How To Source Products From China In 5 Steps (Super Guide)

Celia Hsu
2022/03/07 15:03


Sourcing product from China is a universal topic among businesses. So the fresher business owners who step into their industry want to know how to source in China and avoid unnecessary loss.


That's why we wrote this blog. This article will shed light on these questions, helping fresher owners know how to source products from China.


This blog mainly introduces the basic workflow of Sourcing from China.


New entrepreneurs always want to know why people focus more on sourcing products from China.


The benefits of China sourcing products are numerous, and not just about cost. The many reasons why you should consider Sourcing from China are as follows:


(1) A Large Number of Manufacturers: No matter what specification you need, there will be a company that can meet your requirements.


(2)High-quality Product, The Cheaper Production: Chinese manufacturers can achieve lower costs for the same product.


(3)Fast Shipping: Many companies offering 24 hours shipping, so the speed at which you receive orders can be incredibly fast.


(4)Efficient Communication: Most companies will have an English-speaking representative on standby to help you every step of the way.

After you decide to try source products from china, we want to source them efficiently, so what should we do?


5 Steps: an ultimate guide to source products from china 

Step 1. Research Product

The first step in Sourcing is to research your product. Before starting the sourcing process, it is necessary to confirm your product idea's viability.

Sourcing products from China must allow you to differentiate your company and product. If your product is too familiar, there are many such products on the market, and the quality level is uneven, and it also means that you need more creative ideas in marketing to compete.


Step 2. Supplier Selection


When it comes down to Sourcing, there is nothing more important than finding a good supplier because your business is dependent on them. They can either make or break your business.


Here we will introduce 3 ways for you to choose product suppliers.


(1) E-commerce Platform

Sourcing for products in China is best-done face-to-face, but this doesn't mean it's terrible to use a search engine to look for suppliers.

You can search online at any time and input your product's keywords into a search engine.


(2) China Import and Export Fair

Trade fairs provide an excellent platform for businesses and factories to communicate directly. A Trade fair is one of the best ways to source new suppliers, letting you meet as many novel products as possible at once. It's also a time-efficient way to source, so don't hesitate if the opportunity presents itself. However, China trade fairs usually have a plan and timetable, so you need to pay attention in advance.


(3) Local Sourcing Agents

Finding a good supplier is tedious and time-consuming for most people, so hire a sourcing company that can provide sourcing service to you.


Finding local agents or distributors who provide sourcing services in China usually has a list of verified suppliers. Therefore, you require minimal effort, and you only need to submit your products requirements to them; then, they will help you find the best-match products.


Step 3. Product Testing and Refinement

After finding some reliable suppliers, you can ask them to ship samples to you to test out. You can choose testing consultants or companies to test out samples to determine whether they are worthy of being ordered. Samples testing can be costly, but it's necessary. It can help reduce the problems during the bulk production process.


Step 4. Negotiate the Order Contract


What does the Sourcing Contract include?

A sourcing contract contains a Sourcing Agreement and Sourcing Plan, a written agreement on manufacturing, quantities, pricing, packaging, and labeling with the supplier. Primary Sourcing Contract also includes minimum purchase volume, production start time, delivery time, etc.


You can adjust the sourcing Contract according to your business situation. However, before you sign it, you should check if there are any mistakes. Sourcing Contracts can be made online or offline, depending on your circumstances.


Sourcing product from China is not an easy task, while negotiating a Sourcing Contract, it is essential to understand contract terms and avoid legal risks. Furthermore, it would give your sourcing business a stable development in the future, avoiding unnecessary financial losses.


Step 5. Arrange the shipment and clearance

Many things should be considered during shipment and clearance. Here are some essential items related.


(1) Choose the reliable shipping company

You must find a reliable shipping company for your products. They should be able to handle all formalities and provide you with proper documentation. Do not forget to ensure that the shipping company is licensed and registered for exporting and importing.


(2) Prepare the correct documents

Documents like commercial invoices, packing lists, weight lists, etc., play a significant role during shipment. Also, make sure each record is accurate and up-to-date. If possible, cross-check everything before shipment and clearance with the shipping company, and you might also need to take a print of it for your records.


(3) Choose the suitable kind of packing material

Proper packaging is essential to avoid loss or damage during shipment and clearance. Make sure all your products are correctly packed according to the product's weight and size.


(4) Buy insurance for shipment and clearance

Shipment insurance plays a significant role in case of any loss or damage during shipment and clearance, and it might save you from a lot of problems during shipping. In addition, shipment insurance requires following a lot of documentation and procedures, so you can choose to buy it along with the shipping company, which can save your time.



Sourcing products from China is a tedious and time-consuming thing for most people. But, if you're determined to do it, follow the 5 steps and try your best. I think your business must be going well.


However, If you want to spend more time on marketing, you also can choose a reliable China sourcing agent to source efficiently. A good sourcing agent can provide you with valuable products, competitive prices, transparency service and help you analyze how to make the most profitable for your business.


In a word, a reliable souring company can help you solve many problems, or if you want to save the commission, you can follow the simple guide to make it yourself. Both are up to you!


We have shared how to find a good china sourcing agent in a recent blog. If you're interested, feel free to read it.


If you have other questions about china's Sourcing, please feel free to message us. We're delighted to answer you. I hope this blog can help you. Thanks for your reading!

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