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With 13 years accumulation of supply chain resources and 10 years experience as sourcing agent focus on product engineering solution, RUIZHI Sourcing has been providing customers with professional and reliable product engineering services, and is committed to becoming the industry's top China professional sourcing agent on product engineering service.


Corporate Culture


Trust is the core of our corporate culture. Employees trust each other; employees and boss trust each other; suppliers and RUIZHI Sourcing trust each other; customers and RUIZHI Sourcing also trust each other. Trust is the starting point for cooperation.


Professionalism is the foundation of customer trust. Because of the professionalism of our team in process management and service to customer, the customers we have worked with believe that we are professional enough to meet their high product specifications and enable customers to focus more on the product design / sales.

Customer Priority: 

RUIZHI Sourcing is a professional purchasing agent. The core of a purchasing agent is to provide professional service; products/services are intermediaries that connect us and customers. The customer-first culture is to solve problems beyond customer expectations and to provide customers with better solutions and services from customer’s perspective with the professional knowledges we have. 


Corporate Mission:

Achieve customers and grow together

Customer first; create ultimate service experience; always bear customer in mind, and think from customer’s perspective;

Understand customer needs accurately; provide solutions that exceed customer expectation.

Bear in mind with advanced service awareness; understand customer needs from the perspective of customer development; Motivate customers forward to help on customers success.

As when customers grow, RUIZHI Sourcing will grow at the same time.

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