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Top 20 Manufacturing Cities for You! – Unlocking China’s Manufacturing Power

As a manufacturing powerhouse, China is receiving increasing attention from global purchasers. Which are the best China Manufacturing Cities? Which Manufacturing cities should be known and worth going to?

Here we tell you about great Chinese manufacturing cities that correspond to your industry. Tapping into this comprehensive guide on the Top 20 China manufacturing Cities will help you make informed decisions when sourcing products.

1. Shenzhen

Brief Introduction: Shenzhen which is called the ‘Silicon Valley of China’ located in the Guangdong Province, China. It is known as the production and sales center of tech-related products including consumer electronics, mobile phones, computer hardware, and various other electronics. A wide range of manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers are gathering in Shenzhen and making this city thriving and powerful.

Category: Technology and Electronics

Well-known Wholesale Market: Huaqiangbei Commercial Street

Location: G3RP+9MG, Huaqiang Rd N, Fu Tian Qu, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, 518000

Huaqiangbei Commercial Street is the best-known wholesale market in Shenzhen. Various electronic components, gadgets, and products are available at Huaqiangbei, called the ‘Silicon Valley of Hardware‘. Huaqiangbei is definitely the must-go market if you are looking for wholesale electronics or tech-related products.

2. Guangzhou

Brief Introduction: Guangzhou as a part of the broader Guangdong Province is famous for its diverse manufacturing and supply chain activities. Therefore Guangzhou has a wide range of supply chains in many industries. The well-known categories include Textiles and Garments, Automotive and Machinery, Furniture, Electronics and Cosmetics and Beauty Products.

The best well-known wholesale market is Guangzhou Baima Clothing Wholesale Market. Baima Market is not only the largest clothing market in Guangzhou, but also the largest one in Southern China.

Category: Manufacturing and Export

Well-known Wholesale Market: Guangzhou Baima Clothing Wholesale Market

Location: 16 Zhannan Rd, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, 510499

Besides Baima Clothing Wholesale Market, Guangzhou Electronics Wholesale Markets, Watch Wholesale Market, the Redtory Furniture Art, Yifa International Cosmetics City, and Guangzhou International Toys and Gifts Center are also very famous in their respective fields.

3. Zhongshan

Brief Introduction:  Zhongshan City is located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong Province. The crisscrossing water network and excellent geographical location offer very convenient transportation for Zhongshan City. The extremely good geographical situation makes Zhongshan one of the best China Manufacturing Cities.

The rapid economic development of Zhongshan makes this City Full of vitality. The top profession of Zhongshan is the lighting and electrical appliances which also won the name  ‘City of Light‘. This city is the home of factories and businesses that engage in lighting and electrical products.

Category: Lighting and Electrical Appliances

Well-known Wholesale Market: Ancient Town Lighting Wholesale

Location:7FM7+2V Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, China

4. Foshan

Brief Introduction: Foshan which is both an ancient and young industrial center with a history of 1600 years is located in the central part of Guangdong Province. Foshan is famous for its significant production of ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, and various ceramic products. Because of this, Foshan also takes the beautiful name of “Ceramic Capital of South China.”

The Foshan Ceramics Wholesale Market is the most well-known wholesale market in Foshan, China. Domestic and foreign suppliers come here for ceramic product sourcing.

Category: Ceramics and Ceramic Products

Well-known Wholesale Market: Foshan Ceramics Wholesale Market

Location:3W7R+3MV, Guidong County, Chenzhou, Hunan, China, 423599

Extensive selection, competitive prices, and a variety of styles and designs are the popular features of the Foshan Ceramics Wholesale Market. Foshan is one of the top china factory cities to explore if you want to buy related items.

5. Chaozhou

Brief Introduction: Chaozhou is a historic city and the birthplace of Chinese ceramic culture that is located in Guangdong, China. After years of cultivation and development, Chaozhou won the name of “Capital of China’s Porcelain“, the “National Household Ceramic Characteristic Industry Base“, and the “China Ceramic Export Base“.

Chaozhou holds a strong presence and status in the ceramics and porcelain industry.  Its traditional craftsmanship, high-quality ceramics, porcelain tableware, and artistic porcelain items are popular all over the world. One of the best-known wholesale markets in this city is the Chaozhou Ceramics Wholesale Market.

Category: Ceramics and Porcelain

Well-known Wholesale Market: Chaozhou Ceramics Wholesale Market

Location: JHRH+68 Chaoan, Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, China

If you are looking for a place to source traditional ceramics, porcelain tableware, or artistic porcelain items, Chaozhou is your top choice in the Chinese manufacturing city!

