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Exported Country: United State & Europe
Customer: E-commerce
Delivery Time: 15days
1. EVA pillowslides slipper material has an odor.
2. EVA pillowslides slipper will deform and shrink under strong sunlight.


May/15 2022
Clent LRG‘s Background

Client’s Background: An UK Independent station client is a company that specializes in building DTC business models for shopify standalone websites. It has its own established marketing team and multiple dropshipping channels to handle shipments. Its product range includes daily use, electronics and apparel, with a focus on adding value to products and services by providing consumers with special functional uses and everyday solutions.

As the product range expands, the client needs a comprehensive service company that can truly understand the China supply chain and effectively process and follow up on orders, so We becomes a trusted long-term partner for this DTC brand.

Prior to this cooperation, in April 2022, the client and we also worked together to customize “Swimming shorts” for them, Please click here to refer that Case.

Feb/08 2022
The Products Were Successfully Delivered Within 25 Days, Launched by The Client on A Standalone Website.

After one month of tripartite communication (Ruizhi Sourcing – factory – client) as well as the proofing, sample confirmation, and production, the product was successfully launched.

May/20 2021
The Client Requested for Customizing EVA Pillowslides Slippers for Men and Women.
 After communicating with the client in Europe, the specific requirements for this EVA men’s and women’s slipper are as follows:

1. Slipper material: 100% EVA Pillowslides

Size: 36-45 sizes

Colors: white/black/grey/khaki/orange/blue/yellow/pink

Sole: non-slip

2. Quantity: ***** pairs

3. Budget: $**-**

May/22 2021
Found the Right Manufacturer.

We had initial conversations with the factory suppliers we currently work with about the details of the product proofing, process requirements, and possible difficulties. And we also found two suppliers who make similar EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate ) pillow slide slippers. After a comprehensive evaluation, the following one was finally chosen:

EVA Pillowslides slippers supplier – GuangDong Shantou***** shoe co.

May/24 2021
Internal Meeting to Discuss the Product and Production Details

After discussions with the factory and communicating the details with the client, the team met to discuss and analyze the situation and identified several difficulties that needed to be addressed.

1. The difficulty in handling EVA materials

Problem: The EVA slipper material has an odor.

Solution: A new environmentally friendly EVA foaming material was used and the finished products should be ventilated for about 2 hours.

2. The difficulty in the deformation of EVA Pillowslides slippers

Problem: EVA Pillowslides slippers will deform and shrink under strong sunlight.

Solution: The physical shape and molecular structure inside will change and plastic polymers break down under the sun’s high-energy rays causing damage to the plastic. So the slippers should avoid long term exposure to sunlight and be kept in a cool, ventilated place after washing.

3. The difficulty of treating blackened slipper soles

Problem: The soles of the shoes will turn a little yellow and black with time and human weight pressure.

Solution: EVA Pillowslides slippers will not turn black. These slippers are designed with a one-injection molding, i.e., a solid sole, which is lightweight, environmentally friendly and less prone to cracking over time. And dust and water will not enter the material inside, so it will not turn black.

4. The difficulty of handling slipper sizes

Problem: For those who usually wear size 37 shoes, what size is the right size for slippers?

Solution: For average foot sizes, we recommend going 1 size up from the usual size, i.e., size 38. For those with thin feet, size 37 is the normal choice.

5.The difficulty of non-slip treatment of slipper soles

Problem: Slippers that are worn for a long time will have their textures smoothed out and will not be slip-resistant.

Solution: The textured sole of the slippers is designed to be slip resistant. These textures are designed to increase the friction and prevent the slippers from becoming too slippery, thus increasing the non-slip effect.

Jun/05 2021
Prepared the First Prototype.

The account manager Tiven and purchasing manager Jessica in Ruizhi Sourcing contacted EVA Pillowslides slippers supplier – ***** shoes co. They met on site to discuss and finalize the case and prepared the first version of the sample output in terms of material selection and process details.

Feb/10 2022
Client Was Very Satisfied With The Fist Sample.

Within 10 days, we had already made the first round of samples. The style, color and overall structure match the client’s requirements to a degree of almost 98% or more.

After confirming the samples by video with the client, we sent the samples to the client in Europe for confirmation by DHL express.

Jul/01 2021
Confirm The Order and Shipment.

After receiving the samples, the client was very satisfied and placed an order with Ruizhi Sourcing, requesting delivery to the appointed forwarder within 12 days.

Ruizhi Sourcing went to the factory to inspect the goods one by one. After passing the spot inspection, we notified the factory to ship, did the corresponding export information, and declared the shipment.

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