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Top 8 Famous Chinese Clothing Wholesale Websites – Legit & Safe

After the COVID-19 epidemic and the promotion of e-commerce platforms, global consumers are gradually adapting and accepting online consumption As one of the main fast consumer goods, clothing has become a favorite of many businessmen when doing business, especially for those newcomers. Under this situation, the Chinese wholesale clothing website is exactly a powerful tool for many people.

Now let’s talk about some famous China clothing wholesale websites. If you want to start your own clothing business, this article will be very helpful for you.

A Chinese wholesale clothing website is primarily meant for wholesalers specializing in clothing sales (as well as some websites with a low minimum order amount, such as Alibaba, where ordinary consumers can purchase clothing). Chinese clothing wholesale websites are many large clothing wholesale platforms. On these sites, you can find a variety of clothes, which is a paradise for large quantities of low-cost clothing.

Why does the wholesale clothing China website exist and have such a high position in the clothing foreign trade industry? This is related to the current state of the industry in the country and its advantages.

Advantages of China Wholesale Clothing Websites

Take Alibaba as an example. There are thousands of China clothing wholesalers for you to choose from, and all the wholesalers who can enter the website are officially certified.

The shopping process at Alibaba is very mature, from ordering to delivery to receipt confirmation to post-sale, not only can the store track the full name, but Alibaba will also provide you with corresponding protections.

1. Open and transparent commodity prices

There is no mismatch between the price and the goods on the Chinese wholesale clothing websites. Almost all of the goods are priced. Price fluctuations and price differences are also clearly visible. The advantage of this is that it is convenient for wholesalers to compare goods and find the most affordable goods in the intended price range. This will enable them to get maximum profit at the lowest cost.

2. Clear and intuitive pictures of clothes

To stand out in the fierce competition and attract wholesalers to buy, the merchants on these sites will try their best to show the clearest and best side of the product.

Model pictures, and detailed pictures, can let wholesalers have a more in-depth understanding of clothing, material, size, quality inspection, etc., and have a very intuitive presentation, clear at a glance. To minimize the trouble of wholesalers in selecting clothing, of course, we should also learn to avoid false advertising.

3. Convenient after-sales service and online consultation

You can contact the Chinese clothing websites’ customer service online, and they will provide you with the best solution. At the same time, if you buy goods with any non-manufactured quality, logistics, or other after-sales problems, they can also be solved online. After-sales service is both easy and fast.

Today, with the development of Chinese clothing wholesale websites in full swing, many similar websites have entered the public vision and broadened the wholesale market.

Two types of China wholesale clothing websites will be discussed. The first is the comprehensive wholesale website, which includes clothing as a category, for example Alibaba, AliExpress, etc., and the second is the clothing vertical website, which only specializes in clothing, for example Zaful, TBDress, etc.

Next we will discuss the top 8 best clothing wholesale websites in China in depth.

1. Alibaba – Wholesale Clothing in Bulk

Alibaba is well known all over the world. Alibaba founded by Jack Ma, is one of the earliest wholesale websites in China and the leading enterprise in the wholesale market so far. Its business connections include Taobao, Tmall, AliExpress, and so on. It’s one of the largest wholesale websites at present.

Alibaba is not a pure clothing wholesale website. There are countless types of goods above, almost everything. There are only goods you can’t think of, and no goods Alibaba doesn’t sell.


A large proportion of them are clothing sellers, especially women’s clothing. Dozens of them gather here, selling a wide variety of clothing. Alibaba is like a department store in heaven, selling products A here and products B there, classified and endless.

The mission of Alibaba is to make it simple to do business everywhere. And Alibaba did it. They do business all over the world, and people all over the world can trade on it.

Comparing the same products on different platforms, Alibaba is the king of the performance-to-price ratio. Affordable prices are the first choice for wholesalers. Alibaba will never disappoint merchants in pursuit of high quality and low wholesale prices.

