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Die Casting

- Key Part in Process of Customized Product

Die Casting——Don’t worry about

Are you looking for die casting services? But also worried about the quality of the process or the convergence issue with other processes factories. Then we are your best choice. Our factory background advantage helps a lot of European and American clients have successfully customized many of their initial concept products, and there are many cases, such as zinc alloy die casting smartwatch shells, Lead-tin alloy trophies, magnesium-aluminum alloy mobile phone frames, and zinc alloy red wine bottle base, etc.

In the structured product development process, the most important is the product implementation part, that is prototyping and engineering verification, both of which involve product engineering, and here will involve the die casting services, Die Casting is an important process of some hardware product development. and is also what Ruizhi sourcing is good at.

What We Do?

If you choose our service, we will tell us the service process and communicate with you about the product you want to customize. Related to the details and problem points of the die casting process.

When your customized product involves die casting, we will help you select the die casting factory that is suitable for your product material. Will arrange tripartite communication to optimize the product design from the production point of view so as to meet your cost budget and factory mass production standards. Quote, negotiate the optimal price, develop quality inspection standards, Ruizhi Sourcing follow up the die casting process of product parts to ensure that mass-produced products are consistent with what you want to customize, our role is to free up your time and spend more time on product function optimization and marketing.

What Materials Have We Made of Die Casting?

From zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, copper, and so on, the die casting process involves a lot of materials, what kind of products need what kind of materials? What should these materials pay attention to when making die casting? Need to have rich production experience and good product awareness.

Ruizhi Sourcing has customized a lot of products, for example, grocery stores, suitcases, backpacks, Bluetooth speakers of electronic products, and even smartwatches are all involved. Don’t worry about our die casting service, experience, and quality standards, you should be more concerned about whether your product creativity can impress consumers.

Zinc Alloy
Titanium Alloy
Aluminum Alloy

What Is Die Casting

Die casting is a manufacturing process in which molten metal is poured or forced into steel molds. The molds—tools or dies—are created using steel and specially designed for each project. This allows each component to be created with accuracy and repeatability.

Die Casting Cases

Thanks to 6 years of factory production experience, we have a lot of production experience and cases on die casting, according to your product design and appearance we will recommend suitable die casting materials for you and the following are some classic die casting cases that we help our clients customize.

Die Casting Manufacturing Details

After 10 years of product development, our team worked with the die casting factories in the factory inspection and product development process, we shot a series of knowledge videos about the die casting process, type, application field, and so on. I hope you can learn about die casting process through these videos and our die casting service.

FQA About Die Casting Service in China

Maybe you still have questions about the die casting services,
Our process expert Tiger Wu answers the below questions
which always asked by our clients

Why Choose China Die Casting Serives?

The main advantage of choosing die casting services in China is that the manufacturing cost is low (labor cost and scale advantage), and the quality matches the manufacturing level of Europe and America. Since 2015, China manufacturers have become more professional and more competitive in the manufacture of die castings. Chinese manufacturers account for 55% of the global die-casting market.

Why Die Casting Is Used?

Die casting is often used to decorate hardware and many other small parts, as well as parts for the automotive industry, especially materials such as zinc alloy, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, and so on.

We can find that die-casting parts can be found in many things; you may not realize that they are made of die-casting metal. For example, locks and gears are common finished products. Other examples include screws, toys, door handles, watch cases, golf clubs, and general engineering castings. Die castings themselves can also be directly molded into products that require the strength of seamless metal parts, such as faucets and pump handles.

What Is Die Casting Pros And Cons?

1. High production efficiency. Allows easy production of thin-walled parts and internal components that require high precision standards.
2. Low-cost manufacturing process is especially suitable for mass production.
3. Low-cost post-processing operation because the manufactured parts have a good surface finish.

1. Manufacturing difficulties are encountered in manufacturing large parts.
2. Depending on the complexity of the parts, cycle production can take a long time.
3. It is easy to cause gas blockage and lead to looseness of castings.

Where Are The Die Casting Manufacturers Distributed in China?

China die-casting manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu Province, Shanghai, and other areas. The first three provinces account for 78% of the number of die casting enterprises in China.

Why Choose Ruizhi Sourcing to Do Die Casting Service?

1. Ruizhi Sourcing’s predecessor has worked as a factory background and die casting service expert, understands the factory die casting process production and management, easier to communicate with the factory.
2. Your products are not only die casting, but also involve other processes. Ruizhi sourcing does multiple process docking and management, which will reduce a lot of your communication time and costs.
3. Ruizhi Sourcing has professional processes to get our clients the best price, quality, and lead time.

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