Q11 Sport Bracelet
Q11 Sport Bracelet
Q11 Sport Bracelet
Q11 Sport Bracelet
Q11 Sport Bracelet
Q11 Sport Bracelet
Q11 Sport Bracelet
Q11 Sport Bracelet
Q11 Sport Bracelet
Q11 Sport Bracelet
Q11 Sport Bracelet
Q11 Sport Bracelet

Blockbuster Gifts Go on Sale with OPPO RENO 6 in Philippines

Exported Country: Philippines
Customer: OPPO Phlippines
Delivery Time: 25days
Waterproof Problem of sport Bracelet/Rapid Power Loss/Packing isn’t Scratch-Proof/Logistics Issues

The Project Background of Philippines OPPO

Ruizhi Sourcing became a new qualified supplier of OPPO in Philippines in 2019. On March 31, 2021, the Philippines OPPO released a demand about blockbuster gifts for the upcoming RENO 6. It was the first time that our company participated in suppling blockbuster gift for Philippines OPPP RENO6. The annual demand for such gift is 70 thousands, including 40 thousands in the first half year and 30 thousands in the next half year. 

The budget is required to between 10 to 17 dollars. As there are many after-sales problems caused by the potential quality problems of the specific watches and bracelets provided by other suppliers before, mainly due to the negative impact of non-waterproof and fast power losing, the customer chooses the scheme very carefully and requires a number of quality tests this time. Ruizhi sourcing provides the factory's test flow, sample test report, production process QC test report and shipment sampling report before confirming the samples. And customers also do basic testing experiments on the samples locally.


The achievement of the final launch of this project

1. After two months and five days, this project was established on June 4, 2021. The Philippines OPPO finally chose the Q11 sport bracelet proposed by Ruizhi sourcing as the blockbuster gift for the launch of RENO6 in the first half of the year, and confirmed a formal order.

2. Effect presentaion and chain reaction: The Philippines OPPO made phone investigation about the problem of waterproof and the situation about the power losing after the Q11 was used by customers, the feedback about the two potential problems are satisfactory and totally solve the concerns that customers used to worry. Q11 got a bulk of praise from the local customers. 

Due to the good feedback, Philippines OPPO decided to use the Q9PRO sport bracelet which extented by Q11 as the gift for RENO7 in the second half of 2021.

Customer ivestigation for launch of Q11: No after-sale problems about waterproof and power losing, local customers all feel good about it.

Follow-up: Philipppines OPPO used the Q9PRO sport bracelet extened by Q11 series as the gift for RENO7, ordered 30,000 sets.


The Philippines OPPO made a requirement about the blockbuster gift.

  The information provided by the Philippines OPPO and Ruizhi sourcing.


  1. Usage: Gift for the launch of OPPO RENO6

  2. Quantity: 70,000 sets

  3. Budget: $10-17 dollars

  4.Initial selection range: Watches and bracelets are not picked for the time being

 (Caused by the after-sale problems before), finally confrimed 3C electronic as the 

   selection after communicated with customer.

Customer’s requirement

Requirement Summary


The initial proposal of Ruizhi sourcing

Ruizhi sourcing collated the product information according to customer’s requirements and send the first edition to them at the first time. Overview of the client project.

Product category as following:

Intelligent sweeper

Bluetooth speaker


Game handle


The second proposal

After internal discussion, the customer gave feedback on the initial proposal: Unsatisfactory, and wanting to focus on the following types including intelligent watch with higher cost than before and power bank with more than 10,000 mAh power.

Q11 Sport BraceletI2 smart bandPower BankAircraft


The client confirmed the scheme and samples

The customer confrimed the proposal of Q11 sport band and Ruizhi shipped the samples formly.


The customer ordered Q11 sport band

After received the samples, our customer conducted a local survey about the samples to evaluate consumer’s affection, and at the meantime, they did basic appearance inspection, waterproof test and power-off test to the samples.

The result of the investigation is that the consumer’s satisfaction of the Q11 sport band is up to 95.6%, the samples passed all the tests. The Philippines OPPO chose Q11 sport band as the final product and officially placed an order of 40,000 sets at Ruizhi sourcing.