Hundreds of millions of products are available on this site, and there are more than 50 categories, so you can find all the products you need and more. Alibaba’s search function is also very convenient. Enter the keywords of the product you want, and you will soon get a lot of high-quality products.

2. SHEIN – Most Popular Fashion Clothing Website 2023

When you browse YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, this is a familiar picture: a teenager throws a pile of clothes from SHEIN on the bed and tries them on in turn to get likes and followers.


During the COVID-19 epidemic, the popularity of the Chinese fast fashion company exploded, but if you are over 30, you probably have never heard of it.

The sales giant, which does business only online, is targeting consumers who focus on price and search, adding a staggering 6000 new products to its product line every day.

  • Cheap: an average of $9.9 per piece

Huge options: although headquartered in China, the company mainly targets customers in the United States, Europe and Australia, including cheap waist tops, bikinis and dresses, with an average price of just $9.9 (68 yuan).Today, it has become one of the largest players in fast fashion, selling to over 220 countries.

  • Huge choice: 600000 products

At any given time, there are as many as 600000 products on sale on Shein’s online platform. The vast majority of consumers are women.

The company relies on thousands of third-party clothing suppliers near its Guangzhou headquarters, as well as about 200 contract manufacturers.

  • Popular on social media: 250 million followers

From student “campus ambassadors” to Reality Show stars such as Made in Chelsea’s Georgia Toffolo, Shein actively uses an army of online celebrities, gathering more than 250 million followers on multiple social media platforms.

  • Over 300 designers

Of the brand’s more than 7000 employees, 300 are internal designers. Create a large number of products and styles at a very high speed.

3. DHgate – Wholesale Clothing in Bulk

DHgate, founded in Beijing in 2004, is also a leading player in the China wholesale clothing industry. The mission of DHgate is to buy around the world and sell around the world. Of course, it did.

Data from the Paypal trading platform indicated that DHgate is the first e-commerce website in the Asia-Pacific region and the sixth-largest in the world in the volume of online foreign trade transactions, with a transaction volume of 10 billion in 2011. That’s a huge audience that other websites cannot reach in such a short time.

DHgate uses the B2B model of business. It has a customer base of over 4 million. What most people might not realize is that DHgate uses a commission system. This means that it started to charge fees from new registers on February 20th,2019, but only charges after the dealing is done.

Most of DHgate’s customers are small and mid-sized enterprises. If you are these kinds of buyers or sellers, it’s a great choice for you to do business on DHgate. Their EDM marketing model expands overseas platforms with low cost and high efficiency and provides customers with high-quality product information.


On DHgate, you can generate your order according to the information that the sellers provided. Whether ordering in bulk or ordering some samples is available. Another advantage for wholesalers buying goods on DHgate is the low logistic costs. Because DHgate works closely with many international logistics giants, such as DHL and FedEx, its huge business volume can greatly reduce logistics costs. This pattern will benefit both buyers and sellers.

So in conclusion, DHgate is more suitable for those small or mid-sized wholesalers who want to order clothes in bulk at affordable prices.

4. Made in China – Wholesale Clothing in Bulk

Made in China founded in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province in 1996, had been running steadily for over 25 years. It has a huge customer base in the billions. By 2020, Made in China had more than 18.2 million registered members. In 2020 alone, users from more than 20 countries and regions visited Made in China, with more than 830 million visitors. For clothing wholesalers, Made in China is almost heaven.

Made in China website is also a diverse platform that sells many kinds of products like the above two websites. Of course, clothing takes up a huge part of these products.


And since most sellers on Made in China are also manufacturers themselves, the prices would be much cheaper than other platforms comparing the same product. There is no middleman to earn the difference.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that most sellers are also manufacturers, so they may ask you to order LOQ (Large Order Quantity).

5. AliExpress – Wholesale Clothing in Bulk

I believe that most people are no strangers to AliExpress, which is a foreign trade platform under Alibaba. It is headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, and was founded in 2010. From the title of “international version of Taobao”, we can see that AliExpress is another diversified sales platform for global sellers and buyers, with tens of thousands of product categories and countless wholesalers.


