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Exported Country: Vietnam
Customer: Chain Retail
Delivery Time: 55 days
I. How to design the demo mode of the watch to match the client’s needs.
II. The problem of electroplating oxidation in zinc alloy watch cases.
III. The problem of oxidation of watch straps.
Ⅳ. How to make the e-commerce aesthetic products with a feeling of big brand?


Feb/11 2022
Vietnam - Mobile World Watch Requirements Background

Client’s background: MWG Group of Vietnam and its subsidiaries provide sales and maintenance services for telephone, information technology equipment and accessories, cameras, digital equipment, electronic equipment, home appliances and related accessories in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, there are more than 2300 local 3C shops, taking up 65% of the country’s market share. First born in August 2020, the BEFIT brand is a well-known brand of smart wear created by MWG Group in Vietnam. MWG planned to launch an affordable smartwatch explosive product featuring a thin, sporty, stylish and young look in May 2022.

May/10 2022
The Product Was Successfully Launched and Began Local Sales and Media Promotion in Vietnam.

After 25 days of the tripartite communication and coordination (Ruizhi Sourcing – factory – MWG) as well as the proofing and sample confirmation, plus 1 month of production (raw material follow-up – production quality inspection – quality test report – shipping spot inspection), the product was successfully launched.

Youtube promotion Terminal display Online sales
Feb/15 2022
The MWG Client in Vietnam Made A Purchase Request Based on Market Research.

After communicating with the MWG client in Vietnam, because the last launch of the product Befit S1 terminal feedback some of the poor user experience, the client requires that Ruizhi sourcing must solve these key problems one by one. the following requests were made in this Befit B3 project.

  • Client’s requirement

Exported Countries: Vietnam

Product: BEFIT BEU B3 Smartwatch

Quantity: 15000 sets

Budget:  $**~$**

Client’s requirements for products: demo mode+ high-end textures+ Custom optimization

1. The demo mode needs to be developed in order to attract customers offline.

2. The APP and the watch need undertaking deep customization to meet the local usage habits of Vietnamese people.

3. The product has to be textured and its gold oxidation problem needs to be dealt with.

4. Functional flaws need to be addressed.

5. Packaging needs to be customized

Feb/15 2022
Sourcing and Select the Right Factories.

We had preliminary discussions with three factories in our supplier pool that we have been working with for a long time about the details of the products to be confirmed, customization requirements, and possible difficulties.

Smartwatch Manufacturer – Shenzhen **** Technology Co.

CPU Solution Manufacturer – Shenzhen **** Technology Co.

Feb/18 2022
Ruizhi Sourcing Team Met Internally to Set Up The Project Team.

After discussions with the factories and communicating the details with the client, the team met to discuss and analyze the situation and identified several difficulties that needed to be addressed.

– How to design the demo mode of the watch to match the client’s needs

Reason: The client’s business model is an offline superstore model, and in order to better serve as an attraction and experience effect, the watch is required to develop a demo mode (e.g. displaying various functions in a mobile phone experience shop in a loop).

1. This type of product has not been used as a demo product and there are few similar demo products on the market at this price point.

Solution: We set up a special team with the motherboard solution manufacturer and dissected the products of current watch brands with demo projects. We used the existing UI in the watch’s memory to create a dynamic demo software with a script that aims to fully demonstrate the watch’s functionality.

2. How to balance the tipping point between demo products and conventional commercial products so that the demo product can be used as a commercial product without having an effect on the experience of the product itself?

Solution: The demo script we have developed takes up only 8.3KB and has no impact on the various UI images and algorithms stored in the watch’s own Flash. By hiding the access, the user cannot access it without being informed, except for the 8.3KB memory footprint, which is no different to a conventional commercial product.

3. If the watch is left in demo mode for a long time, this is bound to cause irreversible damage to the product’s battery. What should be done to solve the problem of aging and overcharging damage to the battery?

Solution: We have optimized the adaptive charging of the watch by setting the battery to trickle charge at high potential. When the battery voltage is at a high battery potential, the charging current is set to trickle charging. Reducing the charging current can effectively protect the battery from being charged at high current for long periods of time at high potential.

4. The existing watch charger is a wired charging cable, which conflicts with the placement of the display stand. (Imbalance in the focus of placement).

Solution: Match the watch to the corresponding carrier charger available on the market, which will support the watch well and keep it firmly on the display stand.

– The problem of electroplating oxidation in zinc alloy watch cases.

Reason: Unlike traditional watches made of stainless steel, zinc alloy material has become the first choice for low to mid-range smartwatches with the advantages of low price and good color effect of the processed case surface.

The problem of electroplating oxidation has always been one of the most difficult problems for all the major manufacturers, with the gold oxidation problem in particular being the most difficult to solve. The client in Vietnam is particularly fond of gold, so how to handle it well was one of the difficulties of this order.


A. Internal solutions

1. We carry out cleaning of material debris, acid tank cleaning, cleaning of possible chemical or oil residues on the surface of the zinc alloy material and effective removal of static electricity from the surface of the product after the case details have been processed by the computer numerically controlled machine.

