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What Is a Sourcing Company – Ultimate Guide

Getting the best price for the desired products and specified quality is professionally done by sourcing companies. The sourcing company works with the client to acquire and deliver the products efficiently.

Good business skills and the potential for managing multiple projects are a must for any sourcing company or agent. A good sourcing company analyzes the client’s needs and provides them with the best possible supplier to make a purchase order.

Various professional sourcing companies in China will help you acquire fine-quality products at a low cost.

What’s a Sourcing Company?

A sourcing company comprises an agent or multiple professionals with expertise in finding quality products that meet the client’s requirements at an affordable rate. Sourcing products is one of the fundamental steps in the supply chain, and the experts help you maintain the balance between quality and price.

Spending less on the purchase leads to more profit, but it is only sometimes true. Spending less can also compromise your quality standard, which will affect your reputation.

So, a sourcing agent helps you get the highest quality products of your desired attributes within your budget.


Who Needs a Sourcing Company?

Any organization or a business, be it a single person or a well-established company, As long as he needs to purchase products or services, he maybe need a sourcing company.

Following is the list of the most common businesses that rely on sourcing companies to source the products for their businesses.

  • Crowdfunding Company

Don’t look at sourcing company as the literal meaning of sourcing. Sourcing company has many different areas of expertise, such as Yiwu sourcing agent who are finding department stores to help you source product and negotiate competitive pricing, and another is to help you do customized services, from design, mold opening, production and delivery, and a series of product customization and development processes completely assist you, which is especially suitable for crowdfunding projects.


  • Retail Stores

Retail stores and supermarkets are physical places where people buy different things. These stores do not produce these products. Instead, they buy these products from different suppliers.

Such retail stores need purchasing agents to meet their rich SKU product requirements.

You may have encountered one dollar store in your area such as “Dollar tree” in US. These stores buy these products from China. Most of them rely on hiring sourcing companies to arrange those products in China.


  • Online Retailers

There has been a sharp increase in online consumption in the past few years. As more and more people shop online, the demand for timeliness and quick return orders is getting higher and higher.

Some of these online stores arrange products with the help of experienced sourcing companies. They can even recommend high-demand and popular products.

Online store owners purchase goods from sourcing companies and sell them on their websites. These sites can be independent sites or online stores in online platforms such as AmazoneBay, Shopify and so on.


  • Amazon FBA Sellers

Amazon FBA has recently taken online selling by storm. Every other seller on Amazon has started selling products via Amazon FBA.

As FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) has some strict product requirements, these sellers prefer to hire the services of professional sourcing agents to avoid any non-compliance.

Good sourcing agents are well-versed with Amazon guidelines. So, it is always to their benefit to get the products from sourcing companies to avoid rejections from Amazon.


  • Dropshippers

Dropshipping is a mode in which you don’t have to buy a product before selling it. You get an order on your online store and place an order for the same product with the supplier. The supplier is responsible for shipping the product directly to your customers without requiring you to handle storage, delivery and other procedures.

Dropshipper found this to be the most effective way to simplify orders and relied more on sourcing company. Instead, dropshipper will focus more on getting sales, leaving all other tedious logistics and shipping tasks to purchasing agents.

This is a win-win situation for both sides.


How do Sourcing Companies Work with Clients?

To know the sourcing company meaning, you must be familiar with what sourcing is. Sourcing is a procedure of analysis, evaluation, and engagement with multiple suppliers to acquire the best value for the goods.

Sourcing focuses on the quality of products and cost savings. So, the sourcing agent analyzes and targets overseas companies that fulfill the client’s needs.

A sourcing company also measures to establish a long-term and valuable relationship between the company and the manufacturer.

What Services will Sourcing Companies Provide?

A sourcing company must have a good understanding of the client’s product, its quality, and its attributes.

The fundamental purpose of a sourcing agent is to analyze and find the manufacturers that will produce the client’s product with the exact requirements the client desires.

A sourcing company must have expertise in the following:

  • Cost savings
  • Knowledge of product
  • Price of sample
  • Estimation of Lead time
  • Quantity of the orders

Also, the sourcing companies should be able to arrange factory visits and connect the clients with the officials to inspect the certifications/tests.

