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Surface Treatment

- Key Process of Product Appearance

Surface Treatment——our favorite

Surface treatment is the process of creating a surface layer with some or a variety of special properties on the material surface by physical or chemical methods, which can improve the appearance, texture, function, and other aspects of the product. Materials such as ceramics, metal, plastic, and glass cannot be separated from surface treatment.

Are you still at a loss about which surface treatments to use? Know a lot of surface treatment methods, but still do not know which surface treatment method should be chosen, we have a professional engineering team, and according to the product customization requirements, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decoration, or other special functional requirements, develop the best surface treatment services.

What We Do?

If you choose our surface treatment service, we will tell you the service process and communicate with you the details and problems related to the surface treatment process of the product you want to customize.

Whether your product is a certain part or a complete set of products, we will help you select the surface treatment manufacturer that meets your requirements in terms of material, quality requirements, and cost budget, and will arrange (you/Ruizhi Sourcing/manufacturer) communication to optimize the product design from a production point of view so that it can later meet your cost budget and factory mass production standards. Then quotation, negotiation of optimal price, and formulation of quality inspection standards, we will follow up the surface treatment process of product parts; ensure that mass-produced products are consistent with your original design products. Professional team to do professional things.

Four Types of Surface Treatment Processes

The table deals with corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decoration, or other special functional requirements of full-sized products. As technology advances, surface treatment processes are increasingly common, such as metal, plastic, cloth, resin, rubber, wood, etc.

Our more common surface treatment methods are mechanical grinding, chemical treatment, heat treatment, and spray surface treatment, reasonable surface treatment can not only increase the aesthetic appearance of the product but also increase the unique performance of the product surface according to the application scene of the product.

Mechanical Grinding
Chemical Surface Treatment
Heat Treatment

What is Surface Treatment?

Surface treatment is an additional process applied to the surface of material for the purpose of adding functions such as rust and wear resistance or improving the decoration.

Surface Treatment Projects in Progress

We have extensive experience in surface treatment services in China. Depending on the nature of your product. we can assist you in choosing the most suitable surface treatment services and manufacturer. Are you interested in learning more about our current projects?

Surface Treatment Manufacturing Details

The essential surface treatment service of a reliable China sourcing agent is factory Inspection. We have audited many surface treatment factories according to our client’s requirements. After comparing, we will choose the most suitable one. We have shot a lot of videos about different processes of surface treatment and selected many excellent factories for our clients to watch and understand.

FQA About Surface Treatment Services in China

Maybe you still have questions about the surface treatment services and process,
Our process expert Jacky Lu answers the below questions
which always asked by our clients

What Are The Different Types of Surface Treatment?

Surface treatment is an industrial technology involving a variety of disciplines, which can be roughly divided into five categories and 30 processes according to the methods used.
1. Electrochemical methods. The typical process methods are electroplating and anodizing.
2. Chemical methods. The typical process methods are chemical conversion film and electroless plating.
3. Hot working method. Typical processes include thermal spraying, hot stamping, chemical heat treatment, and so on.
4. Vacuum method. Typical process methods are evaporation plating, ion plating, and so on.
5. Other ways. Typical technological methods such as painting, powder spraying, etc

What Is The Surface Treatment of Metals?

There are two ways of metal surface treatment, one is surface protection, various metal surface treatment protection methods are used to prevent metal corrosion, and the common surface protection methods are surface coating and surface conversion film technology.

The other is the surface modification of metal, also known as surface optimization, which is to change the composition, structure, and properties of the material surface and near the surface by means of an ion beam, laser, plasma, and other new technology. in order to obtain new thin-layer materials which can not be obtained by traditional metallurgy and surface treatment technology, or to make traditional materials have better properties.

Why Is Surface Treatment Important?

Surface treatment can make the product more beautiful, prolong the product life, and provide the properties of some special materials, such as electroplating can reduce the contact impedance, but also improve the properties of mechanical products, such as plastic plating can improve the strength of products.

This process covers the use of a variety of products in our lives.

Can Surface Treatment Prolong The Life of The Product?

The surface treatment process can prolong the life of the product, for example, the galvanizing process increases the service life of steel parts by 40-100 years, prevents the rust and decay of the workpiece, and plays a positive role in protecting the environment.

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