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Injection Molding

- Key Process of Plastic Products

Injection Molding——not very complicated

Are you still looking for manufacturers for plastic injection molding services in China? Still worry about the injection molding process during product development. If you find us, you don’t have to worry too much. Injection molding process development is one of our core strengths.

Injection Molding is very common in product development, as long as your products use plastic materials that can not be separated from this product process, with more than 10 years of factory background, We have developed products from Bluetooth speakers, headphones, data lines, bottles, water cups, and other categories, In our field of expertise, we can help you to source the cost-competitive and excellent quality Injection molding services and manufacturers.

What We Do?

If you choose our injection molding service, we will tell us the service process and communicate with you about the product you want to customize. Related to the details and problem points of the injection molding process.

Whether your product is a certain part or a complete set of products, we will help you screen out the product materials and quality requirements that meet your requirements, as well as the cost budget of the injection molding factory, also we will arrange three-party (you/Ruizhi sourcing/Factory) communication, from the production point of view optimize product design so that it can meet your cost budget and factory mass production standards; Then quote, negotiate the best price, and develop quality quantity inspection standard, Ruizhi Sourcing follow up the injection molding process of product parts; ensure that the mass production of products is the same as your original.

The designed products are consistent, and the professional team does professional things.

What Types of Injection Molding Have We Done?

Whether it is rubber injection molding or plastic injection molding, Ruizhi Sourcing has provided these types of injection molding services. We are familiar with the material characteristics of different types of injection molding materials, and we can give customers professional suggestions on material selection services according to the use scene of the product and the corresponding characteristics. At the same time, we have very rich experience in injection mold structure design and mold runner design, According to the customer’s product order quantity/quality/production efficiency, As well as the convergence of the later process and other factors at the same time we can consider designing a cost-effective mold to meet the requirements, so as to make the best use of things, not do excess quality and low-cost-effective mold, as well as mold, product process abnormal improvement and tracking.

For example, the reasons for the lack of glue around the injection parts, the reasons for the lack of full film and the countermeasures, what are the ultra-low-cost injection molding methods, and so on, we can provide appropriate injection molding services and manufacturers. Meet the best price, quality, and lead time that meets your requirements.

Plastic Injection Molding
Rubber Injection Molding

What is Injection Molding?

Injection molding is a complex manufacturing process. Using a specialized hydraulic or electric machine, the process melts, injects, and sets plastic into the shape of a metal mold that’s fitted into the machine. There are three types of process rubber injection molding, plastic injection molding, or molding injection molding.

Injection Molding Cases

With our boots-on-the-ground experience in sourcing plastic products from China and other low-cost regions, We have a lot of customization cases on injection molding services. We will recommend appropriate injection molding processes, materials, and manufacturers based on your product design, appearance positioning, cost requirements, and quality standards. Here are some classic injection molding cases that we help our customers customize.

Injection Molding Manufacturing Details

As the injection molding process is widely used in a variety of industries, during the 10-year period of cooperation with customers, many customers will be concerned about injection molding process-related knowledge especially in how to select injection molding services and manufacturers that meet customer requirements, budget, quality, and delivery requirements, at this time customers will find us, so we shoot knowledge related to the injection molding process as well as factory inspection video.

FQA About Injection Molding Services In China

Maybe you still have questions about the injection molding service and process, Our process expert Tiger Wu answers the below questions
which is always asked by our clients.

What Material Is Used in Injection Molding?

There are many kinds of materials for injection molding, but at present, the most commonly used plastics are polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS, PA, polystyrene, and so on.

What Are The Pros And Cons of Injection Molding?

1. Short forming cycle, high production efficiency, and easy automation.
2. A wide range of adaptation
3. Product quality is stable.
4. Plastic parts with complex shapes and sizes can be formed with metal or non-metal inserts.

1. The price of injection molding equipment is high.
2. The structure of injection mold is complex.
3. High production cost and long production cycle, so it is not suitable for the production of single and small batches of plastic parts.

What Is The Cheapest Plastic for Injection Molding?

The cheapest injection molding materials are polypropylene and polyethylene, which are used in a wide range of applications, from toys to mobile phones. These are the materials that most people use every day, and low material costs make mass production possible.

How Long Does It Take to Create A Mold? What Is its Tool Life?

The production time of plastic mold is related to the structural complexity of the mold, simple plastic mold, 7~15 days time can be made; for a complex structure, it is possible to take 1-3 months.
Once created, a mold is usually good for producing up to 200,000 units.

Which Is Better 3D Printing or Injection Molding?

3D printing is more suitable for small batches of complex design components that may require frequent design changes or customization.

On the other hand, injection molding is more suitable for the mass production of less complex parts that have successfully completed the design stage, have high requirements for material strength, or need to verify the effect of surface treatment in the later stage.

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