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How to Find Reliable Chinese Manufacturers If You Don’t Know Any Chinese Friends?


China is the World’s factory. There are tons of reasons for this. According to Statista, the Chinese manufacturing market is 4.88 TRILLION USD. What you read is true, TRILLION, not billion. Such an enormous industry keeps a variety of Chinese manufacturers. Endless supply of inventory. And above all, lower prices when you compare the costs.

But there is a problem for the foreign buyers. They don’t know how to find reliable suppliers.

Is that so?

Not a big DEAL. We have written this guide to explore the Chinese manufacturing setup in-depth. Let’s explore it.

Steps to Find the Best Chinese Manufacturer

It has been very effortless to find the best Chinese manufacturing companies. Do you know why? Because of easy access through multiple channels like sourcing agents or business friends.

What if you do not have friends in China? That can be a concern but not a big one because we have listed some ways to explore Chinese manufacturing companies when you don’t have Chinese friends.

Here are some steps.

Step 1: Find a suitable factory list through the following channels

There are many channels to try to find an excellent supplier. These are the next.

Trade fairs or exhibitions are gatherings where multiple business owners or manufacturers gather. They showcase their innovative inventory. Grab the attention of the visitors. And convince them to buy the merchandise.

That means you have EASY access to all the China suppliers. Before that, keep an eye on all the dates on which trade shows will happen.

  • Social Networks

Another best way is to use social networks. LinkedIn is a top source for connecting businesses. What you have to do is to Input the type of suppliers or Chinese manufacturing companies you need. It will end up showing all the results.

The best part? LinkedIn has filters to narrow down your research to a specific city. For example, you want Chinese manufacturing companies from Guangzhou. It will show up.

  • Recommendations

You can use the referral. If you are from the US, you must have friends who already have purchased inventory from Chinese suppliers.

Is that true? If yes, there is nothing better than this opportunity. You’ll get honest reviews and a suitable company within seconds. NO WASTE OF TIME, TO BE HONEST!

Have you ever used Alibaba or Dhgate? If not, it is time to open your laptop. Browse Alibaba. And search for the products you want.

For each item, you’ll get access to the company profile. And that is your Diamond in the rough. It will take one minute at maximum!

China sourcing services have always been on the RISE. The reason is the QUALITY inventory from Reliable suppliers. In addition, you’ll get cheaper rates too. That is an absolute stunner with dual benefits but little effort!

Step 2: Shorten your bucket list

Do you have a supplier? Great, but your quest does not end here. Here are some further points to consider:

  • Identify whether it is a trading company or a factory.

A trading company is the third party that acts as the facilitator between you and the supplier. On the other hand, the factory is a manufacturer in China. It is better to demonstrate to whom you are working. If it is the direct manufacturing in China, that is more reliable. Because you get access to the production setup and know your manufacturer. Plus, you get reduced prices.

  • Go to the official website or social media to confirm the authenticity.

Suppliers are suitable, but scammers are cruel. They are waiting for you to make a single mistake and steal the money. To filter out the scammers, visit the official social media channels. It will allow you to know the number of followers they have. And what they provide to their customers.

  • Communicate your demands via email with suppliers

Obtain factory presentations, product categories, and quotations is an important link. Have an email address of the suppliers? Alibaba allows you to get it. You can extract the email. Get the factory details, images, quotes, and product categories a supplier has. It will build better confidence. And give you an idea of products available to the specific Chinese supplier.

  • Offline factory inspection

Want some more from the Chinese manufacturers? Go one step ahead. Ask for the factory inspection. Things you are going to monitor include:

  1. Factory scale
  2. Certificates manufacturing factory provides
  3. Standardized processes and compliance
  4. Quality control
  5. Production capacity

Monitoring the manufacturing in Chinese factories will boost your confidence in the Chinese manufacturers.

How to Screen Out the Right Supplier?

Finding the right supplier is the CRUX of the matter. You don’t know what exactly you need and whom you will hire. To riddle out this puzzle, we have listed some key points to determine the right supplier.

  • Setup your business goals and demands

First of all, take a look at your business. What market are you targeting? And what products do you want to sell? Evaluating every business goal will clear out the hurdles and confusion in the pathway. You’ll get the right path.

Here is an example:

If you want to sell earbuds in the US, set up quantity, quality, and certification goals. Talk to Chinese manufacturers. Ask whether they can fulfill your quality and quantity demands. Get the UL certificates to sell in the US market smoothly.

  • Check the supplier record

Is the supplier credible? Not!! You are in serious trouble. It is better to work with a reliable supplier.

But how will you do that? It is easy peasy lemon squeezy!

If you are browsing Alibaba, check the transaction history. Know whether a supplier is a verified supplier, gold supplier, or both. Check all the previous trades with other buyers. Only a reliable supplier will have high customer satisfaction and timely order fulfillment.