Sourcing companies with experience in dealing with the import/export of products, duty taxes, tariffs, and international norms are preferred. Sourcing companies should answer any queries and issues relating to suppliers and clients.

What’s the Difference Between Sourcing Company and Trading Company?

The main difference is “Process Specialization Vs Industry Expertise”. Chinese sourcing companies are often specialists in systems and processes related to quality control, international trade, and supply chain management.

These processes and systems can be inserted into most industries and products. While trading companies tend to specialize in specific products or industries. Of course, there are other differences between them, such as:


What Makes a Good Sourcing Company?

There are various qualities and services of a good sourcing company. who thoroughly understands the requirements of its clients and then evaluates to find the perfect manufacturers. A good sourcing agent effectively estimates the lead time and promptly produces and delivers the products.

The sourcing company should be open to more than local manufacturers; also can connect clients with overseas suppliers if required.

Knowledge of multiple languages to deal with clients and manufacturers across countries is also a quality of a good sourcing agent. As well as local business customs and norms, are essential. A sourcing company or agent should have good business skills and the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

All the legal documentation and certificates must be available for inspection anytime the client wants. A good sourcing company is transparent and gives you detail of all your cash and purchases.

Top 10 Sourcing Companies List in China

There are multiple good China sourcing companies with highly professional staff. China is the world’s leading export country, with hundreds and thousands of products distributed worldwide.

Chinese sourcing companies provide you with excellent sourcing services and find you the manufacturers that meet your requirements.

Here is a good sourcing company list to choose the best one. You can also visit sourcing companies’ websites and avail of their services.

1- Ruizhi Sourcing

Ruizhi Sourcing is a China sourcing agent based in Shenzhen, China and Ho Chi Min, Vietnam. They specialize in product engineering and sourcing services. With more than 17 years of sourcing experience, they serve customers all over the world, including factories, and wholesalers. It is worth mentioning that most e-commerce startups speak highly of their service. They provided strong support for the expansion of their business.

Apart from this, Ruizhi Sourcing also offers the following services: dropshipping service, such as product recommendation / photography studio / Low MOQ support / packaging solution / fulfillment / free storage etc.

Moreover, Ruizhi sourcing is a sourcing agent transported from a factory, all the staffs have professional and excellent product knowledge. Under the groundwork of factory experience, they have a large number of high-quality supplier resources, from daily goods to electronic products, the product chains of Ruizhi sourcing can meet your various product needs.

Website: www.rz-sourcing.com

Founding Time:

The company was founded in Shenzhen,China, by 2010.

Areas of Expertise:

The company provides services in product engineering and product sourcing. It offers Product sample customization, Import/export, compliance consultation, and price negotiations with suppliers across China.

Ruizhi Sourcing

2- Meeno Group

Meeno group is a sourcing company with services tailored to domestic and international clients—this China sourcing agent with professionalism, ethics, integrity, and excellence.

Meeno group understands the requirements of its clients and evaluates the best supplier that will meet that criterion. It is familiar with the demands of China’s market and operates smoothly and efficiently to keep up with the needs of the clients.

Founding Time:

The company was founded in Yiwu, China, by Max in 2017.

Areas of expertise:

The company provides expertise in sourcing goods, product search, finding trustworthy manufacturers, Depot storage, repackaging, Custom clearance, Shipment administration, and manufacturing solutions.

3- Imex Sourcing Services

Imex sourcing services provide a wide range of services and facilities. It offers incredible customer support and is committed to excellence. It has many connections with multiple suppliers to help you find the best one.

Imex sourcing services are adept in evaluating the perfect supplier with the most reasonable rates for your products. The staff is highly professional and communicates with clients deeper to develop a better understanding.

Founding Time:

The company has an experience of around 50 years in sourcing and project management.

Areas of Expertise:

The company focuses on vendor background attestation, factory audits, quality inspection, agreement negotiation, risk mitigation services, logistics, product evolution shipping, and quality maintenance.

