Product Engineering Services*

Transformed from factory to sourcing company since 2010, the most obvious advantage of Ruizhi sourcing compared with other sourcing companies is that we have the ability to provide product engineering services (such as die casting, metal stamping, injection molding to surface treatment). That means, we can not only help you with sourcing, but we can also turn ideas into reality with our product engineering services. Most sourcing companies know how to source, that’s not strange, but a truly professional sourcing company needs to know how to produce.

You comes a good idea about a product that hasn’t been shown in the market or even hasn’t been produced. How can an inexperienced client and a sourcing team without product engineering services produce it? Well, with the help of us, all your ideas can be lit up. We comprehend the factory process better than the client and comprehend the client's needs better than the factory.

Get your ideas - understand your need - design the drawings - discuss the details - build the mold - produce the sample, confirm the final version, and then put it into production. Factory inspections, technology verification, quality testing, sample delivery, cost analysis, logistics, and after-sales service, we treat every process attentively. 

The end-to-end flow is as below:


Your creative drawing

Usually, product engineering services are based on your ideas and concepts, to be more specific, drawings. As the core of product engineering, the importance of drawing is self-evident. 

We collects your drawings, product IDs, or sketches to comprehend your thoughts and creativity better. 


3D mechanical design

After the drawings were constantly discussed and improved by us, we will begin to conduct the 3D modeling. 

The 3D modeling will design according to manuscripts, in the meantime, the details would be negotiated over and over again until both sides feel satisfactory. 

3D Mechanical design


In digital product engineering services, prototyping is also a vital part. Proofing needs to be done based on the material of the components and parts. 

Then we will assemble the samples, find out issues of the samples, and communicate with you for in-depth adjustments. We will proof and proof again until you are satisfied. 


Details confirmation

In order to achieve the demands from samples to mass production, we need to evaluate the performance matching between product components, the coordination rationality of space design, the structural relationship of each part of the whole system, and perform continuous adjustment of sample data and assemble so as to achieve final mass production requirements.

Details Confirmation

Pilot Run

After the sample is confirmed, small batch trial production can be arranged. The overall production process, sampling inspection, and quality experiment can be checked whether it can meet the mass production through trial production.

The process from die casting, metal stamping and injection molding to surface treatment of each part should be verified one by one.

Pilot Run

Production process control

Through small batch trial production, engineers begin to make each process operating procedures and quality sampling test procedures.

Production Process Control

Sourcing the best partners for different components

Just like Indiegogo and Kickstarter we are committed to helping you ‘touch dreams’ with our comprehensive product engineering services. And a good partner is necessary for satisfactory cooperation. The strict criteria will be used to integrate the most suitable suppliers for each component or raw material. 

Sourcing the best partners

Price optimization

The final step of product engineering services is price optimizatioin. A comprehensive analysis will be done of all costs, including material cost, loss cost, packaging cost, transportation cost of each component, all kinds of taxes that need to be charged, etc. Strive to enable you to customize the most suitable product at the most competitive price.  

Price optimization

Key areas we specializes in

Product engineering-related technology: product structure engineering, customization, electronic and technology processing such as die casting, metal stamping, injection molding, and surface treatment related.

Product material:













Product structure engineering:

Mold development:


Stamping dies / Die casting / Powder metallurgy / Casting dies / Drawing dies, etc.


Ordinary horizontal injection molding / Vertical injection molding / Blow molding, etc


Knife die / Stamping die / Paste die

Structural connection:

Mechanical structure design, gear chain, gear link, slider link, etc.


The structural parts assembly and production line are reasonably arranged.


Circuit test, performance test, mechanical structure test, practicality test, and transportation simulation test.

Customized modification of mechanical equipment:


It is mainly based on factory standard machines. It can be customized according to customer needs (special functions or special structures) by modifying drawings. 

We have many successful cases in hardware (appearance and function) or software customization and modification .

Surface treatment:

Surface treatment includes:

Painting, electroplating, oxidation, electrophoresis, laser marking, silk screen printing, pad printing, decals, thermal transfer printing, IML/IMD, dye diffusion process and other special surface treatment processes


Electronics including:

Circuit design, PCB board production, incoming 

control of electronic components, and 

accumulated rich electronic supplier resources, 

fully support the realization and mass production 

requirements of customized electronic products.

Technical expert team

Tiger Wu- Ruizhi Sourcing
Tiger Wu

Product structure engineering expert

More than 8 years of factory management and production experience, proficient in mold development, structural parts connection, reasonable arrangement of structural parts assembly production lines, familiar with product development process.
Jacky Lu

Surface processing expert

10 years experience in mechanical watch production. 15 years of experience in the process of watch structural parts, proficient in a certain surface treatment field such as spraying/PVD/optical coating/paint/ink/IMT/IML/UV transfer printing, familiar with plastic injection molds.
Ross Liu

Mechanical expert

Engineering design or packaging majors. Proficient in the R&D and design of non-standard automation equipment, familiar with the transformation and maintenance of old machine tools. Including electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic.
Jack Yang

Electronic digital expert

More than 5 years working experience in electronic product development; proficient in basic knowledge of electronics, machinery, software related to consumer digital embedded products and engineering quality management knowledge of mass-produced products; strong project management ability and quality analysis ability.