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Metal Stamping

- Key Part in Process of Customized Product

Metal Stamping——is what we do best

If you need metal stamping service, we can help you cooperate with professional Chinese manufacturers, who will provide you with high-quality products and attractive prices. Since 2010, we had a lot of experience in helping our foreign customers purchase low-cost stamping metal parts from China. We can be your local purchasing and development office in China.

From cups, helmets to smartwatches and microwave ovens, we can meet all your metal stamping manufacturing requirements and provide the appreciated metal stamping services and manufacturers for you.

What We Do?

As your purchasing agent, we will guide you throughout the purchasing journey to ensure that your products or parts are related to the metal stamping process.

First, we will help you identify and screen the manufacturer (not just the metal stamping factory) that best suits your needs. Next, we will request and review quotations, negotiate the best price, and conduct a factory audit to select the most suitable alternative factory. We will also help you improve your product design, and if necessary, we will clearly communicate your requirements and expectations to the manufacturer, so that you can get precisely what you want, pay close attention to the manufacturing process, and ensure smooth progress. Even deliver the product to your doorstep.

With us, you can rest assured that your goods will arrive at your hands-on time in perfect condition.

Product Areas of Metal Stamping Application

Metal stamping is used in many product fields, The more commonly used products are bearings, kitchen supplies, large hardware, and so on, these parts belong to the core and key parts of common life products, and the metal stamping process can not be ignored. For example, kitchen utensils are bound to use the single-die process in metal stamping.

Large Hardware
Kitchen Supplies
Household Appliances

What Is Metal Stamping?

Metal stamping refers to the forming method which exerts pressure on the blank to produce plastic deformation, change the size, shape, and improve the performance, which is used to manufacture mechanical parts, workpieces, or blanks. It is the general name of forging and stamping.

Metal Stamping Projects in Progress

Maybe you still have doubts about how we do the metal stamping services and product engineering, and you can get a more intuitive sense of how we help you develop your products through the cases we have done.

Metal Stamping Manufacturing Details

In a country far away from you, choosing the right metal stamping service and manufacturer from hundreds of thousands of factories can be a challenge. An experienced sourcing agent can be a good choice. You can take a look at our metal stamping process videos and factory inspection that we have done, which will help you better understand how we do sourcing and metal stamping services.

FQA About Metal Stamping Serives in China

Any questions about the metal stamping services and process?
Our process expert Joey Gan answers the below questions
which are always asked by our clients

Is Metal Stamping Cheaper Than Die Casting?

Metal Stamping is cheaper and usually last throughout the life cycle of the part while die casting is more expensive and may sometimes need to be replaced. The material cost per pound of metal stamping can be much lower while using stronger materials.

What Are The Cons of Metal Stamping?

1. Metal stamping is restricted to how the metal blank can be deformed and is limited by radii, angles, and dimensions.
2. A disadvantage of metal stamping is its poor edge quality.
3. Also among the disadvantages of the stamping process is the need for a somewhat strong ductile / low-strength metal.

Is There Any Way to Reduce The Metal Stamping Production Cost?

Metal stamping service is the cheapest when you place a bulk order with a manufacturer. Look for ready-made dies that match your products, since this can save you the cost of processing new customized die.

Second, it is also important for your products to use the right raw materials. For example, if the material is too hard, it will take longer and more difficult to stamp. Switching to softer materials without affecting product quality will reduce production time and save money.

Third, reviewing the design of the product is another way to reduce costs. For example, avoiding sharp inner and outer corners will no longer require secondary processing to remove these edges. Reducing tolerances where allowed will also lead to considerable savings.

Fourth, try to cooperate with manufacturers who provide secondary services such as coating, finishing, treating, packaging, and transportation. This is another way to reduce your expenses.

What Metal is Easiest to Stamp?

Copper – Copper is a very soft, inexpensive metal so it is the recommended choice for beginning stampers. It will take a clear stamp impression and it is easy to find in the market.

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