4- Sourcing Bro

Sourcing Bro has made it to the top sourcing company names in China. The company has well-trained staff with expertise in sourcing and complete knowledge of the china market demands. Also, the teams scrutinize products and quality control.

It is also included among the center of the trade service around the globe. This China sourcing company has expert sourcing agents and several products that can benefit your company. The team inspects the products at their best and gives you a detailed report.

Founding Time:

The company was founded in 2008 by Jack Zhou in Shenzhen, China.

Areas of Expertise:

The services include product sourcing, quality products, product inspection, warehousing, quick delivery service, and prompt and effective communication.

5- Dragon Sourcing

Dragon Sourcing is a famous China sourcing company website in China. It is unique due to its incredible services and alluring low-cost consultancy. It is one of the largest sourcing enterprises in China, with offices all across the globe.

The company deals in sourcing products from all across the globe. It has manufacturers and suppliers in major countries. So, if you want to find suppliers overseas, Dragon Sourcing is the best company for you.

Founding Time:

The company was founded in 2004 and now has offices across Asia, Europe, and many states of America.

Areas of Expertise:

The company services include shipping maintenance, logistics, supplier verification, quality check, product source, order administration, sample development, and procurement.

6- Guided Imports

Guided imports ensure streamlined import and export of products from china. It is one of the leading sourcing companies with sourcing and e-commerce services.

Guided imports source products from China and picks up the highest quality products for you. It also works efficiently and removes any delays or inconveniences for the client.

Founding Time:

The company was founded in 2013 by Paul Keser and Sam Boyd in China.

Areas of Expertise:

The services include product development, Chinese sourcing agents, supplier factory, product validation, quality management, quality agent, Custom broker, International banking, and delivery forwarder.

7- Supplyia

Supplyia is a reliable and trustworthy China sourcing company with experienced sourcing agents. It also deals in custom packaging and has contact with almost all leading Chinese suppliers.

Product sourcing can be risky. With the help of professionals at Supplyia, you can produce your products with trustworthy Chinese suppliers at a reasonable and budget-friendly rate.

Founding Time:

The company was founded in 2011 by Yixiao Zhang in China.

Areas of Expertise:

The company’s services include custom packaging, Amazon prep services, product niche, Deep product sourcing, and China labor hiring.

8- Linc Sourcing

Linc Sourcing is one of the most experienced and trending sourcing companies in China. It has access to European enterprises and can establish client links to overseas suppliers.

It has a network of over 100 standardized manufacturers from multiple industries. It has its headquarters in Hongkong, China.

Founding Time:

The company was established in 1995 by Lennert Rosell in Sweden.

Areas of Expertise:

Product sourcing, Friendly negotiations, Quality checks, Logistics, and convenient and secure shipping are some of the company’s services.

9- Easy Imex

Easy Imex is a global sourcing company with links to multiple enterprises worldwide. It offers services to various enterprises all across the globe for high-quality and low-cost products in China. It is a dominant sourcing company that provides clients with a wide range of services worldwide.

Founding Time:

It was founded in 2004 by Adam Gilbourne in China.

Areas of Expertise:

Product sourcing, Taxes duty, Price negotiation, factory audits, custom clearance, Logistics, and Quality checks are the areas of expertise of this company.

10- Ec4u Limited

Ec4u limited makes clients’ requirements and happiness its priority and works to lead their enterprise toward success. The company assists businesses in sourcing and producing various non-food consumption items in China, America, and other countries.

Founding Time:

The company was founded in 2003 by Eric van Reenen in China.

Areas of Expertise:

Sourcing services, accurate quality checking, and a thorough selection of suppliers are the company’s areas of expertise.

Top 10 Sourcing Companies List in USA

Here are the top sourcing company names in the USA:

1- EDS International

EDS International is a procurement company that has almost 40 years of experience in sourcing services, large-scale purchasing as well as manufacturing and engineering expertise. they can support global clients by delivering scalable end-to-end procurement and purchasing services.

Founding Time: 1984

Areas of Expertise:

The company deals in quality inspection and conventional grain supply. It supplies organic grains and fulfilling all the customer’s requirements.