AliExpress is currently the largest cross-border retail e-commerce platform in China, with sites in 18 languages covering more than 200 countries and regions around the world, which is a good place to find clothing suppliers.

One point that needs to be noticed is that AliExpress has strictly licensed merchandise. If you are pure clothing wholesalers who only need to sell clothes, you don’t have to worry about those lists.

The clothes you sell shouldn’t implicate those three types, which include trade infringement, work infringement, and patent infringement. So when you want to wholesale on AliExpress, make sure that all the clothes you have wholesaled are safe.

The logistics on AliExpress are also very convenient. There are three types of logistics services on it including Postal package, AliExpress Cooperative Logistics, and Commercial Logistics, while 90% of orders on it are using Postal package.

6. Yiwugo – Wholesale Clothing in Bulk

As the name implies, Yiwugo was established in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, and was officially established in 2013. In addition to its reputation as a wholesale paradise, Yiwugo is also a haven for clothing suppliers. With 70,000 shops, 210,000 suppliers, and 1.7 million goods, Yiwugo is a very successful clothing wholesale website.

Yiwugo has a very special function, unlike other websites we have introduced before: a 3D real-scene shop display feature, allowing visitors to visualize the Yiwu market as if they were in the city. So for wholesalers who want to order clothes in bulk but cannot conduct a field trip, Yiwugo can make up for this deficiency. This is so that wholesalers can easily place orders.

In addition, the website has main functional sections such as merchandise, market map, business information, forum, huge bargain, etc., supplemented by purchase, sublease transfer, complaint handling, economic investigation platform, guaranteed transactions, exhibitions, and other special services.


Yiwugo provides e-commerce services with physical market characteristics for market operators and global purchasers. Operators can carry out shop management, commodity display, online transactions, foreign trade early warning, business exchanges, and other operations through the platform.

For purchasers, all purchasers can browse 3D real-life shops, publish procurement requirements, complain about shop credit, and enjoy three major procurement guarantees of price integrity, quality integrity, and service integrity through Yiwugo, to protect wholesalers’ rights and interests.

As a platform for a wide variety of goods, affordable wholesale prices, and dedicated services for wholesalers, Yiwugo can be called a reliable platform.

7. Banggood – Global Leading Online Shop

In 2006, Aaron Chen founded Banggood in Guangzhou, China, as a small startup. In 2009, the startup was registered as a company in the Baiyun District of Guangzhou.

As clothing is one of the main categories for Banggood, it is able to ship them more quickly to its end customers, including in the United States and Europe. This Asian wholesaler has a network of suppliers in 100+ Chinese regions and 37+ overseas warehouses, offering thousands of styles of high-quality fashion clothes with free shipping at a very low cost.


BangGood belongs to cross-border e-commerce and is a B2C company. BangGood often provides incentives for customers:

  • Low-cost or free shipping
  • Credit card, PayPal, Boleto, and more than 20 other secure payment options
  • Professional customer service
  • An affiliate program, allowing you to make money along with Banggood
  • VIP Club
  • Banggood Review Club
  • No minimum order quantities
  • Banggood mobile app

8. TEMU – Wholesale price anytime!

Temu started to promote globally in 2022, and it has developed extremely fast. Based on its large-scale advertising, the price is very affordable. The mechanism of inviting new customers to make money has long been ranked first on the shopping list. The product has such an extreme price-performance ratio, it is shein The main competitor of Temu, currently many female customers around the world place orders on Temu, with fast delivery and various styles.


Other Medium-sized Clothing Wholesale Websites in China

Of course, there are other medium-sized clothing wholesale websites in China. Such as ChinaVasion, TBDress, Wholesale7, Maxuce,Yaaku, I will make some brief introduction to these legal medium-sized clothing wholesale websites in China.

