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Top 12 Chinese Replica Websites (Watch/Bag/Jewelry/Shoes/Clothes)


With a recent rise in online shopping trends, replica products have become easier to reach a global market. This is now a lucrative business. China is known for its replica websites, where imitation luxury goods are developed and replica clothes are offered at only a fraction of the cost of the article from the original brand.

From jewelry to shoes, clothes to luxury watches, and even handbags, these websites offer replicas of branded products. However, there is a risk of low-quality products being involved.

This article introduces the top 12 Chinese replica websites and tips on making an informed purchasing decision.


Why Does China Have a Rich Supply Chain of Replicas?

Due to many factors like efficient production costs, manufacturing capabilities, and global demand for luxury items, China is known for its rich supply chain of replicas.

  •  Luxury brands prefer to choose Chinese factories to outsource their manufacturing process. This is because Chinese factories are able to produce high-quality products on a large scale.
  • In addition, the Chinese factories have access to the materials used in producing many luxury brand companies’ goods and the original design specifications, making it easier for them to replicate branded luxury items.
  • Another reason China has a rich supply chain of replicas is the low labor cost, making it the best location for producing goods at a lower price. Hence, Chinese factories offer replicas at only a fraction of the production cost of the genuine piece. This makes it an affordable alternative for users who cannot afford the genuine article.
  • Lastly, customers seeking to own luxury items without paying the high prices of genuine luxury goods increasingly purchase replicas Chinese replica websites offer buyers across the globe a wide range of replica goods, resulting in profitable business.

As a result of China’s manufacturing capabilities, cost-effective labor, and global demand for luxury goods, it has become a hub for replica goods. Various luxury brands have foundries in China, which means replica goods of luxury brands can also be found there, such as luxury brand companies Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, and Rolex.

What Replica Products Are Suitable for Importing from China?

China has a huge demand and a very prosperous replica industry, with the most popular replica items being clothing, jewelry, watches, bags, and watches.

Some people are reluctant to buy replicas or fakes when they hear about them, but in reality, not all of these products are of low quality; most replicas are of high quality, and some are so convincing that they can be passed off as genuine.

A replica may be classified into several grades, from A to AAA, depending on the quality. AAA-grade replicas have the same style and materials as the originals. Many buyers import replicas from China to earn money because there is enormous demand on the market.

1. Dealer Goods

The domestic authentic product is recognized by the manufacturer of the “license” issued by the Ministry of Information Industry of China, and the agency is obtained by a certain businessman.

For products sold directly by branches of the manufacturer in a designated area, because genuine products need to allow agents and their branches to obtain reasonable or even profiteering profits, and must pay duties and taxes that meet the requirements of the regional government, the price of authentic products is often higher, but because of the formal local agents, the warranty and after-sales service of the products is often more guaranteed.

2. Grey Market Goods

Grey market goods can also be called contraband goods. Grey market goods are not a professional word. So there is no standard definition.

It is generally believed that those who are smuggled in without paying customs duties are parallel imports. In fact, this definition is not accurate. What kind of goods are sold at auction after being seized by customs? I have no idea! I think grey market goods refer to products that should not be sold in a certain country or region, but sold in other country or region, or directly sold without authorized regular dealers. It has nothing to do with the place of production, only the place of sale!

3. A-Grade Replica

There are two types of A goods. One is a batch of products that are slightly defective after quality inspection, which are good in quality and cheap in price. The other is products that are targeted for production and sale outside China but are unsalable. They have a good-sounding name, which is called foreign trade products or products for export to domestic sales.

Take brand shoes as an example. A-grade replica shoes mean “shoes that have passed the formal test made by authorized factories according to strict process control”. The only difference between A-grade replica and dealer goods is that “A product is an authentic product before sale, and once an A-grade replica is listed in the regular sales channel, it is authentic”.

