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What Is a Sourcing Company? – The Ultimate Guide

What’s A Sourcing Company?

Imagine you have an idea for a product-based business and want to start your own company. But how?

How will you find the right manufacturers?

From where to get raw material?

Who will ensure quality?

Will the product get delivered timely?

This is where a sourcing company helps you!

A sourcing company is a business that helps its clients locate suppliers and manufacturers and provides services such as quality control, warehousing, planning, logistics, and customer service. If you want to import products from other countries for your business, a sourcing company will negotiate with suppliers and will take care of everything until the product reaches you for sale.

What Services Will Sourcing Companies Provide?

A sourcing company is a one-stop solution to all your product procurement needs and can provide the following services:

1. Supplier Identification

Sourcing companies can help identify and assess potential suppliers and manufacturers based on the client’s requirements, such as product specifications, quality standards, and low costs.

2. Negotiation and Contracting

They negotiate with suppliers on behalf of their clients to secure profitable terms, including pricing, payment terms, delivery schedules, etc.

3. Quality Control and Inspection

Sourcing companies conduct quality control checks and inspections to ensure that the products meet the specified quality standards before final shipping.

4. Cost Analysis and Reduction

Sourcing companies analyze the supply chain to identify cost-saving opportunities and strategies, such as bulk purchasing and process optimization.

5. Logistics and Shipping Management

They also coordinate and manage the transportation, shipping, and customs clearance for imported or exported goods to ensure efficient delivery to the client.

6. Risk Assessment and Management

Sourcing companies identify and mitigate potential risks associated with procurement. The potential risks include problems in the supply chain and currency fluctuations.

7. Regulatory Compliance

Sourcing companies also ensure that all procurement activities comply with local and international regulations and standards.

8. Supplier Management

Sourcing companies maintain and manage relationships with suppliers, monitor the performance of the vendors, and tackle any issues that arise during production.

9. New Product Development

They help new product-based businesses by collaborating with suppliers on product design, development, prototyping, and sampling.

10. Factory Audits

Sourcing companies may also inspect manufacturing facilities to ensure they meet the necessary standards and the quality of the product is maintained.


Who Needs A Sourcing Company?

Sourcing companies offer a range of services designed to help businesses thrive in the complex world of sourcing products, materials, and services. But what kind of business needs a sourcing company? Here is a list of types of enterprises that might need sourcing companies:

1. Small And Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Small and medium-sized enterprises often face resource limitations that can restrict their growth. Sourcing companies can help them by providing access to global suppliers, and negotiating favorable terms.  Whether it’s sourcing raw materials or finding suppliers for their products, SMEs can greatly benefit from the expertise and network of sourcing companies.

2. Startups

Startups at their initial stage may lack the industry knowledge and supplier connections needed to source materials or products efficiently. Sourcing companies can provide essential support in identifying reliable suppliers, negotiating favorable contracts, and getting their businesses off the ground.

3. Large Enterprises

Large corporations with well-established procurement departments can turn to sourcing companies for their needs. Sourcing companies offer specialized expertise and access to suppliers in regions where a corporation may not have a presence.

4. E-commerce Businesses

E-commerce requires businesses to source a wide range of products from various suppliers. Sourcing companies help e-commerce businesses maintain uniform product quality, and manage logistics while ensuring the smooth operation of their online stores.

5. Importers And Exporters

Companies involved in international trade often depend on sourcing companies to facilitate cross-border transactions. Sourcing companies can handle customs compliance, shipping logistics, and sourcing products from various countries, making international trade more accessible and manageable.

6. Retailers

Retailers looking to diversify their product offerings or add private-label items to their stores can utilize the services and network of sourcing companies to identify and negotiate with manufacturers.

7. Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturers that require specific components, raw materials, or parts often seek sourcing companies to find reliable suppliers and streamline their supply chains. This ensures that production processes run smoothly and efficiently.

8. Inventors

Inventors and entrepreneurs looking to create and launch innovative products to market may require help with product development, manufacturing, and sourcing. Sourcing companies can guide them through the entire product lifecycle.

Top 10 Sourcing Companies List in China

Here is a list of top sourcing company names of China and sourcing company website links:

1. Ruizhi Sourcing

Ruizhi Sourcing is a top sourcing agent in China with a background in management. From product engineering to manufacturing, they provide consulting services to take care of everything in your business so that you can focus on selling your product. With 13 years of experience in sourcing and strong overseas cultural knowledge, they serve clients from all across the globe.

Website: https://www.rz-sourcing.com

Founded in: 2010

Areas of expertise: New Product development,  product sourcing, manufacturing consultation.

2. Dragon Sourcing

Dragon Sourcing provides services to businesses that want to source products from low-cost nations to increase long-term savings. Through collaboration, direct sourcing, and risk management, they help their clients to maximize profits.