Tips: In some blog in Google, there are references to Chinabrands, Maxuce, Tomtop and other clothing wholesale companies no longer being involved in or operating clothes categories due to poor management before the development of relatively early small and medium-sized clothing companies.


  • Zaful – One-stop Online Shop for Fashion

Zaful, part of a global shop founded in 2014 and headquartered in Shenzhen, is a very competitive website for wholesale clothing. Unlike the other websites we have introduced above, Zaful is a boutique wholesale clothing website dedicated to serving people between the ages of 18 and 24, and its product category includes women, men, shoes & ACCS, CURVE + PLUS including women’s swimwear, dresses, jackets & coats, men’s hoodies & sweats, tops, bottoms, handmade accessories and more.

As a fast fashion cross-border e-commerce business, Zaful caters to the fashion trend of young people’s clothing preferences, currently up to 15000 models on the shelf.

In the pursuit of low prices and high quality, Zaful adheres to brand operation. In addition, with independent design ability and supply chain advantages, Zaful only takes 1-2 weeks to upload new products from design to shelves on average, so the design cycle is short, the update is fast, and the daily update of 50-100 models is guaranteed, and users are provided with clothing choices with rich styles and high fashion.

The site’s activity rate is also quite high, with 10.83 million registered users and 17.79 million monthly active users in 2017. Covering consumer groups in more than 180 countries through cross-border e-commerce platforms.

So if you are wholesalers who are also dedicated to doing business with young people and want to sell fashion clothes, Zaful would be a nice choice. Zaful is the leading wholesale clothing website for fast fashion.


  • ChinaVasion

Chinavasion is a China fashion clothing wholesaler & distributor with free global shipping founded in 2004. All products on this site are claimed to have been put through comprehensive quality control, supplier review, arrival inspection, and after-sales feedback monitoring. And it belongs to a comprehensive wholesale website. It’s not just clothes that are sold.


– Free shipping on orders under 2kg.

– Delivered globally within 3-35 days.

– No MOQ.

– Support Paypal and major credit/debit cards.



– Some clothes are a little bit more expensive than other Chinese wholesalers.

– Lack of a wide range of items.

– Delays might happen during order processing and shipping.

– Free shipping on orders under 2kg.

– Delivered globally within 3-35 days.

– No MOQ.

– Support Paypal and major credit/debit cards.


  • TBDress

TBDress is a fashion clothing dropshipping wholesaler & wholesale vendor in China. It provides free and fast shipping to buyers from the US, Europe, Australia, Asia, and other 230 territories worldwide.

As the name suggests, TBDress’s signature clothes are wholesale designer dresses in different styles, including floral, maxi, bodycon, day, long-sleeve, sheath, lace, party, sweater, sexy, and open-back.


– Free delivery on purchases over $109.

– Global shipping within 14 business days.

– No MOQ.

– 10% off orders over $2,000.

– Pay via PayPal, credit cards, bank transfers, IDEAL, Klanar, and WebMoney.



– No free delivery for wedding dresses, clothing for events, and shoes.

– Take 15-20 days to process dresses.

– Free delivery on purchases over $109.

– Global shipping within 14 business days.

– No MOQ.

– 10% off orders over $2,000.

– Pay via PayPal, credit cards, bank transfers, IDEAL, Klanar, and WebMoney.


  • Yaaku

Yaaku is an online clothing wholesale and retail store based in Guangzhou, China. They offer a wide range of products as one of the most popular clothing websites. The Yaaku service is affordable for everyone, regardless of where they live or who they are.

They provide services to more than 50 nations around the world. Yaaku offers lightning-fast service at wholesale rates, whether you’re a wholesaler trying to boost your profits or a customer looking for the greatest selection of clothing online.


  • Wholesale7

Wholesale7 is also a wholesale boutique clothing website built by the Chinese team. This site is also targeted at fast-fashion clothing, just like Zaful.

