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1. Method of payments

We mainly settle in US dollars, and we can also settle in Euro/RMB. The main method of payment is T/T, and VEEM / Paypal is also available.

2. When the two parties have reached a consensus on cooperation, the customer should pay a 30% deposit of the total order amount.

RUIZHI Sourcing will start to arrange the stock production after receiving the payment. When the production is completed, the customer needs to pay the remaining 70% of the balance before shipment. Upon the reception of the balance. RUIZHI Sourcing will arrange follow-up matters such as shipments, customs declaration, and logistics.


1. For payment, please be reminded of filling in the complete beneficiary name(each character) while transferring, but if there’s not enough space,  please just type the rest to the line of “Address” before filling in the address info. We had an issue in receiving payment without the full name filled, so we always emphasize it to new customers to avoid returning back and doing twice the wire. I hope it makes sense!














2. There’s a time gap between customer payment and receipt of the payment in China Ruizhi Sourcing receiving bank. The time gap is about 2~7 days according to the different countries (when there’s a holiday, the time will be postponed). Therefore, when Ruizhi Sourcing confirms the receipt of the payment and confirms with the customer about the order, production begins.

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