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Top 10 Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturers in China

When considering starting your cosmetic business, you may be interested in partnering with private-label cosmetics manufacturers that create and brand beauty products. With so many options available, selecting the most suitable private-label cosmetic company can be challenging. We have thoroughly examined and evaluated the top 10 Chinese private-label cosmetics manufacturing companies that produce your custom beauty products. This comprehensive list will assist you in identifying a suitable and cost-effective option for your needs. Keep reading to discover which companies emerged as the perfect choices.

List of Top 10 Private-label Cosmetics Manufacturers  in China

1. TY Cosmetic

If you are engaged in importing under-recognized brands, conducting online product sales, or managing a hair salon or spa, and you desire to develop personalized skincare or haircare products without incurring high costs or complications.


Then TY Cosmetic should be your first consideration. Their comprehensive formulation and packaging customization solutions guarantee affordability, despite being manufactured in China! Below are some prominent products of TY as a perfect choice of private label cosmetics manufacturer for clients.

Product Services TY Offers
  • Face care products
  • Lipcare
  • Body care
  • Salon products
  • Baby & Mom care items
  • Soap products
  • Laundry products
Company Info

Establish date: 2009

Official Website: https://www.tyoemcosmetic.com/

2. Blackbird Trading Co., Ltd.

Blackbird Skincare is another private-label cosmetic company,  which succeeds in helping brands to accomplish uniqueness by giving all they expect in one spot. They are good at creating and designing skincare products, including appearance, private labeling, tags, and private brand logo.

This private-label cosmetics company believes in keeping high standards and performing strict quality checks that go beyond industry norms, assisting new brands in mitigating the risk of overstock. The company highly values working together and provides good deals for big orders.


Customers save a lot of time, money, and energy by not having to deal with many different private-label cosmetics manufacturers using this plan. The company provides assistance to new brands by helping them test the market without investing a lot of money. Additionally, Blackbird Skincare’s attractive pricing provides better alternatives as the brand expands.

 Product Offered by Blackbird
  • Makeup
  • Facial care
  • Anti Sun protection products
  • Body care
  • Tattoo care
  • Hair care
Official Info

Starting date: 2002

Official Website: http://web.blackbirdskincare.com/

3. Haishi Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Haishi is another one of the perfect private-label cosmetics manufacturers focusing on creating new and innovative products using natural resources. The company was started in 2010 and has been in business for more than ten years and is well-known for its custom beauty products. Some examples of their products include solid deodorants, roll-on deodorants, and shower deodorants.


The company has been following GMP guidelines for 20 years and maintains very strict standards in manufacturing. They serve prominent brands with OEM services, earning trust and a strong reputation in the industry.

This has helped them gain the trust of other private-label cosmetics manufacturers and become well-known in the industry. Customers can get customized products according to their specific needs. This shows that the company is dedicated to satisfying individual requirements.

Product Services of Haishi
  • Makeup Items
  • Hair care
  • Essential oils
  • Bath supplies like mouthwash, and mouth sprays.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Lip, face, and beard care products
  • Paw balm and false eyelashes
  • Serums and creams,
Company Info

Establish date: 2010

Official Website: https://www.haishibiolo.com/

4. Yunmei Cosmetic Co., Ltd.

Yunmei is another private label cosmetic company from Guangzhou, China. It was created in 2005 with a starting amount of money equal to 25 million yuan. This means that the company is good at making beauty products. They do research and development, manufacturing, advertising, and sales. The company specializes in custom labeling and customization.


Being the one of the leading private-label cosmetics manufacturers  Yunmei has 2 very big plants that produce private-label cosmetics according to clients’ requirements. They also have 26 production lines around the world that meet high standards.

The production lines have a workshop with special filters to keep the air clean. The power plants have received approval from the US GMPC certification and the EU ISO22716 certification.

YM Available Products
  • Body care items
  • Lip care
  • Hair care
  • Face care items
  • Eye care, etc.
Company Info

Establish date: 2005

Official Website: https://www.ymcosmetic.com

5. Rhine Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Rhine is number 5 on our list of private-label cosmetics manufacturers that focuses on developing new and innovative products using natural resources. It was established in 1998. The company’s main focus is on creating and selling skincare products.


These products are mainly designed to make the skin brighter and smoother. They offer a range of skincare products, from serums to body lotions as well. Rhine has years of experience in making beauty care products and has a large center where they do research and development.

They also have a team of skilled engineers and high-tech equipment for testing. This private-label cosmetic company works in a clean workshop without any dust. They have more than 16 lines for making products, and each product complies with the rules of ISO 22716 and GMPC.

Rhine Services
  • Whitening products
  • Aging items
  • Spotlighting items
  • Acne products
  • Cosmetics products
Company Info

Establish date: 1998

Official Website: https://www.rhinefactory.com/

6. Huashen Biomedical Company., Ltd.

Huashen Biomedical is a decently modern player on the post, having ten years of experience. The Huashen has not had years of experience, unlike other private-label cosmetics manufacturers  in the post, but it excels in the manufacturing of clay masks, breast creams, petal oil, pomades, gel, etc. It is situated in Guangdong, China,


They provide services for Original Design Manufacturing and give choices for customizing based on samples or designs. The company has an annual export of $1,000,000. It shows a strong presence in the market even though it is quite new.