  • List multiple factories and obtain samples

One of the best ways to get reduced prices and broaden your business goals is to contact multiple factories. Moreover, you should get samples from all of them. Look. Some allow free samples, but not all. To get the free samples, you must convince them about the bulk business deals you will make. And what benefits they’ll get when working with you.

  • Compare and narrow down your research to the best supplier

Have you listed multiple factories? That can be a miraculous idea. One more thing to do—narrow your research to the best supplier.

Here is an example of it.

Make a list of, suppose, 50 factories. Check their popularity status. Narrow it down to 5 or 10. Monitor their progress, pricing, and factory. It will leave 2 to 3 for you. Checking QC, targeted pricing, and tailored business solutions will get you ONLY ONE TOP-NOTCH supplier. And it is something you are already searching for.


This method is EFFECTIVE in hiring the best supplier with quality products.

Tips for Communicating with Chinese Manufacturers

Are you ready to ask for a quote? Maybe you face multiple problems related to communication. Effective communication is critical. The following points will highlight the tips to

  • Do research about the supplier before communicating

Talking to a known supplier is quite different from an UNKNOWN. Therefore, you should do some research. Check out all the descriptions in the profile of the CHINESE manufacturer. Know whether this supplier is AUTHENTIC or not.

You can even confirm the location of the FACTORY, too. It helps you talk to a reliable supplier. Once you know the supplier, the STORY STARTS HERE.

  • Be clear about the RFQs

Do you have any demands for the quotes? Get it here. RFQ is a GAME-CHANGING point.

because you’ll decide whether to work with Chinese manufacturers. Or abandon your approach.Being more clear about your BUSINESS and vision is NO SHAME. It helps the supplier evaluate your demands. Prepare a quote that perfectly fits your business, an offer you can’t refuse for sure.

Significant hurdles get cleared out here.

  • Use a translator if you do not know Chinese

Are you a NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER? Do you know the Chinese language? If not, it is nothing less than a Gordian knot. You have to learn the Chinese language either, or we have another solution for that— use translators.

If you visit the FACTORY, have Chinese-speaking inspection services around you for better communication. If you are communicating on social media or email, where will the Google translator go?

It is the hammer hit at the right time. You should try it then.

  • Get the Quote for your business

Once you have cleared up all the language apps, action remains here. You have to talk to different suppliers for the quotes. Email them or inbox them on Alibaba. Tell them your exact demands. And get the quotes. Remember one thing. Don’t hesitate to ask the question. A stitch in time will save you from upcoming BUSINESS confusions. You might even FAIL in the deal without being clear about the quote.

  • Talk about quality control

Not all the suppliers have reliable quality control, and vice versa. It is better to go one STEP AHEAD in your business. Ask them to show their QUALITY control. You can get detailed videos for this purpose, too. A professional supplier will tell you how they assure you of 100% qualitative products.

  • Follow up with the supplier on the phone

Direct messaging or emails are not very effective. Do you know why? Because they waste more time in TALKING. Sometimes, you can’t understand precisely what the supplier’s message is.

A better solution, then, right?You should get the phone number of your supplier. Or use social media platforms to call your supplier. They will explain the details of inventory better and help you understand how they are going to meet the demands.

Even if you have started the contract, following up on the phone is the BEST IDEA ever!

  • Use Wechat for better communication

Do you know about WeChat? Most Chinese manufacturers use it for better communication. And it can be an excellent opportunity to connect with them. You can get the WeChat ID on the Alibaba supplier profile. And talk to the supplier regarding the product’s demands and quality. The more smooth the talk, the better it will be. Be more clear about your demands as well.


  • How do you identify whether it is a factory or a trading company?

A factory often includes a word-like manufacturing process. Moreover, they offer the factory for manual inspection. One more thing that differentiates a factory is the kind of products. They are often limited when it comes to the factory. A trading company is a middleman providing access to many products and factories.

  • Do Chinese suppliers offer free samples?

Not all Chinese suppliers give you free samples. Only a few suppliers offer this opportunity. For the free samples, you need to check the Alibaba profile. It will determine whether the supplier offers free samples or not. If you want a free sample from a supplier offering paid samples, communication is the key to focus on.

  • How do we get cheaper prices from the suppliers?

Negotiation and price comparison!! To grab lower costs, it is better to negotiate with the supplier regarding the products. Ask about their prices. Compare quotes from multiple other suppliers. That is the way to get cheaper costs from the suppliers.


Have you chosen the best Chinese manufacturer for your business? It can be HARD to filter out the most SUITABLE Chinese suppliers unless you work with SOURCING EXPERTS like Ruizhi Sourcing. Our experts have 15+ years of experience in the product developoment. We have an ENDLESS LIST of suppliers ensuring the HIGHEST QUALITY and delivering affordable prices. You save more and EARN more.

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Joey Gan
Article by:
Joey Gan
The Co-founder of Ruizhi Sourcing. With 10 years of experience in the field of sourcing in China, we help 1k+ clients import from China and customize new products.. Contact with me at Linkedin
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