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  • Gifts-set-for-OPPO-Reno8-pro-1

Explosive gifts set for the launch of new OPPO RENO8 & RENO8 PRO phones in Malaysia

Exported Country: Malaysia
Customer: OPPO Malaysia
Delivery Time: 25days
  • Provide door-to-door service for customers to solve logistics problems.
  • The shipping budget exceeds the client’s budget
  • Difficulties with delivery times


May/13 2022
OPPO RENO 8 & RENO8 PRO gifts set case description

Background: Ruizhi sourcing was accepted as a new qualified supplier by OPPO Malaysia in May 2022, and it coincided with the release of the new RENO8 / RENO8 PRO by OPPO Malaysia on 19 May 2022 to meet the demand for explosive gifts. This was the first time for us to participate in the preparation of OPPO explosive gifts in Malaysia.

The quantity required was 40,000 pieces (RENO8 30000 SET/RENO8 PRO 10000SET). The product budget was RM50 for RENO8 and RM ***-***for RENO8 PRO, and the direction of the gift selection was oriented towards a mobile phone image theme for the program.

Jun/06 2022
Deliver goods on time according to customer requirements

Results: After 20 days, on June 6, 2021, the project selected a single-axis gimbal + fan package for the RENO8 gifts set, a dual-axis gimbal + fan package for the RENO8PRO gifts set, and then an official order was formed. And all of them were delivered to the customer before July 29. The gifts are paired with sales of the new Reno8 products at customer terminals and had been well received.

Event Site Retail Store
Official Poster Media Report

Effect presentation and chain effect: From the output of the RENO8 and RENO8 PRO explosive gift program to the finalization, the client expressed unanimous satisfaction. In this regard, the client’s administration department contacted our company and needed our cooperation to produce the internal staff gift box program for the 9th anniversary of the client’s company in 2023.

Chat Record Gift Set Design Draft

Case background: After the successful output of RENO8 and RENO8 PRO project, the client’s administration department contacted us to collaborate on the production of the internal staff gift box case for the 9th anniversary of the client’s company in 2023.

Aug/22 2022
An overall review of this difficult project

1.Client Malaysia OPPO demand output and our information output.

Requirement elements:

  • Use: For RENO8 new mobile phone explosive gift
  • Quantity: ***** SET
  • Budget: **-**MYR

Initial selection range:

Option 1. Photo printer, film, data cable

Option 2. Mobile phone stand, microphone



Internal input of customer requirements, preparation of products, and collation of product documentation in the ruizhi sourcing team, one week later ruizhi sourcing output

the first version of the selection scheme to the client,

Overview of the first version of the client’s gift set scheme: product categories are as follows: in accordance with the client’s selection direction guidelines, we output two versions of information product categories. They are mainly the follow-up on the Cloud Terrace, hand-held stand, live-to-fill light and fans with OPPO mark, Bluetooth speakers, data cable, Bluetooth headphones, eye protection instrument, and other 3C products. The materials will be output in a combination of individual items and gift packages.

2. After outputting the first version of gifts set scheme, the results were presented after internal discussion by the clients.


Client’s selection results Program discussion Sample output

3. Order details: RENO8 Gift Package *****PCS   Programme: Single axis gimbal + fan

RENO8PRO Gift Package *****PCS   Programme: Dual axis gimbal + fan

4. Internal conversion of customer orders

Jun/06 2022
Communicate a series of problems of production scheduling with suppliers

We had initial conversations with two long-standing factories in the company’s supplier pool about the details of the products to be confirmed and the process requirements and possible difficulties.

Cloud Terrace Supplier: Shenzhen *** Technology Co.

Fan supplier: Shenzhen *** Electronics Co.

Color Box Supplier: ***Printing (Shenzhen) Co.

Freight Forwarding Supplier: Shenzhen *** Freight Forwarding Co.

Jun/07 2022
RENO8 Gift Package and RENO8PRO Gift Package pre-production meeting

RENO8 Gift Package and RENO8PRO Gift Package pre-production meeting

After discussing with the factory and communicating details with the client, the team met to discuss and analyze the problems encountered by the client in the early stages of production and the pre-production assessment and found the following difficult issues to be resolved.