The brand company does not have its own shoe factory, they authorize the shoe factory to produce shoes, and then the testers verify that they are qualified and distribute them to each sales channel. A-Grade replica is these goods. Those who fail the quality test will be marked with a red B and then centrally destroyed. So B means the quality is not up to standard.

“A-grade replica”, “B-grade replica” and “C-grade replica” can all be said to be goods that are not in regular channels. A-grade replica is a very good imitation. There are many grades of imitation goods, such as B goods and C goods. A-grade replicas are the best, and the best A-grade replica can almost be real.

Among A-grade goods, AAA-grade replicas are the best quality.

4. B-Grade Replica

B-grade replicas are more miscellaneous, imitated not like, the quality is not good, all in it. The so-called B products, formal testing generally have a B mark (but do not rule out special outflow).

The trick is that during partial testing or destruction, internal staff smuggle product B out of the ground and circulate it to the market, which is actually selling unqualified shoes.

There is also a situation where testers mark or mix some shoes (A products) with B without authorization so that they can be easily smuggled out. There is no quality problem with this kind of shoe.

5. Replicas

Replica products are not authorized by the brand at all. Some manufacturers imitate the products produced by luxury goods, and some imitation products also contain A-grade replicas.

Where Can I Find Replicas in China?

Several famous luxury brands have their original factories in China, producing high-quality replica products made with the same materials as the brand’s original products. In other words, you need to ensure that the replica products you import from China are manufactured in the same factory the originals came from.

Hence, there are two ways you can find reliable Chinese replica suppliers. One is online, thera are many Chinese replica websites; the other is offline. You can go to the local market in China and get the supplier’s info and price. On Chinese replica websites and markets. Some replica websites provide a single product category, while others deal with an extensive range of products as a one-stop solution.

1- Best Replica Shoes Websites and Markets

Chinese replica shoes comprise one-third of the country’s manufacturing and export industries. Many replica shoe manufacturers in Putian, China, produce shoes with the same materials, designs, and craftsmanship as the originals.

Some best replica shoes website (Jordan/sneaker/yeezy/clothing) include AliExpress, DHgate, Taobao, RepArchive, Repsneakers, PerfectKicks, Monica Sneakers, and many more.

Putian (which is in Fujian Province), known as the “shoe capital of China”, in the early 1980s, attracted a large number of Taiwan businessmen to set up shoe factories to contract for many international brands represented by Nike and Addidas, and the footwear industry gradually became a local pillar industry. Driven by interests, some employees inside the contract factory steal sample shoes or design drawings and sell them to unscrupulous businessmen at high prices. Coupled with the local low raw materials and labour costs, gave birth to a hot high imitation shoe industry.

In the mid-1990s, Putian became the “stronghold” of high-imitation shoes. Anfu market is the birthplace of Putian fake shoes in Fujian Province. As long as your purchase price is right, 1:1 high imitation shoes and authentic shoes can not see the difference, and with the anti-counterfeiting logo, you can scan the code. “True standard, real carbon, can pass customs.”


2- Best Replica Bags Markets

People want stylish bags, but they can only sometimes afford unknown brands, which has caused the best replica bag websites in China to grow rapidly. Consequently, some craftsmen create bags that look and feel like expensive brands while costing much less.

Guangzhou Guihuagang leather goods market fake “stronghold”, hidden in Guangzhou Baiyun World Leather goods Trade Center around the houses. The boss who sells fake goods is known through acquaintances and enters his showroom, where fake leather products with brand logos such as “LV”, “Hermes” and “Prada” are placed neatly. There are many bosses or sellers of this type, and all kinds of businessmen flow here. Some of them come from African, Arab, and European countries.

Many of these bags need help to distinguish them from authentic ones. Hence, when it comes to the production of replica bags in China, the production area is most concentrated in Zhejiang, Hebei, and Guangdong.

The main reason for this concentration is that after years of development in the leather industry, it has become a local pillar industry and a complete industrial chain. Social media, as well as word of mouth, have made the replica bag market popular.