Copper plating: The zinc alloy surface is copper plated to increase the adhesion and corrosion resistance of the plating layer.

Nickel plating: The semi-finished product with copper plating is nickel plated to increase the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the product.

Chrome plating: The semi-finished product is chrome plated to increase the overall smoothness of the surface and to improve rust resistance.

2. After the water plating is completed, the workers are uniformly dressed in clean gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints, sweat, impurities, etc. on the case and surface of the watch.

3. The finished case is subjected to a 72-hour salt spray test.

4. After the electroplating is complete, we apply an anti-fingerprint oil coating to its surface. This coating can effectively prevent the adhesion of fingerprints, oils, etc. and is colorless and transparent. It can effectively isolate large areas from oxidation, improve scratch and abrasion resistance and enhance the user’s feel.

5. When watch cases are incoming, we arrange for full inspection by our workers and do not pass any product that has failed in electroplating.

B. External solutions

1. When each watch is packaged, a packet of de-oxygenating desiccant is added to each color box and the color box is plastic sealed. This keeps the watch surface clean and dry and insulates it from external oxygen.

2. For the packaging of the outer box, in addition to using k=k material, we have surrounded the outer box with multiple layers of plastic transparent film to prevent damage and moisture. This to some extent insulates the packaging from external oxygen, delays oxidation and protects it from moisture even after long storage in the warehouse.

– The problem of oxidation of watch straps

Solution: UV modification of silicone (grey and beige): it is a process of curing the silicone oil that precipitates out of the silicone surface by applying ultraviolet light to the silicone products.

1. It acts as a static eliminator and sterilizer for silicone straps. It forms a cured protective layer on the surface of the silicone strap, which tightens the molecular structure of the silicone surface and at the same time removes the silicone stickiness and avoids absorbing dust.

2. This process does not require any additives to the strap and does not require spraying. It only requires ultraviolet light to be applied to the strap using professional equipment. It can also effectively avoid uneven thicknesses and missed areas during the coating process of the silicone hand oil and is more environmentally friendly.

3. Since UV modification is not an addition of other materials attached to the silicone, but is achieved by UV light, the durability and duration of the effect are much higher than that of silicone hand oil.

– How to make the e-commerce aesthetic products with a feeling of big brand?

1. The original watch base is made of plastic material, untreated, with an uneven surface and plastic texture, which brings down the appearance and quality of the product.

Technological treatment Solutions:

① The IML process was adopted after taking reference from watch cases such as the iWatch. A hardened transparent film with a printed pattern layer in the middle and a plastic layer on the back makes the product resistant to scratches and rubbing, and keeps the color vivid and non-fading for a long time, making the heart rate lens blend perfectly with the base case, which is warm and smooth to touch and comfortable to wear. The product’s quality is greatly enhanced in terms of appearance and wearing experience.

② For the watch strap, we have chosen to match the liquid skin feeling silicone material as the watch strap, which enhances both the subtle visual effects and the wearing experience.

2. Packaging: The original product packaging design is mainly in dark tones, with no outstanding points at first impression. The EVA inside the packaging is poorly textured and does not give a stunning visual experience when opening the packaging.

Packaging solutions:

① In order to meet the client’s positioning of the B3 product: a young, fashionable watch, we got the client’s approval and designed a color box with a simple and elegant appearance in white tones, taking into account the packaging methods that are well received by the younger generation on the market.

② Replace the original packaging of inferior EVA with a new EVA material with a density of 70 and apply a layer of white card on the supporting surface to improve both its appearance and its supporting capacity.

③ With reference to the packaging of major mobile phone brands, we have customized a layer of white transparent snap-in blister between the top cover and the product, which can effectively avoid the collision between the watch head and the packaging in transit, and at the same time play a dual role of protection and aesthetics.

④ After referring to the packaging of major mobile phone brands, we plasticized the outside of the lid and base box, sourcing a thicker plastic film that also serves to protect the watch, insulate it from oxygen and provide aesthetic appeal.

Feb/20 2022
Ruizhi Sourcing Colin Organized The First Version of The Sample Output.

Colin, the purchasing agent in Ruizhi Sourcing, met with the motherboard solution maker **** and the smartwatch maker **** to discuss, finalize and prepare for the first version of sample output from material quality standards, process standards and details, customization details, packaging standards, and acceptance standards.

May/20 2022
Sample Confirmation within 25 Days

Within 25 days, we had refined the requirements of the client in depth, optimizing every detail as much as possible. The aim was to provide the client with accurate data feedback, comfortable UI interaction and a good wearing experience.

Every field modification, function implementation and packaging detail was confirmed with the client by video, and a pre-production sample was sent via DHL for final confirmation.

Bottom case Watch strap Color box
Language customization Demo mode entry Plastic sealing
Mar/20 2022
Order Confirmation and Shipment.

March,20th,2022, After receiving the samples, the client was very satisfied and placed an order with Ruizhi Sourcing, requesting delivery to the specified logistics within 30 days.

Apr,20th,2022, We went to each of the three factories to inspect the goods one by one. After passing the spot inspection, we notified the factories to ship, did the corresponding export materials and declared the shipment.

Purchase Order Shipment
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