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Perfume bottle covers for famous perfume company Client

Exported Country: United Kingdom
Customer: British famous surface treatment company
Delivery Time: 10000set-55days
  • Visualize the customer’s vision into a productionable design
  • How to adapt the structural parts after die sinking
  • Gold appearance processing
  • white bottle paint and flying paint


Oct/06 2021
British surface treatment company contact ruizhisourcing for customize a perfume bottle covers

Background: A famous French perfume company (terminal, signed NDA should not be revealed) made plans for the upcoming launch of perfume products to design a unique perfume bottle decoration kit. It contacted Trichord to execute the project. Trichord is a British surface treatment company known for its superb dye diffusion technique. Finally, after Trichord’s screening, the front-end processing of the kit and trim parts was finally handed over to the Ruizhi Sourcing team.

After 15 days of the tripartite communication and coordination (Ruizhi Sourcing -factory-client) as well as the proofing and confirmation, plus 45 days of production (raw materials—follow-up production-quality inspection—quality test report—spot inspection), the final product was shipped smoothly!

Due to the signing of a confidentiality agreement, we can not provide pictures of the listing
Oct/07 2021
Client Trichord proposed the concept of the bottle cover and decoration design

Client Trichord proposed the concept of the bottle cover and decoration design

Extracted requirements:

1. The kit consists of three parts: bottle body + base + decorative rings

2. The body and base of the bottle should support the perfume bottle

3. The bottle needs carrying on the preliminary surface treatment, whose colors can be divided into bright gold and bright white.

Requirements screenshot Preliminary design Extracted requirements
Oct/10 2021
Ruizhisourcing start to look for a suitable factory and inspection factory

Together with a long-term partner of our company, a zinc alloy parts manufacturer, we have also found another factory specializing in making stainless steel kits. The factory’s overall qualification and process level meet our factory requirements. We initially communicated with the two companies about the difficulties in realizing the product design, as well as various product details that need to be confirmed.

Stainless steel kit factory——Yongkang **** Industry and Trade Co., Ltd

Zinc alloy accessories manufacturers——Shenzhen **** Electronics Co., Ltd

Oct/10 2021
Ruizhi Sourcing team met to set up project team

After discussing with the factory and communicating the details with the client, the team met to discuss and analyze the matter.

1.How to visualize a client’s vision

When Trichord customers made this request, we immediately asked them to send us two samples of the glass perfume bottles. After receiving the samples, our boss personally made the CAD 3D modeling drawings of the base, the decoration and the perfume bottle cover. After confirming the details with the customer by video and modifying the drawings for many times, we finally confirmed that the final design was feasible. After that, the mold making production was officially launched in full swing.

Modeling process:

Three-dimensional modeling effect of each part Sketch of bottle cove

Visual effect diagram:

Firework Dream Jellyfish Fairy Deer

2. Adaptation of the bottle cover thread to the base and decorative parts

After confirming that the bottle cover is made of stainless steel and the base and decoration parts are made of zinc alloy, we immediately began to work on mold making. The first difficulty is that the bottle cover and zinc alloy decorative pieces and base should fit perfectly in order to ensure the beauty of the product as well as strictly meet the 5kg load-bearing requirements. We have established a standard for it, which is the gap between the base and stainless steel kit thread should be less than or equal to 0.1 mm after the clearance of the screw-in. Such precision is a challenge for Yongkang, whose hardware is relatively crude.


2.1. The contact surfaces of the bottle cover, base, and zinc alloy parts are polished carefully to ensure the contact surfaces are smooth.

2.2. Because the thread part of the general product is a straight-faced thread The mouth thread of this product is sloped, so that the thread mold and cup mouth cannot be fitted and fixed in the production process, resulting in thread deformation and running away from the original track After many tests, the original one-piece thread mold was designed as eccentric mold (that is, it can fit with the shape of the cup mouth) to meet the seam standard.

3. The metal gold effect processing problem

The customer’s idea for the bottle cover is bright metallic color. The original idea is to spray a layer of gold paint on the stainless steel bottom first, and then a layer of heat sublimation transparent varnish on the top. However, during the actual proofing process, it was found that the metallic visual effect of gold is difficult to achieve through the color of paint.


First, polish the bottle cover into a bright silver. It is then followed by a vacuum ion plating process plating which can make the gold effect a perfect realization. (a layer of gold is plated on the surface of stainless steel with a thickness of about 5μ, which makes the surface bright and soft.) Then a layer of transparent heat sublimation varnish is sprayed on the surface, which not only solves the problem of metallic color, but it also solves the problem of solidity of the primer.

