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Ruizhisourcing Custom Bag for Zendira

Exported Country: United States
Customer: Independent e-commerce client Zendira
Delivery Time: 50 days
  • The interlayer/front bag of the handbag cannot be closed
  • The technology of the hand-held band and logo printed on the button of the inner bag is blurry
  • Shoulder strap should be anti-breaking and firm


Apr/01 2021
The product was successfully delivered in three months, our client launched this product at their independent web station

After three months of communication among Ruizhi sourcing, the factory, and client, we finished the proofing process and confirmation of samples. And the production took 50 days.

Media reports after this bag was launched:

       Zendira official website   

                       Zendira media report


Nov/23 2021
Zendira inquired Ruizhi Sourcing for a customized hand bag

Background: In America, the offline stores and e-commerce retail stores band Zendira that sell high-grade lady’s bags were purchasing products and raw materials from Mexico and Europe before.

But clients began to source from China causing the problem of quality control and production cycle. So Ruizhi Sourcing took over this project.

Nov/25 2021
Clients inquired for customized hand bag

Zendira’s requirements as following:


The specific requirements of this lady’s handbag: Using the whole effect picture to demonstrate the details of the product.

1. Material of the handbag: the first layer is 100% cowhide, the inner layer is 100% polyester

2. Hardware: Zinc Alloy, Color: Light Gold

3. LOGO: Printed Color: Light Color

4. Zipper: RIRI Zipper, Europe Brand

Chat record Bag details Client’s requirement
Dec/05 2021
Finding factory that fitting the client’s technology requirements in our supplier bank and communicating with them.

Ruizhi sourcing Jessica communicated with the supplier (Ruizhi sourcing has inspected three manufacturers and chosen the most suitable) about the proofing details, technology requirements, and potential difficulties.

Dec/08 2021
After communicating with factory, Ruizhi hold a internal meeting to discussing the order details and difficulties.

After communicating with the factory and discussing the details with the client, our team meeting to analyze how we need to solve the following difficulties:


First: The difficulty of making the handbag interlayer

Difficulty: in terms of putting the computer safely: there must be an outer invisible bag on the other side of the hand computer bag’s interlayer

Solution: Make a sewing bag close to area B, put the computer in area A, and the pistol in area C will be put in a closed magnet bag with a horizontally stitched ribbon, which will depart the holster compartment and computer compartment.


Second: the front bag can not be closed tightly.

Problem Point: If putting a computer in the front bag, the bag will collide with the holster, which will cause the front bag magnet to be weak and cannot be closed.

Solution: Using three pairs of magnets plus steel sheets, a strong magnet, and a round shape, the stitching method is the same as the square shape.


Third: Difficulty in making the hand-held band

Problem Point: in terms of technology – the handheld band needs to add fillers or strengthen hardness.

Solution: Put a rubber hose into the hand band to fix it, which ensures the three-dimensional sense and aesthetics.


Fourth: Difficulties in making the internal bag button

Problem Point: In terms of Logo making: The printed logo font is blurred and will occur partitions and superpositions among the characters.

Solution: Widen 3cm to the button, and enlarge the logo according to the proportion of the button. Making the logo bulge to increase the effect.


Fifth: Difficulty of making the back hostler

Problem Point: In terms of the holster stitching: If sewing a ribbon in the inner lining, the ribbon will also be pulled out when we pull the inner lining out.

Solution: the inner lining which is connected by the ribbon needs to be connected with the bag’s bottom or fixed with the bottom, otherwise will be unable to pull out the pistol easily because of the loosening inner lining.


Sixth: Difficulty in making the shoulder strap and mountaineering buckle

Problem Point: In terms of the shoulder strap – Break-proof and firm

Solution: Filling EVA cotton and metal steel wire bar into the shoulder strap, making the appearance convex inside, thus cannot break easily.

Problem Point: In terms of the mountaineering buckle: too normal, weak in anti-theft, and the hardware button is too small.

Solution: Change to the hardware button with lock, anti-theft and looks high grade. Dimension 5.8*3.2cm


Seventh: Difficulty of the package:

Problem Point: In terms of packaging and shipping – the high-grade handbag will be crushed if the single box is too heavy, and also the products that squeeze each other during the shipment will be damaged.

Solution: Stuffing the handbag with paper to prevent extrusion, packing each handbag with a non-woven bag, 10pcs/box to ensure that the handbag not be damaged during the shipment.

Dec/20 2021
Customer manager Tiven of Ruizhi souricng confirmed every details of the handbag and prepared to proofing the first edition sample

Customer manager Tiven and Purchase manager Jessica got touch with the handbag supplier, hold a meeting to discuss the material, technology details, then set down the solution and prepared for the first edition sample.

Jan/13 2022
The first edition sample matched the design drawing for 97%, client was very satisfactory

The first edition samples were proofed within 12 days. The material, color, hardware color, accessories and the whole structure of the handbag met the client’s requirements and matched the design drawing for like 97%. Our client confirmed the samples by video chat firstly and we DHL the samples to America for clients to confirm again.


Apr/23 2022
The client feels satisfied with the samples and officially orders to Ruizhi sourcing

After receiving the samples, the client felt very satisfied, and ordered to Ruizhi sourcing with the requirement of delivered to the designated forwarder within 50days.

Jun/02 2022
Arrange for the factory to issue orders for production, we follow up the production process, carry out random inspection and shipments.

Arranged product inspection in the factory, after the random inspection was finished, notified the factory to ship the goods, and prepared the relative export information for customs declaration and shipment.

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