Products of Huashenbio
  • Facial products
  • Lip items
  • Eyes products
  • Cosmetics products
  • Breast creams, gel and oil.
Company Info

Establish date: 2011

Official Website: http://www.huashenbio.com/home.html

7. Magique Huaer Biotech Co., Ltd.

Magique Huaer has been in operation for over 15 years in manufacturing plus selling natural and organic products. Being a private-label cosmetic company, Magique works on creating products that are made from natural ingredients and can be customized.


They also create skincare products for other individuals to highlight their own brands. Magique Huaer guarantees that they only use natural ingredients in their products. They also make sure that their products are vegan and are not tested on animals.

The company offers a helpful package that includes over 3,800 options available, assistance with planning your brand, a range of options to choose from, personalized packaging, and quick delivery.

Products Diversity of Magique
  • Hair care and scalp care items
  • Face care items
  • Body care
  • Eye care products
Company Info

Establish date: 2006 

Official Website: https://www.magiquehuaer.com/

8. Royax Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Royax is situated in Guangzhou, China. They have been operating in the skincare product industry for a decade. The company prioritizes the production of high-quality products that meet global standards, serving customers from over 150 countries.


To ensure customer satisfaction, Royax meticulously checks the quality of its products at every stage of production, maintains well-equipped offices, and offers fast delivery and comprehensive testing.

They cater to companies of all sizes, with a minimum order requirement of 1000. The company subjects its products to rigorous quality checks, design, and custom packaging according to their preferences.

Royax Products Services
  • Bath supplies
  • Men’s care and body care items
  • Eye care and face care products
  • Skincare, lip care, and other makeup cosmetics
Company Info

Establish date: 2012

Official Website: https://www.royaxskincare.com/

9. Aurora Formula Co., Ltd

Aurora is among China’s most prominent and most accepted beauty item producers. Plus, Aurora, being one of the best private-label cosmetics manufacturers, has established itself as one of China’s leading suppliers in the beauty industry due to its high quality, advanced era capacity, and well-off inclusion.


It also supplies its clients with customized products as per their requirements. Thus, Aurora can be your good partner if you’re behind a private-label cosmetics manufacturer.

Aurora Innovation focuses on research and development to ensure its products are new and high-quality. Their strong presence in the makeup industry shows they are skilled and reliable.

Range of Aurora Products
  • Gel nail strips
  • Body and face care
  • Eyebrows and eye products
  • Cosmetic brushes and eyelashes, etc.
Company Info

Establish date: 2007

Official Website:  https://auroracos.com/

10. Zhejiang B&F Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Another beauty products creator is Zhejiang B&FC Cosmetic Co., Ltd. in China. It is one of the best beauty producers that focuses on producing beauty items of high quality at reasonable prices. It also delivers its private label cosmetic products in European states, USA, Japan, and Asia under its private label.


If its clients demand custom labeling it provides OEM packing too. That makes it one of the valuable beauty makers for OEM excellence care items.

Product Range
  • Lip, Eye care products,
  • Eye shadows & eye liner pencils
  • Cosmetics item
  • Cheeks & face care
  • Valu and gift sets
Company Info

Establish date: 2008

Official Website: http://www.bf-cosmetics.com

Tips for Dealing with Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturers

Here are some tips for dealing with private-label cosmetic manufacturers:

  1. Ask about:

Before partnering with any private label cosmetic company, look at their reputation, studies, and experiences in making quality things.

2. Clear Communication:

Obviously convey your necessities, subtleties, and wants. Make unquestionably the two players are in total agreement sometime as of late starting age. 

3. Tests:

Request tests from the things you expect to make. This will help you assess the quality and make any essential modifications.

4. Customization:

Check if the manufacturer offers customization decisions for bundling, plans, and marking. This is critical for making an intriguing thing that stands apart inside the promotion.

5. Quality Control:

Set up a quality control handle to ensure that things meet your benchmarks. This could incorporate typical evaluations and testing.

6. Lead Times:

Explain the age lead times to have a sensible craving after you can have the things arranged for a bargain.

7. Least Orchestrate Sums (MOQs):

Get it the producer’s MOQ requirements. This will impact your financial plan and stock organization.

8. Cost Transaction:

Organize assessment considering factors like sum, intricacy, and materials. Try not to flounder to ask for severe rates.

9. Guidelines and Compliance:

Ensure that the private label cosmetic maker follows terrifically significant headings and consistency measures for cosmetics age.

10. Responsiveness:

Select a maker that is responsive and able to immediately resolve your different kinds of feedback.

11. Long & Cordial Relationship:

Think about building a strong relationship with your chosen private label cosmetics producer for future coordinated efforts. A strong and believed manufacturer can be a significant asset to your exchange.

Remember, it’s essential to set up an extraordinary working relationship alongside your chosen private label cosmetics manufacturers to ensure smooth and productive items.


If you want a convenient option, a specific product, or something that is good for the environment, these Chinese private-label cosmetics manufacturers have different options for everyone. You can make your dream skincare brand become a reality by collaborating with any of the list.

Joey Gan
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Joey Gan
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