3- Best Replica Watches Market in China

Guangdong Province, in China, is the most extensive production base of famous luxury replica watches ever. such as “Rolex”,”Patek Philippe”,”Audemars Piguet”,”A.Lange & Söhne”,”Omega” etc, As long as you have heard of luxury brands or models, you can find replicas here.

Replica watches are in high demand, particularly in developing nations. Many best replica watches websites sell products online, using e-commerce websites and social media platforms.

Shenzhen city, in particular, in the 1990s, in order to invest in the development of accessories and manufacturing, many Hong Kong-funded and Taiwan-funded enterprises settled in Shenzhen. Driven by these enterprises, Shenzhen has formed a complete industrial chain of watch production, processing, and sales.

Shenzhen’s watches and clocks occupy an absolute leading position in the country, accounting for 60% of the country’s output and 45% of the world’s output, and Shenzhen’s brand watches account for more than 70% of the domestic market. China Light Industry Federation and China Watch Association officially awarded the title of “clock Capital of China” declared by the Shenzhen Municipal Government.


4- Best Chinese Replica Cloth Market

The most developed replica clothes factories in China are concentrated in Hebei, Hangzhou, Dongguan, Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Wenzhou, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. However, Wenzhou and Guangzhou are China’s most developed cloth replica markets.


5- Best Replica Jewelry Market in China

Best replica jewelry websites can be found throughout China, with many in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

The most well-known markets include Beijing Hongqiao Pearl Market, Shanghai Qipu Road Clothing and Accessories Market, Yiwu Jewelry Market, and Guangzhou Liwan Plaza.


Top 12 Chinese Replica Websites

The best 12 Chinese replica websites from where you can purchase cheap replica articles include the following.

1- Alibaba

Alibaba is a China-based e-commerce hub for sellers and buyers from around the globe. It offers products from genuine and well-known brands but works as one of the best replica websites, offering shoes, watches, bags, jewelry, and clothing.

Small factories and vendors use the Alibaba platform to access a wider audience.

2- AliExpress

AliExpress is an online retail platform where buyers purchase products from various sellers in China and other countries.

Although it primarily sells genuine products, it is also known for its extensive range of replica products, including bags, jewelry, shoes, and watches. Buyers should be careful when purchasing replica products, as there is a risk of receiving inferior quality goods.

3- Made In China

Made In China is another one of the amazing Chinese replica websites connects international buyers with Chinese suppliers as it is a business-to-business (B2B) platform. It offers a variety of replica products from china made, including replica goods like clothing, bags, and watches.

Buyers can confidently source products from China with Made in China’s platform, which offers millions of products and value-added services, including quality control, financing, and logistics.

4- Dhgate

DHgate is among Asia’s most popular online marketplaces that connect buyers and sellers. DHgate offers a wide selection of products at competitive prices, making it a one-stop shop for individuals and businesses looking to source products from Asia.

5- Rotita

Rotita is a popular online fashion store, which offers a variety of shoes, clothing, and accessories for women, including produced replica clothes, designer items, and trendy products.

Customer reviews were mixed, with some complaining about size, quality, and shipping times. However, other customers praised its customer service and unique style.


HKTDC is an organization that aims to promote Hong Kong’s trade and business interests, HKTDC, also known as the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, has a website that connects buyers with suppliers from mainland China and Hong Kong.

Various search filters are also available on the platform for buyers to find information on products and payment and shipping options to make purchasing seamless.

To ensure a safe and fulfilling purchase experience, buyers should thoroughly research suppliers and products before purchasing.

7- DIY Trade

DIY Trade is one of those replica websites designed to connect buyers with low prices and an extensive product selection with Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers.

8- Romwe

Romwe sources its products from Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers and is known for its trendy and unique clothing items. When you order over a certain amount, you get free shipping, encouraging you to buy more products.

This platform also offers a customer satisfaction guarantee and a 30-day return policy.

