Social Recruitment

Video photographer
Number of recruits: 1 / Work location: Shenzhen, China


1. Planning product / scene shooting plan; Producing script of creative short video / long video

2. Independently executing the shooting and style compilation of products, and creatively express the product's selling points, design and production process: studying the content of popular videos (Tiktok / YOUTUBE) and figuring out creative ways to play it.

3. Being familiar with the tone and style of short videos from Tiktok / YOUTUBE;

Online ads optimization
Number of recruits: 1 / Work location: Shenzhen, China


1. Responsible for advertising keywords on Google, advertisement, and promotion of short videos on TikTok / YOUTUBE; and responsible for the overall sales target of the team

2. Designing and producing content and materials for online ads; publishing ads according to our business model

3. Fulfilling our KPI and reach a reasonable ROI

4. Analyzing online ads data, integrating all available resources from the industry

5. Cooperating with the business team to improve the conversion rate, and provide timely guidance and suggestions to the managers according to fans, comments and followers;

Channel gift sales managers
Number of recruits: 2 / Work location: Shenzhen, China


1. In charge of channel promotion and sales on gift design business, complete sales target;

2. Designing sales plans, keeping contact with existing customers and development of new customers according to the plan; building up customer files;

3. Keeping contact with existing customers, recommending new products regularly, visiting existing customers regularly, exploring new needs for existing customers and maintaining close contact with them

Foreign trade clerk
Number of recruits: 1 / Work location: Shenzhen, China


1. Independently developing, following-up and completing trade orders and inquiries (official website / YOUTUBE / TIKTOK / exhibition customers, etc.), responding to customers and converting orders efficiently

2. Facilitating trading, following-up on customer service, coordinating the order progress, timely handling and reporting abnormal situations during the period. Sorting out shipment data, monitoring quality of the shipped products, and dealing with related issues in a timely manner.

3. Good communication skills and language skills with a certain level of a foreign language. Being able to communicate with customers at exhibitions and customer visits is a must. Spanish and other minor languages are an advantage.

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