2- Meijoy Material Inc

This US sourcing agent is another top contender among the different sourcing companies in the USA. It not only provides clients with warehousing, logistics, and design services but is among the top manufacturers themselves.

Founding Time: 2003

Areas of Expertise:

This company deals in product sourcing, jatropha oil/seeds, iron ore, aluminum ingots, and aluminum-zinc sheets.

3- Ancient Journeys

Ancient Journeys is a leading sourcing company in the USA with complete transparency and quality services. The company directly links the clients with the supplier showing full transparency, and operates in the USA.

Founding Time: 2008

Areas of expertise:

The company deals in quality inspection, hand valuables, precious jewelry, crystal jewelry, and high-quality glass beads.

4- Fazaz Global Concept

Fazaz Global Concept is a global sourcing company with international benchmark services. It operates in Michigan, USA, and has a reputable vendors and dealers network.

Founding Time: 2012

Areas of Expertise:

Its focus is on the strategic alliance, synergy partners, fast deliveries, supply management, and integrated and international benchmark services.

5- Stratus Industries

Stratus Industries is another US sourcing agent that works in creating long-term partnerships with its clients. It is among the top verified suppliers in the US and strives to provide only the best to its clients.

Founding Time: 2012

Areas of Expertise:

Its expertise is International product sourcing, Quality of vitamins and supplements, product sourcing, and sample consolidation.

6- Importify

Importify is a platform that offers not only a sourcing solution for your drop shipping business but also helps you to automate it entirely.

They have an extensive collection of suppliers and manufacturers who are all reliable and authentic, providing you with an easy and scalable drop shipping solution. What’s great about their platform is that you can get your hands on all best-selling and trending products through a simple click and sell them through your eCommerce website.

Founding Time: 2004

Areas of Expertise:

Its primary focus is Business development, product sourcing, and supply chain management.

7- Raines International Trade Agency

This agency oversees the whole process of sourcing to the supplier and the final product. The company deals with raw materials to the end product in the estimated time.

Founding Time: 2010

Areas of Expertise:

Product sourcing, Quality control, and Direct dealing with manufacturers.

8- Rocket LLC

Rocket LLC is a leading sourcing company with a PPE buyer intermediary. They operate in the US with high-end customer support and a deep understanding of supplier pricing.

Founding Time: 2005

Areas of Expertise:

Business process outsourcing provider, Assists clients to launch a stable and profitable business, PPE buyer intermediary.

9- Osphare LLC

The company offers quality services in supply chain management and human resources. Working in the USA provides clients with a transparent sourcing process with business development consultancy.

Founding Time: 2004

Areas of Expertise:

It focuses on Business Management, Quality Assurance, Product development, and Product design.

10- The Palcrim Group

The Palcrim Group is an international procurement and intelligent sourcing company. A US-based company offers high-quality products, low cost, and easy communication in any language.

Founding Time: 2002

Areas of Expertise:

Its focus is on Product source, Intelligent sourcing, Quality maintenance, Procurement, and Import.


Sourcing companies understand the needs and requirements of their clients. A sourcing company offers its services by evaluating and finding the best supplier to ensure cost savings. Many companies want sourcing agents to find suppliers or companies overseas.

Good sourcing companies do strategic sourcing that will benefit both the client and the manufacturer. It also identifies and solves the relevant issues and maintains a healthy and profitable relationship between clients and suppliers.

Sourcing Company FAQs

Q1: How much do sourcing companies charge?

Sourcing agents get a flat commission per purchase order, ranging from 3% to 10%. You can also contact the agent once!

Ruizhi sourcing tips:  How does China Sourcing Agent Charge?

Q2: How do I find a good sourcing agent?

You can try serveral of the excellent sourcing companies listed available in this article. By comparing their services, product samples and charges, finally choose the sourcing company that meets your needs..

Ruizhi sourcing tips: How To Find A Sourcing Agent You Can Trust?

Q3: What is the advantage of sourcing companies vs manufacturers?

It can be tricky and risky to find manufacturers on your own. Sourcing companies link you with trusted and efficient manufacturers that will make your desired product.

Joey Gan
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