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Custom Keychains for Amazon Seller

Exported Country: United State
Customer: Amazon Seller
Delivery Time: 78days
Must adapt to the ever-changing requirements of clients, and strive to achieve a balance between high quality requirements and short delivery period.


Aug/03 2022
Amazon Client Vantamo Wanted Ruizhi Sourcing to Help Them Source A Keychain and Keyring to Match Their Personal Alarm Product.

On Aug. 3, 2022, Amazon seller client Vantamo need to find a keychain and keyring to sell with a personal alarm (personal alarm). At this stage, the customer has no requirements for shape, size and material, but only requires a simple style. The Amazon competitors reference style is as follows:

Competitors Keychain Keyring

Before this case, Ruizhi sourcing also helped clients with sourcing safety cutter, read more to study this case.

Aug/09 2022
We Start to Source Suppliers According to The Customer's Request

According to the customer’s request, we found 9 factories to quote prices, and ordered samples from 6 factories. Complete the form keychain suppliers list, bellow is the suppliers’ list.

The customer does not have a target price at this time, but there are unwanted styles,

Evaluate customer preferences-The design should be simple and the key chain made of brass:

Follow this direction to find as many products of size and shape as possible, and purchase samples.

After receiving the samples one after another, take sample photos and test videos to customers according to customer requirements, the test video is mainly to see whether it is easy to open and buckle, and use sandpaper friction test (scratch test) to test whether it is easy to fade.

  1. At first, it was thought that sandpaper could cause obvious scratches on all metal surfaces, whether iron, copper or zinc alloy. Later, more samples were tested and found that copper (natural color, non-electroplating) was relatively friction-resistant. scratches and discoloration are less obvious than electroplated surfaces, and in electroplating color, frosted black is the most wear-resistant surface treatment color.

According to the quality of the sample and the situation of the factory, select and recommend more suitable suppliers to customers.

2. further clarify the color and size requirements.

At this stage, customers specify the color and size they want to buy: champagne powder (champagne pink), rose gold (rose gold).

Shape and size: small elliptical copper buckle 60mm length.

According to this request, re-inquire and confirm the delivery date, and arrange proofing.

Many factories do not want to do or do not have the ability to do these two-color products, after screening to find the following factories.

When looking for suppliers to inquire and proofing, we not only need to find the manufacturers in the supplier list, but also need to constantly look for new suppliers. Dongguan MiZ is one of the new manufacturers.

After getting samples from these four suppliers, follow the previous process to take pictures, take videos, do tests and provide simple test reports to customers.

MZ-pink MZ-Ros Gold Leeton_Rose gold Lvoduff_pink Jiawo_Rose

3. the product size requirements have changed.

According to the customer’s request, send the samples received to them for inspection, including the previous samples of copper keychains and the rose gold and champagne 60mm oval keychains received later.

After receiving the sample, the customer thinks that the key chain is too wide and wants to look for a narrower product: 20-25mm width.

According to this request of customers, start a new round of product inquiry and proofing, the difficulty of this stage is that 60x30mm is the standard size of most products on the market, if you need smaller size (custom size) products, many factories need to reopen abrasives (charge for grinding tools), or adjust abrasives (charge for adjusting machines), only a few factories have spot abrasives and spot samples.

After consulting nearly 20 factories, eight factories were selected to purchase samples according to cost, proofing cycle and other factors, but only copper samples were purchased due to time constraints (please refer to attachment: smaller size oval keychain samples)

Repeat the previous process after receiving the sample: take photos, videos and simple test reports, and take a lot of photos together with the alarm according to the customer’s request. Please refer to the attached photo.

Send samples of small key chains to customers according to customer requirements.

Oct/25 2022
Order Confirmed.

1, first of all, we identified the supplier: Dongguan MZ hardware. It was mentioned earlier that several factories have also made samples of rose gold and champagne powder, but from the appearance and quality (whether the color is good-looking, whether the plating is smooth and does not fall off, whether the lock is easy to unscrew, etc.), the samples of MZ hardware are much better than the other several.

2. In terms of size, the client is still struggling. After getting the small size sample (20-25mm width key chain), the client thinks that the width needs to be adjusted a little wider. During this period, he took a lot of photos and videos, and after communicating with the factory many times, the customer finally decided that the key chain size is: 60x28mm.

3. Confirm the color of the product.

Due to the urgent needs of the customers, we plan to make a copper key chain, because there is no need for electroplating color, which saves a lot of time.

But later, the customer really liked the two colors of champagne powder and rose gold. He thought that the color of the sample provided by MZ hardware was very beautiful, and there was no key chain of these two colors on the market (indeed, it was basically copper, chrome and black), so he insisted on doing these two colors.

On the issue of delivery time, after communicating with the factory for many times, the factory determined that it could be rushed to shorten the delivery time. As a result, several key issues such as the supplier, color, size and delivery date of this order have been basically determined.

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