Website: https://www.dragonsourcing.com

Founded in: 2004

Areas of expertise: Industrial Items, packaging, DIY products, laboratory items, promotional items, etc

3. Imex Sourcing

Imex sourcing modernizes the process of sourcing by using technology. With experience in sourcing and project management, they provide end-to-end sourcing, quality control, and inspection services. Their custom-designed software caters to the needs of e-commerce sellers and expedites the entire sourcing process.

Website: https://imexsourcingservices.com

Founded in: 2009

Areas of expertise: Sourcing, Project management, Quality Control, and inspection services

4. Meeno Group

Meeno’s experience and understanding of the Chinese sourcing process help clients find the most cost-effective products in China. They also provide quality inspection, warehouse storage, and custom clearance services.

Website: https://www.meenogroup.com

Founded in: 2017

Areas of expertise: Home decor, home appliances, clothing, toys, etc.

5. Keen Sourcing

Keen Sourcing is a top sourcing company in China that helps startups and e-commerce sellers to source low-cost and high-quality products from China. Their comprehensive product sourcing services also include price negotiation, production monitoring, quality inspection, and everything required till the final product reaches you.

Website: https://www.keensourcing.com

Founded in: 2006

Areas of expertise: New product development and consumer products

6. Guided Imports

Guided Imports assists enterprises of all sizes in procuring products manufactured in China and bridges the gap between businesses and Chinese factories. They facilitate the sourcing process and ensure efficiency in production and quality of goods.

Website: https://guidedimports.com

Founded in: 2012

Areas of expertise: Entire assistance in sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics processes

7. Sourcing Bro

SourcingBro is a dedicated dropshipping fulfillment agent that offers customized purchase solutions to simplify your e-commerce operations. From sourcing to packaging and from inventory management to shipping, they take care of the entire process for you to run your business efficiently.

Website: https://sourcingbro.com

Founded In: 2016

Areas of expertise: Purchasing, fulfillment, shipping

8. Linc Sourcing

Linc Sourcing is a sourcing agent that works as your outsourced procurement department in China. When you work with Linc Source, you get your purchase team that manages your entire supply chain including supplier sourcing, price negotiations, legal help, quality control, etc.

Website: https://www.lincsourcing.com

Founded In: 1995

Areas of expertise: Furniture parts, water treatment products, electric cables, automotive parts, etc.

9. Supplyia

Apart from being a product-sourcing company, Supplyia offers a variety of services including inspection, shipping, and third-party logistics. If you’re looking for a reliable sourcing agent that can assist you in importing products from China while managing the complete supply chain, Supplyia is your go-to agent.

Website: https://www.supplyia.com

Founded In: 2013

Areas of expertise: Product sourcing and supply chain management

10. Easy Imex

Easy Imex provides comprehensive and end-to-end service from sourcing to product development and from quality control to shipping. They focus on reductions, risk mitigation, and quality assurance to maximize their clients’ profits.

Website: https://easyimex.com

Founded in: 2004

Areas of expertise: Furniture, pet products, electronics, home and garden, etc.

Top 5 Sourcing Companies List in the US

Here is a sourcing company list of top companies in the USA:

1. EDS International

EDS International is one of the top players in the industry having almost 40 years of experience in sourcing services. They provide manufacturing services with engineering facilities and deliver scalable and end-to-end procurement services.

Website: https://eds-international.com

Founded In: 1948

Areas of expertise: Industrial parts and components

2. Rocket Distributors

Rocket Distributors’ association with leading manufacturers around the world allows them to provide high-quality products in the United States. Their factory-direct and direct-to-business distribution cuts the costs from the supply chain and helps businesses increase their profits.

Website: https://rocketdistributors.com

Founded in: 2020

Areas of expertise: On-demand product sourcing, direct-to-business supply chain, customized packaging and labeling

3. Raines International Trade Agency

The Raines International Trade Agency provides a range of solutions for sourcing goods, products, and raw materials. Registered and located in the USA, the company actively participates in international trade initiatives around the globe and works directly with suppliers and manufacturers.

Website: http://www.rainesita.com/main_page.html

Founded In: 2010

Areas of expertise: Crude oils, edible oils, grains, and iron ore

4. Fazaz Global Concept

Fazaz Global Concepts is a sourcing company that uses advanced machines and technologies to test the products from vendors and dealers to ensure quality. Their experience, machinery, and talented team of experts will help you in getting the required quantities of products in time.

Website: http://www.fazazglobalconcepts.com/about-us.htm

Founded In: 2012

Areas of expertise: Agro products, poultry products, vegetable oil, etc.

5. Stratus Industries

It’s a full-service manufacturer providing fulfillment services, contract manufacturing services, and assembly and kitting services. They handle the entire supply chain process, with additional services like inventory management, finishing, and product delivery.

Website: https://www.stratusindustries.com

Founded In: 2012

Areas of expertise: CNC machining, contract manufacturing, kitting and fulfillment

Joey Gan
Article by:
Joey Gan
The Co-founder of Ruizhi Sourcing. With 10 years of experience in the field of sourcing in China, we help 1k+ clients import from China and customize new products.. Contact with me at Linkedin
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