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Q How do I change the address on my shipment?

If the order status is not "Shipped" or "Processing," you can change the address by clicking on the edit icon in the "Actions" column. Once the order is open, select the "Shipping address" tab and update any information that is needed. Click "Save" and yo

Q What does it mean if I see "billing information received" or "electronic shipping information received"?

If you see either of these two shipping messages, the shipping company has received your information and tracking number but your package has not been scanned in their facility yet. Wait a day or two and see if the problem resolves itself.

Q What if my order is lost or damaged?

If your order is lost or damaged, we will file a claim for you. If you are sending us a package through your own shipper, you will need to file the claim with them.

Q How long does it take for my order to go out after you receive it?

RuiZhi fills all orders within 24 hours of receipt, provided they are approved to ship. Shipments will not be processed on Sundays, holidays, or during any event that would cause a facility to close (acts of God, severe inclement weather, etc.). However,

Q How do we need to notify ChinaDivision when we are sending our inventory to one of the ChinaDivision warehouses?

Send an ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice). It will inform ChinaDivision of how many units we will be receiving from your supplier. An ASN is electronic information concerning a single shipment of movable units sent to a WMS from suppliers and sent from a WMS

Q Where do you have warehouses?

One of our warehouse is located in Shenzhen of China, a neighbor city of Hong Kong, which is very convenient for handling exports,also we have warehouse is located in Guangzhou,Vietnam,Thailand.

Q What's policy for Small business, medium or large business?

For small businessIf. You can invest over $500 in a product, we can help you find a factory to make your products, customize packaging, and achieve your brand dreams For medium or large business. We can offer a lower service rate, credit payment terms, u

Q The details of E-Commerce.

We can serve all your eCommerce requirements, including private labeling, FNSKU stickers, shipping to Amazon, drop-shipping from China for Shopify sellers.

Q Why Choose RuiZhi Instead of Others.

1) High Responsibility for Quality Assurance. 2) Taking Clients Seriously, Looking for Long-term Relationship. 3) Competitive Price for Wide Range of Products. 4) Various Services to Help Your Business Grow Fast.
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