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Product Sourcing Services

Finding high-quality products and reliable manufacturers is crucial for business success.The key is to find a supplier that matches your requirements. Consider aspects like quality,price, delivery time, communication efficiency, and service. A top-notch product sourcingservice from us can save costs and enhances your work experience.

From Product Sourcing to Shipping,
One-Stop Service

Provide us with your product requirements, and we will analyze the cost structure of the product (including raw material procurement, production costs, and logistics costs). We will source suitable manufacturers, help you determine the optimal product sourcing strategy, and offer one-stop service from product sourcing to shipping.

Free Sourcing
Higher Cost-effectiveness than Alibaba
Diverse Sourcing
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Years Experience

Product Sourcing

We provide two sourcing services: Basic Sourcing and Strategic Sourcing. Basic Sourcing involves finding items from different suppliers based on customers’ “product request form.” We present 2-4 recommended manufacturers along with a supplier checklist for easy comparison.Strategic Sourcing focuses on product recommendations based on customers’ sales group and channels.

Manufacturing Sourcing

With manufacturing sourcing, a strong understanding of products and production experience is essential. If you lack knowledge in this area, controlling costs can be difficult. As an experienced procurement company, we assess manufacturers based on factors like raw material, delivery time, supplier capabilities, and technical expertise using weighted scoring methods. We also compare costs by breaking down materials and processes. Our goal is to find reliable manufacturers with excellent cost-effectiveness.


Custom Manufacturing

Custom manufacturing is the process of designing, engineering, and producing products according to your unique specifications. It involves modifications to the factory’s techniques, processes, and procedures. With years of experience in factory operation, Ruizhi Sourcing can coordinate various manufacturers’ processes and production flows to efficiently and cost-effectively help customers validate the feasibility of custom products for market launch.

Private Labelling

Need help creating your own brand and managing the supply chain with customized packaging? We offer a complete private labeling service, including sourcing, design, production, quality control, and packaging customization. We’ll assist you in building a reliable, long-term, and high-quality local supply chain.



We offer a complete private labeling service, including sourcing, design, production, quality control, and packaging customization. We’ll assist you in building a reliable, long-term, and high-quality local supply chain.

Our Process

Our years of product sourcing experience have validated the efficiency of our sourcing process. With the support of our internal ERP software, we ensure timely delivery of products that meet your satisfaction in terms of price, quality, and delivery.


We’ll communicate via WhatsApp/Email/Video call to understand your product requirements and expectations. This includes product type, quantity, target price, quality and material specifications, delivery timeline, and shipping preferences.


We research product details based on your requirements and utilize our supply chain network in China to find similar or equivalent products. Through phone calls, online surveys, and on-site visits, we gather information on materials, specifications, availability (stock or customizable), production models, patents, and pricing. We compile and provide you with the necessary documentation and materials.


Once we receive the sample list, we will proceed to procure samples from different manufacturers. We thoroughly inspect all samples, select the appropriate ones, and send them to you along with our sample report for your confirmation.


We will confirm the raw materials, production processes, production schedules, and factory testing standards with the manufacturers. We will cross-reference them with your desired delivery timeline and testing standards. Regular updates on the production progress will be provided to you.


Once production is complete, we conduct AQL quality inspections and meticulously verify the packaging, labels, relevant certifications, and shipping documentation.


We will coordinate with the freight forwarding company and provide them with all the required materials, including CI/PI, certification documents, HS codes, and customs clearance documents. Once the shipment is made, we will track the sea freight information and ensure timely delivery to your designated location.

Our Classic Cases

We have numerous successful cases in product sourcing for consumer products,
serving clients ranging from Amazon and independent online sellers to retailers and wholesalers.

Our Promise

Exceeding Your Expectations
  • Our prices and quality surpass those on Alibaba or other online platforms.
  • We exclusively work with original manufacturers.
Providing Source Factory Information
  • We offer direct access to the original factory information without hesitation.
  • We can accompany you for factory visits and negotiations.
End-to-end Progress Control
  • We provide timely reports and updates at every key stage to keep you informed of the project progress.
  • We maintain communication and offer relevant recommendations for any significant changes or impacts.
Fast & Smooth Communication
  • Fluent English communication and smooth collaboration.
  • Prompt response with a maximum turnaround time of 12 hours for issue resolution.

FQA about Ruizhi Sourcing

Do you have additional questions?
What Product Categories Does Ruizhi Sourcing Specialize In?

Our expertise lies primarily in consumer products, specifically in categories such as electronics and general household goods. We specialize in products related to processes such as die casting, surface treatment, injection molding, and metal stamping. However, we do not deal with raw materials, machinery equipment, medical devices, energy-related products, and other similar categories.

What Are The Differences Between Ruizhi Sourcing and Other Sourcing Agents?

We specialize in OEM manufacturer sourcing and custom manufacturing. Our team members are particularly passionate about working on projects that involve bringing ideas to reality, which brings both challenges and a sense of accomplishment.

What Are The Specific Fee Standards for Ruizhi Sourcing?

Our specific fee structure is based on the total procurement amount and ranges from 3% to 10%. We differentiate ourselves from traditional trading companies by prioritizing service as our core profit. For detailed information on the fee breakdown, please refer to this document

How Does Ruizhi Sourcing Handle Quality Issues?

First, in our sourcing process, we prioritize quality control at key stages to address any issues before shipment.

Second, if there are quality issues that occur after shipment within normal probability, we provide spare parts that can address the problem. If it is a batch issue, our approach is:

  1. Prioritize addressing the current issues and challenges faced by the client.
  2. Conduct a retrospective analysis of the order process, including identifying any process, personnel, or third-party issues, and implement new preventive measures to avoid recurrence.
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