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Top 15 Yiwu Sourcing Agents You Can Trust for Your Import Needs

Introduction to Yiwu

Known by many as the world’s largest wholesale market of small commodities, Yiwu is a huge wholesale market that specializes in cheap, small goods for resale. If you’ve ever seen a label with the inscription ‘Made in China,’ there’s a high chance that Yiwu is the region of China where your product originated.

In fact, according to some reports, Yiwu accounts for almost 60% of the global supply of small consumables. This city in China also attracts 500,000 foreign producers every year and contains nearly 40,000 wholesale shops selling almost every commodity imaginable.

If you’re looking to source goods for your brick-and-mortar or eCommerce store, Yiwu should be your go-to for cheap, small products that you can sell for a reasonable profit margin. There’s just one catch.

From most stores in the US, Europe, and beyond, traveling to China can be a challenging experience if you’re unfamiliar with the area’s culture, language, or layout.

You can easily end up spending more on a product than it’s actually worth, as well as failing to successfully navigate yourself around the world’s largest wholesale market. That’s where a Yiwu sourcing agent comes in.

Here’s what a Yiwu sourcing agent does and the 15 most trustworthy sourcing agents to look after all your important needs.

Yiwu Sourcing Agent

A Yiwu sourcing agent helps you navigate the culture, language, and logistics of the Yiwu market while providing other services, such as warehouse storage and shipping. Even if you have contacts in the Yiwu wholesale market, you’ll still benefit from working with a Yiwu sourcing agency. Here’s why.

– Support with logistics

Some Yiwu sourcing agents will organize logistics for your visit to Yiwu, such as picking you up at the airport and helping you to find accommodation and services like car hire.

– Market guidance

The Yiwu wholesale market is one of the biggest markets in the world, and it can be confusing for newcomers. Your sourcing agent will know their way around the Yiwu wholesale market like the back of their hand, and they’ll be able to use their expertise to guide you around the space or shop around on your behalf.

– Overcome language barriers

When navigating the Yiwu wholesale market, there’s no guarantee that the suppliers speak English or your mother tongue. Thanks to their experience working with foreign buyers, sourcing agents typically have a good level of English that they can use to translate your conversations with wholesalers.

– Negotiate prices

When you’re buying products in bulk, you understandably want to get the best price possible for your products. Thanks to their translation abilities and understanding of the market in China, a Yiwu sourcing agent can help you negotiate with wholesalers to get the best price for your product.

– Product monitoring & warehousing

If you’re traveling to China while still running a business, there’s a high likelihood you won’t be able to stay over there while you wait for your products to be produced.

Many sourcing agents will track the product creation process for you, with some even offering warehouse facilities where you can store your products once they’ve been created. While your products are in these warehouses, your sourcing agent may even offer to perform a quality control check on them.

These are just some of the reasons you should consider working with a sourcing agent if you import products from Yiwu. Now, on to which agents we’d recommend.

Top 15 Yiwu Sourcing Agents

Here are the best Yiwu sourcing agents for your import needs.

1- Ruizhi Sourcing

Ruizhi Sourcing is a top China sourcing agent that specializes in sourcing products and product engineering services. they serve clients all over the world, including E-commerce sellers, brand owners, industrial design firms, and crowdfunding entrepreneurs.

  • Number of employees: 25+
  • Established time: 13 years

2- Jingsourcing

Founded in 2015 and located near the Yiwu International Trade City, Jingsourcing is a professional and reliable sourcing agent with more than 4000 happy clients on its books.

Alongside sourcing your products, Jingsourcing provides a warehouse where you can keep your stock and professional solutions such as private label, product development, full inspections, and excellent payment terms.

  • Number of employees: 100+
  • Established time: 8 years

3- Supplyia

Originally trading under the name Huasong until 2020, Supplyia is a professional sourcing agent that offers a start-to-finish process. They won’t only support you in the sourcing process, but this small agency also covers quality control, storage, and low-cost shipping.

  • Number of employees: 20-50
  • Established time: 10 years

4- TonySourcing

If you’re looking to import toys from China, TonySourcing should be your go-to sourcing agent. The agency knows everything there is to know about the Chinese wholesale toy market, and it offers factor visits, quality control, and shipping.

  • Number of employees: 10+
  • Established time: 10+ years

5- Bestfulfill

Bestfulfill specializes in various solutions, including product sourcing, dropshipping, third-party logistics, and inventory storage. With a reputation for excellence, Bestfulfill is one of the larger agencies and has a high level of expertise to help those unfamiliar with the Yiwu wholesale market.

  • Number of employees: 70+
  • Established time: 9 years

6- MySourcify

Offering a free product sourcing service for which you don’t pay until your products are purchased, MySourcify is one of the leading Yiwu sourcing agents – and for a good reason. The team is friendly and professional, and the fee (5%-10%) includes services such as quality control, warehousing, and shipping.

  • Number of employees: 30+
  • Established time: 11 years

7- Sellers Union

Sellers Union has been established for more than two decades, and its large team means it’s one of the best Yiwu sourcing agents for speaking a range of foreign languages and dealing with businesses based outside of just the US and Europe.