Purchase OrderPayment Receipt


Ruizhi Sourcing Q11 meeting before production

After communicated with the factory and customer about the details, our team hold a internal meeting to discuss furthermore. For the problems of customer’s previous order and pre-production evaluation, we have some difficulities to be solved as following:

First,The difficulities of Q11 production:

A.Focus on the frequent after-sale problem about waterproof

Solution: Added total inspection process of waterproofing. After the sport band was assembled, using vaccum waterproof tester to pump the air into vacuum mode, and then simulating the underwater environment of 6-7 meters for full inspection and testing. Every machine test 5 sport bands at one time.

B. Focus on the frequent after-sale problem about quick power losing

Solution: Charging the battery once and discharging it once before leaving the battery factory. Charge the battery to 80% and then send it to factory. After factory assembles the whole machine, charges the battery to 100% and palce the machine statically for three days. After this process, giving a full inspection to the machine again, if the machine has lost power over 25% within three days then determines NG. This process is also full inspection.

C. Customer chose the black undertone and gold stamping logo technology for the packing box, but the black packing box is easy to scratch and get dirty.

Solution: The technology of envelope production changed from matt laminated to anti-scratch film to ensure the surface of envelope is scratch-proof.

D. The envelope black matt laminated is easy to scratch, and the defect is more obvious than other colors which will affect the visual effect.

Solution: The technology of envelope production changed from matt laminated to anti-scratch film to ensure the surface of envelope is scratch-proof.

E. The black undertone envelope will appear fingerprint if touching by hand, and it’s easy to stain with dust when place statically. The defect is more obvious than other colors which will affect the visual effect.

Solution: Focus on the problem of envelope surface’s bad appearance after packing, we added plastic-coating technology after product packaging, and changed the thickness of the plastic-coating from the usual 0.15MM to 0.30 MM which will not only increase the beauty and high-grade degree of the product but also play a protective role.

Package scratching & Touch fingerprintCharge and discharge testWaterproof test

Second, Difficulities in the shipment of Q11 sports bracelets:

A. Philippine local policy stipulates that bluetooth electronic products need to do local COT certification before customs clearance, COT certification need to take one month to complete, which affects our customer to receive and launch.

Solution: COT certification requires the CE certification of the corresponding brand of the product from the country of origin. At present, the conventional CE certification in China is neutral certification, and re-certification takes 15 days to complete. For this actual situation, Ruizhi communicate and negotiate with the certification company to upgrade and do CE with brand on the basis of the existing meutral CE certification, which can be done within 7 days.

B. Customers asked the goods to arrive before the press conference of the RENO6, so we decided to ship the goods by air, flying from Hong Kong to Manila and picking up the goods from Hong Kong containers. According to Chinese goverment’s epidemic prevention policy, there must be a place epidemic prevention code when vehicles from Hong Kong pass through Shenzhen, but the factory dose not have the code.

Solution: Ruizhi Sourcing contacted with Hong Kong forwarders directly and urgently, after communication, Hong Kong forwarders borrowed a warehouse near Hua Nan according to the lacation of the factory for turnover and loading. Ruizhi assisted in entering the warehouse in accordance with the relevant requirements of Hua Nan warehouse.


Customer confirmed the package design drawing.

Confirmed by video communication with customer over and over again,  the second edition of the package design drawing and the interior design are OK.

Package Design Drawing

After the package design was confirmed, Ruizhi combined with packing box supplier to design, confirm technology and detail, then confirmed output. The pre-production samples were completed on June 10, 2021, after passed the standards of our company, Ruizhi confirmed with customer by photos and videos in the first time and then shipped the packaged pre-production samples to Philipphines OPPO.


Video chat with customer to confirm the package, accessories, placement and packing mode

Product, package, accessories, outer box, packing adn placement mode to complete teh final confirmation


Bottom box





Complete the inspection of whole goods and prepare the relevant materials for shipment

Complete factory inspection, prepare shipping related materials, communicate with Hong Kong forwarders on shipping matters

Battery inspection

Inner box inspection

Plastic-coating inspection

Whole box inspectio

Shipping marks inspection


Officially shipped and completed the CE certification

Officially shipped and completed the CE certification,  Ruizhi sourcing completed the project perfectly, we provided customers with mobile phone sales assistant after the product is launched, ruizhi sourcing as a partner is very happy for customers, growing with customers is pur mission.

CE CertificationWarehouseLoading

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