7. New Kowloon Watch Store(新九龙钟表城)

New Kowloon Watch Store offers watch assembly and watch accessories. If you’re interested in assembling your own watches or searching for components, this place can fulfill your needs. It’s a go-to destination for watchmakers.

Product Categories: watch accessories and assembly

Address: 9 Zhanxi North Street, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong.

New Kowloon Watch Store

8. Sanyi International Watch City(三一国际钟表城)

Sanyi International Watch City is a place to source watches with lots of brands and styles to choosefrom. You’ll discover a watch that’s just right for you, whether you prefer a timeless classic or a trendy design.

Product Categories: Various brands and different style of watches

Address: 61 Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong.

Sanyi International Watch City

Shenzhen Watch Markets

1. Huaqiangbei Watch Market(华强北钟表市场)

Shenzhen Huaqiangbei is one of the biggest china watch wholesale markets for all things electronic, nestled in the Futian District of Shenzhen. While it’s famous for its gadgets and gizmos, there are also some cool watch spots hidden among the electronic hustle and bustle.

You’ll find these watch places scattered around different electronic markets and shopping areas. So, if you’re into tech and timepieces, it’s a pretty awesome spot to check out. In Huaqiangbei’s watch markets, you can find a wide range of watch brands and types.

Huaqiangbei Watch Market

Here are some common watch categories:

Product Categories:

– Watch Brands:

In Huaqiangbei, you can select replica watches from big international brands like Rolex, OMEGA, Patek Philippe, and Cartier. Seriously, if you can think of it, Huaqiangbei probably has it, And, apart from those, you’ll come across some cool local brands with super sleek designs.

– Watches for Everyone:

You can find men’s watches, women’s watches, and even couple watches. Select the one that suits your gender and style preferences or consider them as gifts.

– Sports Watches and Fashion Watches:

Whether you’re into sports or want a fashionable look, you’ll find what you need. They’ve got sporty watches with cool features like being waterproof and

shockproof. And, for the fashion-forward, there are plenty of stylish options.

– Price Ranges:

The watch markets in Huaqiangbei have something for every budget. You can snag a watch that won’t break the bank or go all out on a high-end piece. It’s all about what works for you.

Address: Shenzhen Huaqiangbei is situated in the Futian District, and the most prominent electronic markets are concentrated along the Huaqiang Road. It’s a hub with numerous electronic product and accessory markets. In these markets, you can locate watch sellers or dedicated watch markets that offer a variety of watch choices.

2. Shenzhen International Watch City(深圳国际钟表市场)

Product Categories: It primarily deals in watch raw materials, components, and finished products, serving as the country’s largest watch product distribution center.

Address: It is situated in Futian District, near Funan Road, Fuqing Street, Shennan Middle Road, and Fuhong Road.

Shenzhen International Watch City

Can I Find All Replica Watches in China Wholesale Market?

In the Chinese watch wholesale market, you don’t need to worry about not finding the replica watch you desire. Big-name watch replicas like Rolex, OMEGA, Breguet, Patek Philippe,Breitling, Blancpain, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Audemars Piguet, Longines, HUBLOT, TISSOT, TAG,Heuer, and many more are readily available here.These high-quality replica watches come in a wide price range, catering to different preferences based on their level of replication and quality.

How to Verify Quality of Watches in China Wholesale Market?

To assess the quality of the Chinese watch wholesale market, you first need to understand the key components of a watch.

1. Movement:

In the Chinese market, the best watch movements are the ones imported from Switzerland. The next best options are Sea-Gull movements or other factory-assembled movements resembling the ETA2824, offering a power reserve of 42 hours. A step down would be Seiko’s SII movements or the Tianmadu movements produced within local factories. Lastly, there are some lower-end domestically produced movements.

It’s important to note that even if the movements share the same model number, the quality can still vary from different manufacturers.

We can use some simple methods to determine the quality of a watch movement:

– Rotate the crown and adjust the hands to check if it moves smoothly. If it feels stiff, it suggests a lack of precision.

– Observe whether the minute hand aligns with the hour hand at 12 o’clock. Any deviation can indicate the movement’s precision.

– Continue turning the crown for 24 hours and check if the date changes smoothly.

– When the automatic rotor is hanging down naturally, give it a vertical shake. If it moves smoothly, it indicates good flexibility.

2. Case Material:

The material of the watch case also impacts the price. There is a wide variety of materials, including zinc alloy, stainless steel, PVC, plastic, silicone, copper, and tungsten steel. Among these, stainless steel is the most common material for watch cases. Stainless steel has various categories, such as 904L stainless steel and 316 stainless steel. 904L stainless steel is an upgraded version in terms of hardness and corrosion resistance compared to 316 stainless steel.

