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Value Added Services

High-quality Value Added Services refer to the assistance that helps you efficiently and effectively complete all tasks in China.

Value Added Servies During Importing from China

Warehouse storage, mold development, design service, certification application, factory inspection, interpretation, or even travel guide. Anything you could imagine or anything you need when sourcing from China can be handled by the value-added services of Ruizhi sourcing. With the totally worry-free service system, you have the ability to focus on the products instead of wasting time and energy on trivial things.

The purpose of our value-added services is to remove the obstacles in the way of business to the greatest extent. So, when you come to cooperate with us, what you need to do is focus on your creation, and we make it real.


Manufacturing Sourcing

We’ll use various tools like online searches, phone calls, enterprise credit inquiry apps, and our existing manufacturer database to help you source and verify the best manufacturing sources for your needs.

Our process includes screening reliable manufacturers based on their geographic location, size, pricing, quality, creditworthiness, and customer reviews along the industry chain.

Factory Inspection

Concerned about factory qualifications when sourcing products from China? Our professional team can assist with on-site inspections even if you’re unable to visit in person. We’ll carefully inspect all aspects of the factory you designate, from the production environment to processes, and provide you with comprehensive supplier information and evaluation criteria.

– Manufacturer Info
– Evaluation Criteria


Mold Development

Mold development is also a crucial part of our value-added services. We collect the ideas, drawings, or some other relevant information about your intended products, and then find and choose reliable manufacturers (die casting/metal stamping/Injection molding process) to open molds. Samples will be produced according to the mold and sent to you to be confirmed until it meets your expectations.

– Structural Data Confirmation
– Mold Arrangement Schedule
– Mold Developing contract

Package Design

We help many well-known enterprises design product packaging. A package that matches the product can improve not only the visual effect but also the grade.

According to your brand VI, user positioning, and product functions, we will take into account the design of other auxiliary materials to ensure that the packaging is consistent with your product positioning.

– Packing Drawing Confirmation
– Digital Sample Confirmation


Quality Inspection

We offer comprehensive quality inspection services that cover all key stages of your product’s lifecycle, including component delivery, production commencement, first product completion, 30% order completion, packaging initiation, and shipment.

Our goal is to minimize the likelihood of any quality issues in your product shipments by ensuring quality inspections at every step.

– Quality Inspection Plan
– Quality Inspection Report


All businessmen know how important is the certification application. As an experienced China sourcing agent, We have the ability to assist in certificate applications according to your country’s import certification requirements, including but not limited to FDA / FCC / DOT / UL / CPSC / CE/ ENEC / ROHS / GS / BS.


Product Photography

We assist customers in capturing product promotion photos, creating scene diagrams, and designing detailed function diagrams. Our expertise stems from our in-depth product knowledge and years of experience in photography gained from involvement in the entire product development process. Many customers entrust this task to us with confidence.

– Product drawing / Scene Diagrams
– Detailed Function Diagrams

Warehouse Storage

“Where can I store my bulk goods when sourcing from China?”, “What can I do if I failed to book the shipping space for my cargo?” So many factors can lead you to need warehouse storage services.

To meet the diverse needs of our clients, we offer several warehouses in different locations such as Yiwu, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Vietnam, and Thailand. You can choose the one that suits your needs the best.


Dropshipping Service

Our advantage is good communication, fast shipping, reliability, and real price, after all, we have a lot of e-commerce customers and rich experience in fulfillment, reducing the trouble for customers to communicate with both sourcing agents and other dropshipping agents.

Private Lable

We excel in offering private label and customized products, depending on the product category. Our private label products range from simple to complex, and we can modify them by changing labels, stickers, and designing individual packaging with branded logos.

We can also modify the products’ functions or appearance or create completely customized products. At Ruizhi Sourcing, we are here to help you customize your own private-label products.


Arrange Shipping

We’ll assist in preparing all necessary documents (commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, bill of lading, air waybill, and arrival notice) for customs declaration.

For unique products, we’ll communicate with customers beforehand to ensure compliance with both Chinese and importing country customs requirements. We’ll also secure dependable forwarders to deliver your products securely to your warehouse.
– Commercial Invoice/Packing List,
– Certificate of Origin,
– Bill of Lading/Air Waybill/Arrival Notice


The language barrier can create many obstacles, but things can be made simpler for both parties with the help of a trustworthy sourcing company that offers free interpretation services.

At Ruizhi Sourcing, we are a leading China sourcing agent that provides such services. We have a team of professional interpreters who can assist you in various languages and accompany you during business tours and exhibitions.


Travel Guide

We can also customize travel routes and arrange professional interpreters to deal with travel matters such as food, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping, and entertainment for the entire itinerary.

We Have Served More Than 900+ Clients

We offer various services to different clients, including dropshipping, private labeling, and accompanying at exhibitions. Our familiarity with the Chinese supply chain, product expertise, and seamless communication have garnered praise from numerous clients. Several exemplary cases can help you better understand our capabilities.

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