  • Number of employees: 1200+
  • Established time: 23 years

8- Meeno Group

With a stellar reputation and a team of hard-working staff, Meeno Group can manage complex orders and offer the full set of services, including professional factory audits, a free sourcing consultancy, and storage.

  • Number of employees: 25+
  • Established time: 5+ years

9- Golden Shiny

Golden Shiny offers an end-to-end process, from an airport pick-up to help you arrive safely in Yiwu to a shipping service to get your nearly purchased goods straight to your door.

  • Number of employees: 3+
  • Established time: Not listed online

10- Skylark

Skylark is one of the leading Yiwu sourcing agencies and cooperates with customers from over 150 countries, giving the agency an excellent understanding of exports and imports and other languages.

  • Number of employees: 200+
  • Established time: 20+

11- Nichedropshipping

Nichedropshipping is known for being a successful dropshipping provider but also a sourcing agent that allows you to get started with zero upfront costs. With Nichedropshipping, you can buy in bulk at factory prices from verified suppliers.

  • Number of employees: 15+
  • Established time: Not listed online

12- Sourcing Bro

The brainchild of founder Jack Zhou, Sourcing Bro aims to overcome the common gripes that businesses have with sourcing agents by providing a professional, reliable service.

  • Number of employees: 2+
  • Established time: 7 years

13- Ejet Sourcing

Founded back in 2006, Eject Sourcing has sourced more than 25,000 products and dealt with over 2100 happy customers during its time as a sourcing agent.

  • Number of employees: 100+
  • Established time: 17 years

14- JustChinaIt

The perfect sourcing agent for small businesses, JustChinaIt offers an all-in-one fulfillment solution that provides feedback on orders in just 8 hours.

  • Number of employees: 10+
  • Established time: 12 years

15- Easy Imex

This UK-owned sourcing company has operated in China for nearly two decades, so you can get the benefits of sourcing from China without the risks.

  • Number of employees: 30+
  • Established time: 16 years

How to Choose from the 15 Best Yiwu Sourcing Agents

We’ve collated the top 15 sourcing agents, but some will undoubtedly be more suited to your needs than others. Here’s how to choose the best one.

Step1: On-site inspection

Visiting the agency’s site is one way to assess their suitability. You’re looking for a safe, clean, professional environment in which staff can access adequate amenities and all the services on offer can be successfully completed.

Step2: Email with a list of questions

If you don’t have time for a visit or a video call, email the agency instead with a list of questions. That way, they can send detailed responses with adequate time to gather all the information you need.

Questions list for selecting sourcing agent

1. Are you a one-person service provider or do you have a team?

2. What’s your exact location?

3. What is your own annual Turnover?

4. What services does your company provide?

5. How long have you been working as a sourcing agent? Have you worked with clients in the country of My Country? If so, I would appreciate it if you could kindly provide me with a few reviews.

6. Do you have a business license(s) and would you kindly be able to provide me with a copy.

7. Is your team good at speaking English? We are used to conducting TEAMS meeting with French so being able to speak in English is essential.

8. Are you specialized in sourcing certain products/certain industries?

9. Have you worked with suppliers from Alibaba before?

10. Will you be able to share factory addresses?

11. What is your qualifying process and criteria to judge and accept a new supplier?

12. Do you perform a quality inspection or do you hire a third party company?

13. How do you charge for your service?

Step3: Book an online video conference

If you can’t get to China for an in-person meeting, booking an online video call offers the next best option.

Step4: Offline inspection or interview

By interviewing an agency and inspecting its results, you’ll get an overview not just of the quality of its product sourcing but also of its professionalism and English language skills.

Finding the right Yiwu sourcing agent for your needs doesn’t have to be difficult, but it’s certainly a must if you want to understand how to navigate this wholesale market.

By choosing one of our recommended agencies and seeing whether they match your criteria, you’ll find the right agency for you that can help you select products that keep your customers happy.

FAQs about Yiwu Sourcing Agents

Q1: How much does a Yiwu sourcing agent cost?

There’s no one price you can expect to pay for a Yiwu sourcing agent, but in general, you’ll pay them around 5% to 10% commission on the order cost.

Q2: Can sourcing agents in other places do the same job as Yiwu sourcing agents?

There are sourcing agents worldwide, but few will have the same level of language and expertise to work in the Chinese wholesale market as Yiwu sourcing agents. By choosing an agency based locally, you’ll access knowledge that you simply won’t find elsewhere.

Q3: Are there any risks to dealing with Yiwu sourcing agents?

When you find a sourcing agent you can trust, the risks are minimal. You may encounter challenges such as long lead times, but in general, if you work with a trustworthy company, you’ll receive excellent service.

If you don’t do your due diligence before working with a Yiwu sourcing agent, you might end up working with an agent with a poor reputation who doesn’t fulfill your requirements adequately and doesn’t put the necessary time into sourcing high-quality products. Instead, opt for one of the agents on our list of top-sourcing agents for customer service you can rely on.

Joey Gan
Article by:
Joey Gan
The Co-founder of Ruizhi Sourcing. With 10 years of experience in the field of sourcing in China, we help 1k+ clients import from China and customize new products.. Contact with me at Linkedin
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