However, 316 stainless steel remains the most widely used in the watch market. These materials are all alloy metals.To ensure good quality, the composition of the material is crucial. Additionally, the finishing processes like polishing, chamfering, and fine brushing play a significant role in bringing out the texture of the watch case.

3. Bezel:

First, the watch bezel’s edge should be smoothed and rounded. Next, we need to examine the fit between the bezel and the watch case. Excessive gaps in this connection can significantly diminish the overall quality of the watch.

4. Dial:

Watch dials come in various materials, including metal dials, mother-of-pearl dials, enamel dials, and carbon fiber dials. A watch dial typically consists of three parts: hour markers, hands, and the dial base.

The hour markers indicate the time, and the hands point to these markers. The dial base serves as the dial’s support. In mechanical watches, the hands and hour markers should align accurately, as this is crucial for precise timekeeping.

You can assess the accuracy of a mechanical watch by observing the alignment of the hands with the hour markers. Examine the watch dial for clarity of the hands, hour markers, numerals, and other markings. Check for any rough edges, fuzziness, or imperfections to determine the quality and condition of the dial.

5. Watch strap’s material:

Watch straps come in various materials, including leather, metal, and silicone. Metal bands are quite common. Let’s focus on assessing the quality of metal watch bands. For a bracelet-style watch band, it should have the right balance between being snug and comfortable. The band’s clasp should offer a good level of elasticity.

Next, check the band’s coating – it should have an even and glossy finish with consistent color. Make sure there’s no excessive reflection. Inspect any patterns or textures on the band’s surface. They should be clear, well-arranged, and free from any irregularities.

Finally, try the watch on your wrist directly to ensure it’s comfortable and breathable.


Q: Is It Legal to Buy Replica Watches from China?

In China, purchasing counterfeit watches is not inherently illegal, but manufacturing and selling counterfeit watches can potentially involve a series of crimes related to intellectual property rights infringement, such as:

– Counterfeiting registered trademarks

– Selling products with counterfeit registered trademarks

– Selling infringing china watch replicas

– Counterfeiting patents

– Violating trade secrets

Q: Where is the Chinese watch production center?

The production hub for Chinese watches primarily concentrates in Dongguan, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen in Guangdong, as well as Zhangzhou and Xiamen in Fujian. While domestic watch brands in China are still somewhat lacking compared to international giants, China has established itself as a significant player in the watch industry.

It accounts for 40% of the global annual watch production and 60% of the national watch export, with Shenzhen being a key contributor. Shenzhen has now become the largest center in China for watch production and export.

The Shenzhen watch market is huge, existing to nearly 1,000 watch companies, producing approximately 817 million watches annually with a total output value of 11.5 billion RMB. In the Guangzhou watch wholesale markets, the focus lies more on manufacturing low- to mid-range OEM watches or various imitation brands. For example, the Guangzhou Railway Station area is a significant marketplace for low-end and imitation watches. In Dongguan, the primary focus is on the processing and production of watch components, such as straps, cases, and dials.

Fujian began watch manufacturing relatively early and has a relatively comprehensive industrial chain related to watches. This region hosts a considerable number of watch brand factories. As one of China’s renowned tourist and leisure cities, Xiamen also has its own wholesale watch market. In Xiamen, you can find some small-scale wholesale watch markets, like the Caicuo Gang Business District, primarily selling fashionable accessories like branded wristbands, watches, and sunglasses.

Moreover, there are some professional consumers interested in watch design and craftsmanship who prefer shopping at artistic and high-quality watch boutiques. Consequently, the Xiamen market has also become one of the convergence points for fashion and art. Zhangzhou has emerged as a typical and core area for the watch industry in Fujian. It is one of the production and sales bases for Chinese electronic quartz clocks and the world’s largest production base for mid- to low-end quartz watches. Zhangzhou produces over 60% of domestic products in this category, approximately 30% of similar products globally. Their quartz clock movement production accounts for 50% of the national market and 25% of the global market. The watch production represents 10% of the national market and 3% of the global market. Over 90% of the products are exported, covering 165 countries and regions.


China Watch Wholesale Market, particularly in places like Guangzhou and Shenzhen, offers a wide range of watches, from luxury to affordable options. These markets are perfect for both watch enthusiasts and retailers, providing various types, styles, and prices. So, whether you’re looking for a classic or modern watch, you can find the perfect one here. These markets are great places to explore the world of watches in China. If you’re lost in these watch wholesale markets, feel free to contact Ruizhi sourcing, a professional sourcing company based in shenzhen.

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