4. The thickness of thermal sublimation paint

Reason: Because we finally use the electroplating process. The gold plating layer is extremely thin. In order to ensure that the customer subsequently undergoes secondary surface treatment on the bottle body, it is necessary to increase the thickness of the sublimation varnish. The first method we took was the one-time painting method, but in the actual process of production, it was found that if the paint was too thick at one time, the phenomenon of flowing paint would occur in the high-temperature drying channel. Because the drying effect cannot be achieved in a short period of time, the paint is in a fluid state, and if the thickness is too thick, it will cause the paint to flow to a lower place, resulting in the phenomenon of flow paint and uneven thickness.

Solution: After many experiments, the method of two spray paintings and two high temperatures was adopted. The first spray paint controlled the paint thickness of the advanced high-temperature drying channel, so that the cup was dried for the first time. After cooling, a second spray painting is carried out and then the second high-temperature drying channel is dried, which perfectly solves the thickness and firmness problems of dye sublimation paint.

5. The problem with white bottle body paint is fly paint

Due to the hollow design of the stainless steel bottle body, in the process of white paint spraying, the paint is easily sprayed to the screw teeth at the upper and lower ends. Flying paint problems can lead to an increase in the thickness of the screw teeth, resulting in an unsmooth screw with the base decoration, which does not meet the standard of ≤ 0.1mm that we have set.

Solution: The high-temperature tape is attached to the upper and lower ends of the screw tooth before the spray painting process, and the fly paint is blocked from attaching to the screw tooth. After the completion of the process, the production line grinds the screw teeth twice to ensure that they are smooth.

6. Packaging standards

The base and kit are zinc alloy plated gold, which is easy to wear during packing and transportation.

Base and trim pieces: The outer box selection uses the export standard box. K = K material. Add foam board to the upper and lower box surfaces. Stack the bases in a stack of ten. Pack each ten in bubble bags. Then put them into the customized size of the outer box to ensure that the inside of the box does not shake. In addition to the foam board, a double layer of stability is formed.

Bottle body: In addition to the k=k outer box, Knife cards of K=A material are also placed inside the box to form an egg partition to ensure that each bottle body will not bump and rub. In addition, each bottle body uses bubble bags separately, and it is placed upright in a single layer, not stacked.

7. Acceptance

The products are inspected by sampling, 10% of the quantity is taken for all items, and the acceptance standard is ≤5‰ (only appearance can be tolerated)

7.1. The incoming materials of steel and zinc alloys are tested to ensure that they are safe and environmentally friendly materials and that the wall thickness of the bottle sets can reach the set standard of 0.6mm.

7.2. After the product model comes out, the specialist is arranged to use the gauge to check the product, including the height, the size of the opening, the depth of the screw, etc..

7.3. Check the color gamut and painting effect of the base and bottle after plating and painting, beware of uneven color, and the coating surface must be less than 0.2 mm discoloration.

7.4. The appearance of the spray paint is tested at the same time as the 100-100-gram test, and the standard is above 4B.

7.5. Adapt the base to the bottle cover, then check whether there is serration and unevenness in the bottom welding thread, and ensure that the clearance is less than or equal to 0.1mm.

7.6. Check the load-bearing effect, and the inspection execution is carried out according to 7kg.

7.7. Test the hardness of the outer box and perform a one-meter drop test.

Oct/12 2021
Ruizhi Sourcing team organized the first output of the sample

Purchasers Benson and Colin in Ruizhi Sourcing, together with Yongkang ** Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen ** Electronics Co., Ltd., held a meeting on material quality standards, process standards and details, packaging standards, acceptance standards to discuss, finalize, and prepare the first version of sample output.

Nov/15 2021
The sample is confirmed by client British Trichord Group

Within twenty five days, we carried out a deep refinement of the requirements of our customers, and make sure that every detail could meet the customer’s ideas as far as possible. The structure, effect, and appearance performance are more than 95% consistent with the customer’s requirements. And then it was confirmed by video with the customer dispatched by the inspector and sent through the FedEx express to the British Trichord Group for confirmation.

Grind the bottom up and down Check the thread and platin Spray heat sublimation paint Package
Bottle body Base Full set Combined

After receiving the samples, the customer expressed his satisfaction and placed an order for Ruizhi Sourcing to deliver the goods to the designated logistics within 45 days.

Dec/05 2021
Prepared the export information and declared the shipment

We went to two factories to inspect the goods one by one, and after the sampling inspection passed, we notified the factory to ship and did the corresponding export information and declared the shipment.

Purchase Order  Package
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