6. Shunde

Brief Introduction: Shunde as one of the best known Manufacturing Cities in China is often referred to as the “Furniture Capital of the World.” Shunde, also known as Shunde District, is one of the important center areas connecting Foshan City and Guangzhou City.

There are numerous furniture manufacturers and businesses in Shunde. The thriving manufacturing and supply chain of furniture and home furnishings make Shunde a significant hub of furniture products. The Lecong International Furniture Center in Shunde has become the largest furniture wholesale market in the world.

Category: Furniture and Home Furnishings

Well-known Wholesale Market: Lecong International Furniture Center

Location: X32P+PF6, Lecong Blvd, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong Province, China, 528315

7. Yiwu

Brief Introduction: Yiwu, the center of small commodities wholesale, has the world’s largest and most famous market – the ‘Yiwu International Trade Market‘. Here you can find General Merchandise, Fashion Accessories, Toys, Apparel and Textiles, Seasonal and Holiday Products, Home and Garden, and all the things you need.

Yiwu attracts more than half a million visitors from all around the world to purchase petty commodities every year. And now, Yiwu has become the prominent trading hub for small commodities and an essential part of China’s supply chain both domestically and internationally.

Category: General Merchandise

Well-known Wholesale Market: Yiwu International Business & Trade Mansion

Location:838R+69, Yiwu, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China

8. Hangzhou

Brief Introduction: As an economically developed city, Hangzhou has good development in various manufacturing industries. But obviously, the digital economy of Hangzhou has suddenly risen like a new force suddenly rises in the past 20 years. Hangzhou has turned into the leading manufacturing hub in China!

Hangzhou is the headquarters of Alibaba which is a comprehensive internet company that covers multiple fields such as e-commerce, retail, cloud computing, and financial technology. So if you are doing business related to B2B, B2C, or anything digital things, Hangzhou is a must-visit city!

Category:  Electronic Commerce

Well-known Wholesale Market: Alibaba Hangzhou Headquarters

Location: 699 Wangshang Rd, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, 310052

9. Wenzhou

Brief Introduction: Diversification is a prominent feature of Wenzhou. This city is a hot hub for wholesalers, retailers, and traders to select products. The International Trade City is the most notable market in Wenzhou.

Among numerous supply chains, the most prominent are the eyewear and footwear industries. That’s why Wenzhou is also called the ‘Optical Capital of China‘ and the Shoe City of China.

Category: Diversified Product

Well-known Wholesale Market: Wenzhou Yiwu International Trade City

Location: XH6Q+6R Ouhai District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China

10. Datang Town, Zhuji city

Brief Introduction: If you are doing business that is related to socks, Datang Town absolutely is a must-known one of China Manufacturing Cities. Datang Town is located in Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, China. It is called the ‘Sock Capital of the World’.

Different from other manufacturing hubs in China, there’s no well-known wholesale market in Datang Town even though this town has become a significant player in the global sock supply chain. So if you want to establish business connections, you can deal directly with the sock factories and manufacturers here.

Category: Sock Manufacturing

Well-known Wholesale Market: Datang Stocking Industry Market

Location: M5R3+F3C, Yongping Rd, Zhuji, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China, 311812

11. Suzhou

Brief Introduction: Suzhou, a well-known Manufacturing City, located in Jiangsu province, China. This is a beautiful city famous for its long history and culture. In the meantime, you can hear Suzhou’s fame as the center of China’s manufacturing industry and technological innovation.

Among numerous categories, Information Technology (IT) and Electronics occupy a very important position. According to the statistics, there are 140 million laptops produced globally, and half of them are made in Suzhou.

Category: Information Technology (IT) and Electronics

Well-known Wholesale Market: SEG Electronics Market

Location: 74QW+J9 Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

12. Wuxi

Brief Introduction: Wuxi is a city with strong comprehensive capabilities diverse economy and industrial strengths. The best-renowned industry category in Wuxi should be the solar energy sector.

The solar energy industry in Wuxi is not only supported by the local government but also attracted numerous international PV companies and research centers to establish operations here. All of these make Wuxi produce more and more solar panels and solar cell components and get a significant presence in this industry.

Category: Photovoltaic (PV)

Well-known Wholesale Market: Wuxi New Energy Industrial Park

Location: GFC8+J9H, Ximei Rd, Xinwu District, Wuxi, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China, 214113

13. Danyang

Brief Introduction: Danyang, as one of the most important manufacturing cities in China, won a strong reputation in both domestic and international markets for its Eyewear Manufacturing Industry. This ‘Capital of Glasses‘ boasts a rich history and a robust foundation in the manufacturing of glasses. This city became the largest lens production base in China since 1986.

