Alex Pang16,Dec,2022 0
Exported Country: United State
Customer: Independent e-commerce
Difficulties: 1. It is difficult to control the details of making leather bags. 2. The quantity of order is too small, and it is difficult for us to purchase raw materials.
Alex Pang15,Dec,2022 0
Exported Country: India
Customer: Wholesaler
Difficulties: 1. The sponge color required by the customer is difficult to match and can only be as close as possible. 2. The size required by the customer is 14.5*12.5*7cm, the customer updates the size to 14*12*6cm shortly before placing the order, and the supplier needs to re-color and proof according to the required size & production. 3. Indian market is sensitive to price, and the target price of the client is $**. The price of the supplier found by us is $**, which is a bit difficult for us to find a supplier that matches the cost price.
Alex Pang31,Oct,2022 0
Exported Country: United State
Customer: Amazon Seller
Difficulties: Must adapt to the ever-changing requirements of clients, and strive to achieve a balance between high quality requirements and short delivery period.
Alex Pang06,Oct,2022 0
Exported Country: United Kingdom
Customer: E-commerce
Difficulties: 1. The colors of the socks are numerous and complex, requiring a contrast between light and dark, and the colors of the light and dark parts are not easy to adjust. 2. The printing process can be somewhat flawed and the standard of each production run is not well controlled.
Alex Pang19,Sep,2022 0
Exported Country: Vietnam
Customer: Chain Retail
Difficulties: I. How to design the demo mode of the watch to match the client's needs. II. The problem of electroplating oxidation in zinc alloy watch cases. III. The problem of oxidation of watch straps. Ⅳ. How to make the e-commerce aesthetic products with a feeling of big brand?
Bluetooth Speaker
Alex Pang05,Sep,2022 0
Exported Country: United Kingdom
Customer: E-commerce
Difficulties: 1.The customer's order quantity is small, which does not meet the factory's MOQ, so the price of the single product can not come down. 2.Customers require different versions for two markets, products and packaging need to be proofed and changed separately
oppo notepad-ruizhi sourcing
Alex Pang25,Aug,2022 0
Exported Country: Vietnam
Customer: mobilephone wholesaler
Difficulties: 1. The color print of the two versions of the original design provided by the client was incomplete, which led to the sample failing. 2. The PU covers varied greatly in color, with inconsistent vertical and horizontal grain. 3. The printed content of the core of the notepad contained some non-standard customization requirements.
Customize BEFIT S1 Smartwatch-Ruizhi sourcing
Alex Pang08,Jul,2022 0
Exported Country: Vietnam
Customer: Chain Retail
Difficulties: The conflict between time urgency and product complexity / Modifications to the appearance of the watch(Modifications of the zinc alloy center frame & watch case & watch strap) / Refinement of watch functions(Language customization & Heart rate function upgrade & Addition of sports modes)

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