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Swimming shorts customized for client of ecommerce website

Exported Country: USA & EU
Customer: E-commerce Website
Delivery Time: 20 days
  • Difficulties in the functional treatment of fabrics for water resistance
  • Shorts color printing treatment difficulties
  • the shape of the trousers is too monotonous and the overall design needs more pockets
  • Difficulties with logo size and color drop treatment
  • Difficulties in stitching and splicing


An UK independent station consulted Ruizhi Sourcing to customize a certain model of men's swimming shorts

Background: An UK independent station is a UK company that specializes in building DTC business models for Shopify standalone websites, with its own established marketing team and multiple dropshipping channels to handle shipments.

Its product range includes daily use, electronics, and apparel, with a focus on adding value to products and services by providing consumers with special functional uses and everyday solutions.

As the product range expanded, the company needed a comprehensive service sourcing company that could truly understand the Chinese supply chain market and effectively process and follow up on orders, so Ruizhi sourcing (main business: dropshipping service) became a trusted long-term partner for this company.

The products were successfully delivered within 2 months, launched by the client on a standalone website

After 2 months of tripartite communication and coordination (Ruizhi Sourcing – factory – client) as well as the proofing, sample confirmation and production, the product was successfully launched. The link to media coverage of the product after its launch is as follows.

Client requests for custom swim shorts

After communicating with the client in Europe, they made the following requests.

Chat Record Chat Record


Item: men’s swimming shorts

Exported Countries: USA

Quantity: 305pcs

Budget: $**~**

Specific requirements :

1. Shorts material: 94% polyester + 6% elastane, four-sided stretch, water-resistant

2. Accessories: lanyard

3. Logo: hot stamping, color: silver white

4. Zipper: YKK brand zipper

We found factories in our supplier pool that are suitable for the client's process requirements and communicated with them

We communicated with factory suppliers about the details of the product proofing and process requirements and possible difficulties.

Swim Shorts Supplier – ***** Apparel Co.

After communicating with the factory, the company team held an internal meeting to discuss the details and difficulties of the order

After discussing with the factory and communicating the details with the client, the team met to discuss and analyze the situation and identified several difficulties that needed to be addressed.


I. Difficulties in the functional treatment of fabrics for water resistance

Problem: The raw material cannot achieve the water-repellent function and quick-drying function

Solution: There are basically 3 types of waterproof fabrics: normal waterproof, durable waterproof and splash-proof. With ordinary waterproofing, the effect will not exceed 5 washes. Durable Water Repellent (DWR), formerly more commonly known as tafflon treatment, is now basically a C6 waterproof domestic fabric that can be washed up to 20 times. Water repellency requires a coating on the fabric and is now more often treated with a wax coating. In order to achieve better moisture resistance and quick drying effect, the surface of the quick-dry trousers is generally made with sun protection treatment, which can effectively stop the invasion of moisture and also isolate some UV rays, thus protecting the skin.


II. Shorts color printing treatment difficulties

Problems: ink pile-up, burrs, unclear printing, color overlap, dark base color

Solution: Correct the height difference and hardness of the layout. Reduce the ink viscosity and inking volume. Add a slow drying agent and adjust the drying speed. Increase the printing pressure of the color. Reduce the viscosity of the base color and readjust the color sequence.


III. The difficulties are that the shape of the trousers is too monotonous and the overall design needs more pockets

Problems: the design perspective of the pockets, the detailing, the style, the position and the functionality of the pockets

Solution: The pocket design perspective is to use the pocket as a medium to reflect the design highlights. The original design of the pocket is for functional considerations, whose purpose is to place items, so each side needs to increase a pocket and add YKK zip design, so that the functional and decorative complement each other, which not only enriches the structure of the garment but also bear a certain clothing outward function. In addition, an exposed pocket is added at the hip, which has a flat patch pocket and a three-dimensional patch pocket. Compared to other pocket types, the process of making an exposed pocket is relatively simple, but because of this, it must be controlled during the design and production for the unity of the overall style of the garment, in order to show casualness.


IV. Difficulties with logo size and color drop treatment

Problems: LOGO size should be moderate. The overall effect should be full and three-dimensional and not easy to lose color.

Solution: In the current printing post-production, there are many printing processes to beautify the print, such as hot stamping, UV, screen printing, etc., but these printing processes cannot meet some special printing needs and special substrates. So we choose the hot stamping process, which is a highly efficient special printing method. The LOGO stamping on the fabric is both beautiful and generous and the process is simple and not easy to lose colour.


V. Difficulties in stitching and splicing

Problems: Overlapping or heavy seams, wrinkles, uneven stitching

Solution: First fold the raw edges of the garment to the reverse side (the amount folded in is 0.3cm, 0.5cm, 0.8cm, 1cm, etc. depending on the need); then fold the patch to the reverse side again by a certain amount (the amount of patch is 0.5cm, 0.8cm, 1cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, etc. depending on the need), so that the raw edges of the garment are rolled in. The final seam is a 0.1cm open stitch along the top edge of the patch.

Purchaser Tiven in Ruizhi Sourcing finalized the details and prepared the first prototype

The account manager Tiven and purchasing manager Jessica in Ruizhi Sourcing contacted men’s swimming shorts supplier ***** apparel Ltd. They met on site to discuss and finalize the case and prepare the first version of the sample output in terms of material selection and process details.

The first version of the prototype matched the design by 98% and the client was very satisfied

Within 10 days, we had already made the first round of samples. The fabric, pattern color, pocket design, and overall structure met the client’s requirements and matched the design nearly 98% or more. After confirming the samples by video with the client, we sent the samples to the client in Europe for confirmation by DHL Express.

 Front Back Trouser rope Trouser rope Zipper
The client approved the prototype and placed the order with Ruizhi Sourcing

After receiving the samples, the client was very satisfied and placed an order with Ruizhi Sourcing, requesting delivery to the appointed forwarder within 20 days.

Place orders for production, followed up on shipments during production, carried out the spot inspection and arranged for shipments

Ruizhi sourcing went to the factory to inspect the goods one by one, after passing the spot inspection, we notified the factory to ship, and did the corresponding export information and declared the shipment.

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