9- Global Sources

Global Sources is a B2B platform known for its comprehensive supplier verification process and quality products.

10- FashionTIY

FashionTIY is a Chinese replica or wholesale website that caters to people looking to purchase replica items in bulk at affordable prices.

11- 1688.com

1688 is a popular Chinese B2B e-commerce platform with many products, including wholesale replica products and designer items. Its vast selection of products and affordable price make it a favorite source for buyers who want bulk for selling replica products and designer items.

A refund policy on the website also protects buyers if they have issues with their purchases.


The reason why SHEIN is approaching the scale of fast fashion giants ZARA and Himm in a short period of time is to keep up with fashion, strictly control supply chain costs, and respond quickly, so as to surpass the low price advantage of Amazon and quickly capture the price-sensitive young market in Europe and the United States.

Tips for Buying from Chinese Replica Websites

Replica has a vast market, with multiple copies of a single item. is ith safe to buy from China replica wholesale websites? It becomes difficult to recognize which of the replica is the better one. Therefore, you must consider some factors to make an informed purchasing decision.

1- Quality

The material, texture, and quality of the product matter, and it can be perceived easily by looking at the products. If the appearance satisfies your eyes, then go for it.

2- Grade

Regarding replicas, multiple copies are graded A, AA, and AAA. When you search for the product by mentioning AAA grade, you get the replica closest to the real one.

3- Price

You can check the quality of the product by comparing it with multiple websites. You can opt for the deal that appears more suitable to you.

4- Manufacturer

You should buy products from registered manufacturers to ensure you get good-quality replicas.

5- Warranty

Another factor to look at regarding the quality of the product is its warranty. Compare the products on different websites and go for the one with a more extended guarantee. It ensures better functionality, efficiency, and longevity.

6- Customer Reviews

It is another crucial factor you must consider before purchasing any product. The users’ reviews are displayed on the page’s side or at the bottom.

You can check complaints and appreciation there, which can help you decide whether to purchase.

Is It Illegal to Buy Replicas from Wholesale Websites

The sale of replica products is illegal on any market. But now people know if they are buying an original product or a replica product, so they can make an informed purchasing decision.

If you plan to start your business by selling replicas of branded items, then it is better to find products with no brand logo.

Because of their strict regulation policy, selling replicas is illegal on regular sites like Shopify and Amazon. Hence, you should only sell replicas of your products via offline channels like street markets and stalls.

How to Ship Replicas from China to My Country?

Customs strictly monitor property rights. Therefore clearance process of replicas demands special care. You cannot export replicas through the usual channels.

You need to find agents to help you import and export replica products. The most convenient way is to ask your supplier if they can recommend you any agent.


When it comes to finding the best Chinese websites for replica clothes, jewelry, shoes, watches, or bags, it might be challenging to give a straightforward answer. It is because high-quality and low-quality products are available on every replica website.

It is essential to carefully research and read reviews before purchasing to ensure you get a good quality product. Moreover, you should exercise caution when shopping for replica items because there is a risk of receiving a poor-quality product or being scammed.

By taking the time to research, you can increase your chances of finding high-quality replica products on any Chinese website.

FAQs about Chinese Replica Websites

Q: What are Replica Products?

A product that looks like an expensive branded product but comes at a much lower price with compromised quality.

Q: What is AAA Quality Replica?

Replicas come in different copies. AAA-grade is the most expensive category among replicas and is usually the best, with more than 95% similarity to the original. Only experts can distinguish between an authentic brand and an AAA-grade replica copy.

Q: Which is the Best Chinese Replica Website?

Giving a straight answer regarding replica clothing, shoes, watches, and even replica handbags and bags is impossible. Each replica website has both high-quality products and low-quality products.

Q: Is There a Great Risk That The Replicas Will be Seized in Transit?

Replica products are illegal in many countries because customs officials can seize them if found during inspection. However, the risk ratio depends on the shipping method and destination country.

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