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LRG Batman Bluetooth Speaker

Exported Country: ENGLAND & EU
Customer: E-commerce
Delivery Time: 20 days
Ⅰ. The problem of discoloration of Bluetooth speaker mesh.
II. The problem of the logo coming off slightly when tested with 3M tape.
iii. The problem of batteries not being marked with a capacity code on the surface.


Dec/15 2021
Clent LRG‘s Background

Client background: LRG International is a multi-award winning, environmentally friendly, global marketing and sales promotions business. It partners with a diverse range of companies across a spectrum of industries, supporting both their domestic and global marketing strategies through a wide variety of engaging merchandise, bespoke POS and creative brand solutions. It works with Ruizhi Sourcing mainly to do customization of film peripherals.

As the product range expanded, the company needed a comprehensive service company that could truly understand the Chinese supply chain market and effectively process and follow up on orders, so Ruizhi Sourcing became a trusted long-term partner for LRG.


Feb/08 2022
The Products Were Successfully Delivered Within 25 Days, Launched by The Client on A Standalone Website.

After almost one month of the tripartite communication (Ruizhi Sourcing – factory – client) as well as the proofing, sample confirmation and production, the product was successfully launched. The link to media coverage of the product after its launch is as follows:

Dec/15 2021
LRG Inquired Us about Bluetooth Speakers

LRG wanted to do branded customization on a speaker. Based on the styles provided by the client, we screened similar Bluetooth speaker styles that fit the client’s price requirements.

The client finally settled on a Bluetooth speaker that looks excellent and is more cost-effective and decided to do a custom appearance development on this speaker.

Jan/05 2022
Client's Order Creation: Arranging Speaker Proofing, Logo Output and Mailing to UK Client for Confirmation

We identified a supplier (Shenzhen **** Electronics Co.) and arranged speaker proofing and logo customization, finished proofing, and mailed it to LRG for confirmation after the self-test.

Feb/18 2022
Instruction Manual Needed to Be Customized.

As this is a customized Bluetooth speaker, We would need to help with the design, customization and proofing of the corresponding manual.

Jan/20 2022
Quality Inspection with Third Party

Due to the tight delivery schedule requested by the client, we communicated with the factory and adopted a two-shift production line to ensure that the production was completed within the 15-day work cycle, and at the same time, the client arranged for the third-party shipment inspection service provider V-Trust to carry out the inspection.

Feb/10 2022
Production Problem and Solutions

We received the V-Trust inspection report from the client and the first inspection failed. According to QC’s inspection results and after reviewing with the factory, several difficulties needed to be addressed.

Ⅰ. The problem of discoloration of Bluetooth speaker mesh.

Cause analysis: On that day, the wrap cloth had just been sprayed with oil and the workers did not wait for the mesh to dry before carrying out production boxing and packaging sealing. The mesh could not dry in time, resulting in color loss when wiping the mesh.

Solution: Wait for the mesh to dry before using it for production to avoid this happening again.

II. The problem of the logo coming off slightly when tested with 3M tape.
Logo is not dry Normal

Cause analysis: The logo was only printed on the last day, and due to the rush, didn’t wait for logo to dry out.

Solution: Wait for the transfer logo to completely dry before using it for production to avoid this happening again.

iii. The problem of batteries not being marked with a capacity code on the surface.
No Capacity Code Modified

Cause analysis: Due to the urgency of the order, the battery factory inserted a line for rush production without printing codes.

Solution: The fact that the batteries were not marked with a capacity code was stressed with the battery factory and the subsequent orders must be shipped with a capacity code.

iv. The problem with cracks on the surface of 2 keys.

Cause analysis: The rubber oil on the surface of the key was not sprayed evenly.

Solution: We would arrange for self-inspection at the workstation and train our back-end staff to pay more attention to this detail, so that defective keys could be picked out and prevented from flowing into the next process.

The above problems were arranged to be solved by the factory, and the second inspection was successfully passed on Jan,25th 2022.

Jan/28 2022
Second Inspection Passed and Shippment.

After the sales manager Tiven sent a proforma invoice to the client to arrange the final payment and shipping costs, delivery was arranged by air from Shenzhen warehouse.


Lesson1: Just because a sample is confirmed to be OK by the client doesn’t mean it’s OK, it needs to be checked internally by Ruizhi Sourcing.

Because most clients will only check the appearance and functionality of the sample, and will not go into detail to check the internal product. This requires that when we do our self-inspection, a series of elements including appearance, function, external packaging, screen printing, etc. are fully inspected. We have also added screen printing of batteries in our electronic accessories to our shipping self-inspection list to prevent similar problems from happening again.

Lesson2: Problems occur where we think they will be the least likely to occur. Because of the rush to ship, the spray oil on the screen-printed logo was packed without drying.

Fast is slow, slow is fast. We cannot compromise with our client just because they are on a tight delivery schedule. Quality problems are bound to arise when production processes are violated. In the future, we will try not to compress time in production when communicating with our clients about delivery dates.

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