In the era of global e-commerce, dropshipping customer service is needed everywhere. Driven by demand, Ruizhi Sourcing has gradually derived this function. We manage to accomplish the whole system including customer service for dropshipping. From product selection to logistics, all issues, we will carefully handle for you. We have focused on customer service in the dropshipping area for over 5 years. 

Equipped with the foundation of dropshipping customer service,, Ruizhi Sourcing will go far and far away in the sourcing area and try our best to serve customers around the world as much as possible. 

Choose Ruizhi, choose worry-free. 

product information-Ruizhi sourcing

You sends the specific demands:

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of demands:

A. You provides the links of a specific product which will show the relative appearance, parameters, and reference price, our sourcing team conducts thorough research within 1-2 days.

B. You provides categories or sales methods such as target customers and sales channels. Then we integrate relative information to give suitable suggested options of the required category to them within 1-2 days. 


Sample collection, photography

After collecting the relative information according to the requirements provided by you, we began to prepare to integrate the samples from various channels. Samples would be chosen through strict standards. 

Our sourcing team is the first hurdle to examining whether the samples have passed. Then we will collect sample details and send them to you for confirmation. 


Product quality analysis regarding end-sales.

Usually, product quality analysis will consider both the advantages and disadvantages. 

Our team members will do thorough research on the market, volume, demand, competitiveness, and some other relative parameters to analyze whether such products are competitive in the market. 


Negotiate with factories.

In a truly worth-free dropshipping customer service, negotiation with the factories is necessary. It’s an effective way to protect the your profit. Through negotiation, we can refine the MOQ, product categories, and some other details about the order. 


Packaging design

Attractive packaging is also the key to the sale of products. The integrity of the product is not limited to the product itself, but to every detail from the packaging to the kernel. 


Brand protection and underwriting support

You don’t need to worry about your brand or your IP when you work with Ruizhi sourcing, we will absolutely respect the originality and provide underwriting support.


Multiple SKU labeling services

Multiple SKU management maybe a headache for you when you want to sell products in a variety of different categories. If the label management is not careful, it is easy to cause different goods to be mixed together. 

Our dropshipping service includes SKU labeling service which can help you solve this problem. 


Free warehouse rent

We can provide you with one month's minimum free warehouse rent for every order. And you can choose to extend the inventory time and expand the inventory area and pay the corresponding fee. 


Packing, picking, and putting on shelves

With dropshipping service, you don’t have to worry about every step. We will escort your goods all the way.


Link for distribution system for shop

You order goods from a supplier and you receive orders from your customers, then you will have your account “clash” and don’t need to handle other trivial things. We will deliver the goods for you. 


After-sale support

Our team will serve you with a series of after-sales problems, such as damaged packaging, damaged goods, untimely arrival, and so on. After-sale support details please refer to “After-Sale”.


How do we do dropshipping?

Through this article, you will learn more about our dropshipping workflow.