A. Shipping budget exceeds client’s budget

The client requested that the order be double cleared including tax to the warehouse. The client recommended the freight forwarder to quote RMB 49,500/40HQ, which was apportioned to each gift package for RMB 5.4/PCS. The product and packaging price was optimized to reach the client’s budget. But the shipping cost should also be apportioned to each product, so each product should be controlled to RMB 4.5/PSC in order to reach the client’s budget, so as to complete this order generation. After comparing quotations from many freight forwarders, we found a long-term Malay line freight forwarder which also has long-term strategic cooperation with our company. Our two companies met and agreed on RMB4100/40HQ, which was apportioned to 4.48 RMB/PCS for each package, and the shipping cost accounting reached the client’s expectation.

B. Difficulties with delivery times

1. As the gift packages were gifts to go with the explosive phones and the RENO8/RENO8 PRO models were released at the same time, so the client requested that the two gift packages need to be stocked in the first batch at the same time.

Solutions: The following split delivery schedule was worked out after communication with the client.

2.There was an uncontrollable risk of client’s requirements for the timing of explosive gifts entering the warehouse, and there are problems with container drop, delays in sailing and queues for customs clearance for all recent cabinets, and these three links are beyond their own control.

Solutions: Due to the uncontrollable time point in terms of transportation, we communicated with the Cloud Terrace/fan/color box factory about the need to advance the delivery time of the finished product by three days on the basis of the original one, while ensuring the quality. The color box factory added one line of production to the original two lines, i.e. two lines for RENO8 and one line for RENO8 PRO. From 23 June to 25 June, the fan factory added a line for pre-processing to the existing one for assembly. The Cloud Terrace factory added an extra assembly line to the production line from June 23 to June 25 from the original two lines, two lines for the RENO8 single-axis gimbal and one line for the RENO8 PRO dual-axis gimbal. The finished packing and sealing line was operated on day and night shifts for three days from June 23 to June 25, with the day shift led by Mr. Zhang, the workshop supervisor, and the night shift led by Mr. Yang, the production manager. One person was on duty for each day and night shift. With the close cooperation of the three partners, the first two 40HQ containers were loaded and shipped three days ahead of schedule on the basis of the original delivery date and entered the customer’s warehouse on July 19. The remaining two 40HQ containers and the remaining number of containers were put into the client’s warehouse in batches before July 29. As a result, the order was fulfilled as scheduled.

C. Fan trim parts and accessories could well presented OPPO elements

1. The image of the Xiao Ou doll in the middle of the fan needed to be printed in green in accordance with the OPPO green spot color 349C.

Solutions: The Xiao Ou doll sticker printing would be developed in conjunction with the printer for spot color printing, and for 349C spot color, spot color inks would be used.

2. The color synchronization of the fan plating accessories needed to be carried out in accordance with OPPO green spot color 349C.

Solutions: The regular OPPO green printing process is relatively accurate and easy to use. For the color of the plated parts, our company, together with the fan factory and the plating factory of our partner, met and discussed the following operation: The plating factory sent the 349C color card to the paint factory for oil mixing. The paint factory made 5 color mixing samples to confirm if the color was OK. Our company confirmed the quality on-site throughout the whole process and sent the samples to the customer to confirm if it was OK. When fan parts were shipped out for plating, our dedicated quality personnel confirmed whether the color was correct from the first to the last part. We participated in the whole process to ensure that the color was correct.

Jun/16 2022
Confirmation of packaging design drawings

Based on the elements of the customer’s mobile phone itself, we created a color box design for the two gift packages, and after confirming this, we arranged for a prototype and sent to Malaysia for confirmation. After the prototype was confirmed okay on 16 June, we then immediately arranged to prepare the materials for production.

OPPO Reno8 gifts set package design OPPO Reno8 PRO gifts set package design
Jun/28 2022
Supervise production and spot check of shipments

We went to the factory to inspect the goods, prepared shipping-related documents, and communicated with the freight forwarder on shipping matters.

OPPO Reno8 gifts set shipments inspection OPPO Reno8 Pro gifts set shipments inspection
Jun/30 2022
Loading and shipping

Pictures of shipments and CE certification information and product patent information attached.

Mass production Loading and shipment
Patent certificate CE Certification
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