Many glasses manufacturers and brands choosing Danyang as their eyewear product base or source. At least 75% of the lenses in China are produced here!

Category: Eyewear & Optics

Well-known wholesale market: China Danyang Yanjingcheng

Location:2H2R+FCQ, Chezhan Rd, Danyang, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China, 212314

14. Guanyun, Lianyungang-Jiangsu

Brief Introduction: China occupies 70% of sex toy shares all over the world, of which 80% of sexy lingerie comes from Guanyun County, Lianyungang. These interesting love products have become a unique feature of Guanyun. Since 2017, Guanyun has held a sex toy exhibition called the Town Edition of Victoria’s Secret every summer to show its unique features to the world!

Category:  Sex Toys and Products

Well-known Wholesale Market: Qingqu Supplies Exhibition Center

Location: 764X+M3 Shizhuangxiang, Guanyun County, Lianyungang, Jiangsu, China

15. Yantai

Brief Introduction: Yantai has a pleasant climate and fertile soil due to its unique geographical location in China. All these have contributed to the success of Yantai to be an ideal region for agricultural production.

Nowadays, Yantai has built a whole supply chain that includes cultivation, processing, packaging, and export of fruits and vegetables. The apples and cherries produced in Yantai have been exported to both domestic and international markets.

Category: Fruit and Vegetable Supply

Well-known Wholesale Market: Yantai Fruit Wholesale Market

Location: H89P+2P Xingfu Residential District, Zhifu District, Yantai, Shandong, China

16. Quanzhou

Brief Introduction: Quanzhou has a long history of textile and garment manufacturing. And this city has the biggest Textile and Clothing Market in the Southeast Coast of China – Quanzhou Textile Market.

Besides Various clothing and textile products, you can find fabrics, ready-made clothing, footwear, leather goods, home textiles, and related accessories, etc. Quanzhou is a must-go manufacturing hub in China for textile and apparel products buyers.

Category: Textile and Apparel

Well-known Wholesale Market: Shishi International Textile City

Location: PJCC+X8G, Nanyang Rd, Shishi, Quanzhou, Fujian, China, 362715

17. Baigou-Hebei

Brief Introduction:  Baigou which is known for its luggage and bag supply chain located in Hebei, China. Here in Baigou, you can explore a wide range of bags, including handbags, backpacks, suitcases, and kinds of travel-related accessories. Baigou is famous for its strong focus and rich expertise and is recognized as a significant center for manufacturing and exporting luggage and bags.

Category: Luggage and Bag

Well-known Wholesale Market: Baigou Bags & Cases Trading Market

Location: 428F+JW5, Fuqiang Ave, Gaobeidian, Baoding, Hebei, China, 074004

18. Gaoyang-Hebei

Brief Introduction: Gaoyang is another beautiful city that plays a prominent and essential role in Hebei province. Various kinds of towels, bathrobes, and related textile goods are produced here making Gaoyan build a chain containing manufacturing, distribution, and export. If you are a member of textile-related industries, Gaoyang is a must-know manufacturing city for you.

Category: Towel and Bathrobe Supply

Well-known Wholesale Market: Gaoyang Towel Market

Location: 7WFX+JF4, Sandao W St, Hongshan District, Chifeng, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, China, 024001


Brief Introduction: The vibrant Nanhe is enhanced and enlarges business processes with local Pet Food Companies to develop a characteristic pet industry. Nanhe has molded a unique pet food production chain that includes pet food processing, sales, as well as all kinds of pet product sales. All these works are assisting in the transformation and upgrading of Nanhe’s economy.

Category: Pet Food and Supplies

Well-known Wholesale Market: Hebei Rongxi Pets Food Limited Company

Location: XPQM+5C6, 326 Sheng Dao, Nanhe County, Xingtai, Hebei, China, 054401

20. Hefei-Anhui

Brief Introduction: Hefei, a new Rising City, is recognized for its growing electronics and information technology industries. In addition, Hefei occupies an important position in the export of electronic products like semiconductors, consumer electronics, and various information technology products. Today, Hefei is a city located in Anhui, China, and attracting more and more visitors for its emerging IT-related products base role.

Category: Electronics and Information Eechnology

Well-known Wholesale Market: Hefei Market of Electronics

Location: R7VF+W2W, Jixi Rd, Baohe District, Hefei, Anhui, China, 230022

Best Manufacturing Cities in China

Knowing the top China manufacturing cities and their significance will help you seize opportunities and propel your business forward. It’s time to make a plan to visit these cities which are driving innovation and impacting industries worldwide. Welcome to China and let Chinese manufacturing empower your success.

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