What makes these two websites different is that Wholesale7 mainly focuses on the production and sales of Japanese and Korean styles, most of which come from professional cutting-edge fashion magazine websites such as Ruili, COCO, and non-no. Wholesale7’s main selling areas are Europe, America, and the Middle East.

What makes Wholesale7 stand out is not only its distinctive clothing style but also its price. Compared with the major clothing wholesale networks, it is not difficult to find that the price of single clothing in Wholesale7 is lower than that of other fast fashion websites of the same type, and the quality is comparable.

So for clothing wholesalers who want to pursue novelty and fashion, Wholesaler7 is a more cost-effective choice for China wholesale clothing suppliers.


  • Import Express

Import Express offers roughly 200 distinct clothing products & accessories on Import Express, along with a decent number of items in other categories.


– Free shipping on orders over $99.

– Worldwide delivery within 5-35 days via China Post Registered Air Mail, Epacket, CNE, JECX, DHL, etc.

– Low MOQ (many products have no MOQ).

– Accept Paypal, credit cards, and bank wire transfers.



– Lack a wide variety of clothing.

– Shipping delays might happen.



Why Can B2C Clothing Websites Do Wholesale?

Which of the above Chinese fashion clothing wholesale websites are B2C and B2B? Next, I will distinguish which are B2C, which are the main B2B clothing wholesale websites, and which do dropshipping business.


The reason why I will also list B2C websites is that many B2C websites are very good choices for small sellers or new entrepreneurs. For example, if you are in retail, the pre-order quantity is not large or not meet the B2B suppliers’ MOQ, You can directly order a small amount of goods on the B2C website to sell.

The prices of these clothing websites in China are extremely cheap, such as SHEIN. A lady’s dress’ retail price on Shein is only $10 to $15, so you can sell a small amount at your own independent station.

In addition, some B2C clothing websites offer dropshipping services. For example, if you use AliExpress’s dropshipping service, customers can place orders on your website. If you use AliExpress’s dropshipping service, you can have Chinese suppliers ship directly to your customers directly.


So far, this article has introduced a total of the top 8 best China large clothing wholesale websites and 5 medium-sized best China clothing wholesale websites, including well-known large websites such as Alibaba and medium-sized websites such as wholesale7, which specialize in clothing sales, but China’s clothing wholesale network is far more than that. In addition to the leading websites I mentioned above, there are still many small independent websites on the market, which is also a good choice.

A clothing wholesale network is a finishing touch for wholesalers, especially novice wholesalers, they not only directly provide channels, sources, customers, and platforms, but also provide corresponding guidance for wholesalers. Such as search bar, similar sellers, and so on.

At the same time, clothing wholesale networks generally have large companies as backstage protectors. Even if you do business with small shops on the website, you do not have to worry about damage to interests or the non-delivery of payment. The security measures on the website are very good.

Reasonable protection of the interests of wholesalers, from the selection of goods to the receipt of goods to the final after-sales work, can be carried out directly on the website, transparent and direct. The risk of being cheated is extremely low.

Clothing wholesale is a tedious process. It is true that the China wholesale website can provide convenience, but you will also need to deal with specific selection, sales, and product promotion. If you still find it difficult to find a suitable clothing supplier, you can hand over the job of finding suppliers to China sourcing agents, which is also a very efficient and common practice in the current e-commerce industry.

FAQ about China Clothing Websites

Q: Can anyone buy wholesale clothing online?

Online platforms have no problem with your purchase, and whether you can receive the goods depends on your country’s customs policy. If large quantities of goods require customs clearance, you should consult your country’s customs clothing import policy; if only cross-border express delivery, either you do the declaration or the platform does it.

Q: Where is most clothing manufactured in China?

It’s not an exaggeration to say that almost all clothing products are made in China. There are around 50 textile clusters in China. Guangdong, Shandong, Zhejiang, Fujian, and Jiangsu are the 5 provinces that account for 70% of the country’s total textile production.

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